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[VIDEO] Cutting The Cords Meditation & Claiming Back Your Power

Cutting The Cords Meditation & Claiming Back Your Power

Ever had to say no to someone or an opportunity only to have the other party insisting and not respecting your “no”?  You might have been a little unsure about your own decision, you might have been afraid to hurt the other person or you just didn’t own you power enough to stand in you “no”.

Don’t despair, this can easily be remedied.

When you stand in your own power, people will feel it.  It makes it therefore a little easier to say “no” and having a sense that the other person will respect your boundaries.

This is a short, guided meditation that will help you :

1.) clear your energetic field (yes, you have one of those ;) of energies that are sticking to you or clear out people’s “grasp” on you.

2.) create healthy boundaries

3.) stand in your own luminous superstar power

It’s all in the intention so follow along as I guide you through this simple process.


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Get Grounded: The Tree Meditation

Get Grounded:
The Tree Meditation

This meditation only takes about 10-15 minutes and will totally ground you.  Do this meditation when you feel chaotic, when you need to make important decisions and your head is spinning from too many thoughts, when you have a crazy busy day ahead of you or do this meditation just to connect to the earth and to your Divine Goddess.

This meditation is best done standing up and preferably in nature.

Imagine you are your favorite tree.   Picture it clearly in your mind.  See it?

Now imagine the roots of the tree (your feet) connecting to the earth, penetrating the earth.  The roots are going down, down, down, deeper into the earth.

Your roots are penetrating deeper into the different layers underground.

Feel how this feels.

Once your roots are deeply connected way down into the earth start feeling how this makes you stronger.  You might feel like you are standing straighter, taller.

From this place of rootedness start bringing in the powerful life energy of the earth through you roots.

Bring this life force through your roots, slowly up your feet, up your legs, your hips, the base of your spine, your lower back…

Does it fell tingly?  Warm?  Is it cooling?

Keep bringing it up your middle and upper back, your shoulders…

You are getting stronger as you are filling up with this powerful life force.

As this energy is coming up your neck and head branches are starting to grow out of you; life-energy-filled branches that reach towards the sky, the sun, the moon the stars.

Up the branches go as they connect to the Universal Force, the Divine.

You are strong, connected, grounded yet flexible, flowing, like the branches in the wind.

When you are ready, come back slowly, feeling this beautiful centered energy that is now part of your body, mind and spirit.

You are now connected to the earth &  you are connected to your Divine Self.

Connect to your Inner Goddess

Click here, and let’s get this party started.

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