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If you’ve been feeling called to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom…

To awaken your inner CEO…

If you feel called to sacred business building and if you feel called to UNLEASH your inner genius in a way unlike you’ve ever done before, I want to invite you to my 12 week online program From Broke to Blissfully Booked.

This program was designed for women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creatives and authors who really want a deep dive into the rich and colorful world of intuition and yet get some guidance so that they can create momentum and a CLEAR + strong direction in their business and also accountability in taking lots of inspired actions.

Because this program is a deep dive into the world of intuition and will enable you to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom, your inner CEO and YET it is also an invitation to really implement week by week, lesson by lesson, what you learn and take lots and lots of inspired actions.

This program is best if you have already been in business for a little while, if you’ve been coaching or consulting for a little while or you’ve been doing your craft for a little while.

It’s especially helpful if you have already done other trainings and yet things are not really coming together for you or you have yet to create the results that you want, you haven’t created the leaps or the clients that you’ve been wanting and you’re looking for “Why?”.

What’s the KEY that’s been missing that’s going to bring everything into alignment so that you can create what you want? 

That’s the exploration that I’m inviting you to, it’s an inner journey that will enable you to find that perfect alignment, that creative friction point within you where you know how you tap into that divine intelligence, you know how to unleash your inner genius and you also have the confidence or the inner power and the inner strength to take powerful inspired actions to create results.

Throughout the program I have also woven the understanding and the exploration of the Three Principles.

The inside-out understanding of the three Principles  is truly KEY to creating a better life and to creating a successful business.


Because one of the “side effects” of understanding the nature of thought, divine intelligence and consciousness, is that you’ll understand HOW your state of mind is creating your reality, including the reality of your business as to how it is right now.

And how to PIERCE the veil of illusion so that you can create your GREAT vision, this amazing vision that you have for yourself and your life.


The 12 week program From Broke to Blissfully Booked is the culmination of years of exploring what it means, what it truly means, to create from the inside out, to unleash the power, the wisdom and expansiveness, this magnificent light and energy that lies within each one of us and HOW to harness that power as we’re creating a THRIVING business.

So if you’re at a place in your life and in your business now where you really feel drawn to create in a different way and you’re feeling called to explore the Principles and to dive into the world of intuition, to awaken your inner CEO to create results in your life and business, I’d like to invite you to the 12 week online program From Broke to Blissfully Booked.

When you sign up you’re going have access to a LOT of videos, MP3s, guided visualizations with beautiful music, you’re going to learn about the Three Principles and you’re gonna be doing free-writing exercises. And most of all, you’re going to be invited, over and over again, to take inspired actions so that you can create this powerful momentum in your business and be blissfully booked in 2016.

You’re also going to be invited to group coaching calls with me and this is gonna be your opportunity to ask any questions or get coaching on anything that you like or look at something specific in the light of intuition by being in conversation with me but also with group of women entrepreneurs, like- minded women who are also here to play on a deeper level and to awaken their inner CEO.

So it’s like a beautiful magic happening in these calls where you receive the support you need and you’ll be held into your highest vision and your highest light so that you can create and bring your beautiful work out into the world.


Broke to Blissfully Booked 12 Online Program includes:

  • 12 intro videos (one for each module)
  • 17 guided visualizations (each guided visualization lasts between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the exploration or topic)
  • 26 audio lessons (audio lessons vary between 5 to 15 minutes)
  • 5 guided free writing meditations
  • 5 bonus tracks from The Infinite Possibilites Adventure Mastermind
  • 8 recorded coaching sessions (videos + mp3 format)
  • Weekly homework
  • 12 Money Game Explorations
  • MP3s are downloadable so you can listen on the go
  • 3 live group calls
  • Access to a private Facebook group

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