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[VIDEO] Getting Off The “No-Train” (And Into The Space That Creates Miracles)

[VIDEO] Getting Off
The “No-Train”
(And Into The Space That Creates Miracles)

I’ve been noticing an interesting yet disconcerting trend these days. This trend, initiated by some of my peers, is having a devastating impact on young, impressionable entrepreneurs and I’d like to put a stop to it before it becomes a full blown epidemic.

It goes by different names but lately the most popular one is “getting-on-the no-train”, which basically means saying an emphatic “NO” as a way to avoid creating stress or overwhelm in your business and life.

I find this trend unfortunate. Here’s why…

The problem is that “getting-on-the-no-train” really isn’t the solution to getting rid of stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

When you allow “no” to be your initial response to new projects, new requests and demands on your time, to avoid stress or overwhelm, you’re living from the “outside in”; meaning, you’re letting the outside world dictate how you feel inside.

And that’s a trap.

The outside world does not dictate how you feel, it’s your own thoughts about what’s going on out there that really creates your feelings.

The other problem with the “getting-on-the-no-train” trend is that some people will jump in without checking in first with their most trusted adviser: their inner guidance.

Instead, they choose to follow the” leaders”. Blindly.

But here’s the thing…

Just because some of our beloved online superstars are promoting the “getting-on-the-no-train” doesn’t mean you should do the same, my Luv.

You, ma Chérie, might be at a place in your life where saying “no” is totally the wrong strategy.

Saying no could mean:

✔ staying stuck
✔ not moving forward
✔ not getting the help you need
✔ not gathering your testimonials & building your credibility
✔ not getting paid for your awesomeness
✔ not gaining confidence in your skills
✔ not giving your time to a worthy cause
✔ not helping someone in need
✔ not testing your products
✔ and most of all not creating the space where synchronicity and miracles happen

Getting-on-the-no-train could mean the end of your business before it has even started…

In the past 15 years that I’ve been in business for myself (and for the past 44 years that I’ve walked the planet as a human being) here’s what I’ve noticed:

I’ve noticed that…

Saying “yes” opens doors where more can come in (more money, more clients, more fun, more joy, more laughter…).

Saying “no” closes doors and nothing comes in.

Saying “yes” brings more opportunities my way.
Saying “no” repulses them.

Saying “yes” creates expansion, in my body, my mind, my Soul and makes me feel alive.

Saying “no” creates contraction and makes me feel small. And dull.

Saying “yes” moves me forward, sometimes in quantum leaps.

Saying “no” keeps me stuck.

Saying “yes” attracts powerfully.

Saying “no” blocks powerfully.

Saying “yes” keeps me connected to the space where miracles happen.

Saying “no” sucks the magic out of the room.

Saying “yes” invites me to keep looking in the direction of infinite possibilities.

Saying “no” blinds me to what’s right in front of me.

Saying “yes” inspires me to show up and play bigger. Courageously.

Saying “no” keeps me playing safe and small.

Saying “yes” gives me instant access to The Big Mind (also called Universal or God Mind).

Saying “no” keeps me stuck in my head. And my genius? Does not reside in my head.

Now, I’m not in any way suggesting that I say “yes” to eeeeeeveeeeeryyyyyything that comes my way. I’ve set clear boundaries (that I respect) and I don’t say “yes” to what doesn’t feel good or doesn’t make sense.

What I am saying however, is that when I’m in a “yes energy” I have direct access to my inner Goddess and everything seems to flow easily in my life

So before you jump on the “no train”, check in first with your inner Goddess and see how it feels.

Does adopting a “no” mindset make you feel expanded, light, alive, abundant?

Or does it make you feel just the opposite?

And then?


Do what feels good to you, not what everybody out there is doing.

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What A Real Intuitive Leader Looks Like : Meeting Marianne Williamson

What A Real Intuitive Leader Looks Like (Meeting Marianne Williamson)

I’m back from an AH-MA-ZING week in New York city where I met mega powerhouse Marianne Williamson at a special event hosted by Marie Forleo & Kris Carr at the New York City town hall.

The energy in the room was electric as the women gathered, sushi in one hand, glass of grigio in the other, to meet and greet with the star of the night. Dressed in a gorgeous flowy black skirt, cinched black jacket and sexy high heel boots, Marianne Williamson glowed as she warmly welcomed her guests to the VIP cocktail area.

“Thank you SO MUCH for coming” she said as she grabbed my hand and flashed a huge smile.

Standing only 5 feet tall (with heels no less), Marianne Williamson may be tiny, but she’s definitely a powerhouse. She oozes strength (yet she remains ultra feminine), her demeanor is that of an undeniable leader and her magnetic presence can be felt across the room.

Marianne is an incredible inspiration and someone who definitely walks the talk. But what I love most about her? She’s courageously taking REAL action to change the world of politics by running for congress. And that’s why we all gathered to support her on a cold (even by New York standards) Wednesday night.

That evening, hosts Marie and Kris took to the stage to passionately talk about leadership and share why they’re cheering & supporting Marianne in her BIG vision. If you’re so inclined, you can support Marianne, too, by visiting her website. And feel free to spread the woooooord.

But being an intuitive leader doesn’t mean you have to run for congress, create a mega online business or be a best selling author.

Being an Intuitive Leader means that :

❤ you stand strong in your glorious authentic self and are inspired (not envious) of other leaders

❤ you feel confident in your gifts & talents and generously share them with the world

❤ you honour your value & worth and you create abundance accordingly

you measure your success by the amount of love (and hugs) you have + give in your everyday life, not by the amount of money in your bank account

❤ you speak from the heart -one human being to another- not from a pre-written script given to you by some ‘expert’

❤ you don’t believe in the tacky elevator speech, you prefer letting your inner Goddess speak through you moment by moment

❤ you don’t seek approval from others, you’re confident in your brilliance and you let your work speak for itself

❤ you courageously step into your own spotlight and will dim your light for no one

❤ you’d rather carve out your own adventure-filled path than follow someone else’s

❤ and most of all, you trust & consult with the wisest advisor of all, your own inner guidance, and you take inspired action to create the life of your dreams.

I’ve created an exclusive 8 week coaching experience where you learn to re-establish + strengthen the connection to your inner Goddess to create a thriving business (or a flourishing career) and an extraordinary life.

However, this program is not for everyone.

The Academy is for the bold & courageous woman who is ready to tap into her own genius to design her ideal lifestyle, and take concrete action to reach her goals & create the life of her dreams.

If this is you?

Join The Intuitive Leadership Academy.

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[VIDEO] Busting The Myths Of Success & The Online Biz

[VIDEO] Busting The Myths Of Success & The Online Biz

If you’ve been doing business online lately (or are a starting an online business) you most likely came across some of this:

The secrets to creating a multi-million dollar business” or “How to build a 6 (or even 7!) figure business in one year!” or “How to become an overnight success” and “Learn from the top experts in the world!”

Big claims, bold statements and grand promises coming from self proclaimed gurus.

Frankly, I think it’s time to bust some of these myths

About the so-called experts…

Maybe it’s my (rebellious) capricorn personality, but I believe that there’s only one ‘expert’ that really matters: me.

I’m the expert when it comes to trusting what’s best for me and my business. Not some self proclaimed guru.


Because I have access to the wisest advisor of all : my inner Goddess.

(And I’m here to remind you that you too can access this divine inner guidance.)

Does it mean that I don’t seek guidance once in a while? Absolutely not. I regularly take courses, workshops, trainings and invest in high quality online programs (and I recommend some of them here). I also work with coaches, a Tarot master, mentors and amazingly talented people who are excellent at what they do because I believe that investing in myself and in my business is crucial to my success. It’s what enables me to learn, grow, and make leaps in my business.

But ultimately, once I’ve gathered the data, I want to think for myself, follow my intuition and make my own decisions.

Tweet: “You have access the the wisest advisor of all: your inner guidance.”

About the secrets to creating a multi-million dollar business…

There are no secrets. Stop believing that shit.

Calling something a ‘secret’ is a marketing tactic. It’s used to make you believe they (the ‘experts’) know more than you. It’s a hook, and it works.

Yes, there are important things you must know in order to build a successful business. But that’s no secret.

When I look at multi-million dollar businesses & successful entrepreneurs, I don’t see a ‘secret to success’. I see a burning desire to be of service, I see passion, determination, courage, risk taking, unwavering dedication, focus, resilience, creativity and consistent action.

Apply the same dedication to anything you put your mind and heart to, and you will eventually succeed.

If you stick with it long enough, it’ll start paying off and maybe you’ll even make a few millions if that’s your goal.

About building a 6 (or even 7) figure business…

Building a 6 or even 7 figure business from scratch? In one year?

Highly unlikely.



The next time someone makes such a huge promise as “teaching you how to build a 6 or 7 figure business” (in a year no less) look under the hood of their business.

Are they really making the money they’re claiming? Are they generating millions yet still operating in the red or are they actually making profits?

I’ve made over a million dollars with my retail business but I’m not a millionaire. (Not yet.) ;)

Let’s say that these ‘experts’ have built a multi-million dollar business in a year, take a really close look at their past experience; do they have years of prior business or marketing experience? ‘Cause 10 or 15 years of experience under your belt may very well eventually turn into a 6 or 7 figure business.

In other words, it may look like they’ve built a million dollar business in a year but that’s not really the case now, is it?

Which brings me to overnight success…

You know those Superstars that are on everyone’s radar these days?

It may look like they’re enjoying overnight success, but it most likely didn’t happen that way.

Behind that ‘overnight success’ there are countless hours -probably even years- of dedicated work. There’s also resilience and the courage to get back up -over and over again- after the smack downs, the challenges and the failures.

So the next time an expert wants to sell you on a promise that seems a little far-fetched, I’d like to invite you to look deeper

Look deeper into the promise and see how it feels. Look behind the words of what is being said to get a sense of what is true and what isn’t.

But most of all, look deep within yourself.

Because it’s there that you’ll find the most qualified ally in your success. She’s the expert-within who truly knows what’s best for you and she’ll always lead you to your highest good.


The Intuitive Leadership Academy

The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: are you coming?

The Academy is your opportunity to make friends with your own inner expert (your inner CEO) to create a thriving business and an extraordinary life.

Click here for the scoop.

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You Are Not An Imitation

You Are Not An Imitation

So, you’ve been following one (or a few) of the “thought leaders” in the spotlight right now. You know the ones. They’re the “experts” and they know “better” than you.

These so-called “experts” looove talking about themselves how they run their über successful (at least 7 figure) businesses and they especially love to tell you how to run yours.

They’re selling step by step fail-proof systems where everything’s already done for you from sales pages to web copy to email communications to all the templates you could ever need. No need to think, just copy and paste.

These ‘experts’ swear by their ‘proven formulas’, trademarked processes and copyrighted techniques and promise that if you purchase (and do as you’re told), you, too, will have a 6 or even 7 figure business.

They’ll even give you a script telling you exactly what to say – word for word- to close the deal with your clients.

(They’re telling you WHAT TO SAY and how to talk to your peeps, did you realize that? Like you can’t figure out how to talk to another human being.)

But guess what else they’re also doing for you?

They’re making you sound and look like everyone else.

Baaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaa. (That’s the sound of sheep, folks.)

Although these superstars are well meaning (and some of them truly want to help you succeed) they’re cashing in on a lie.

Because it’s a lie to say that a template, a ‘proven formula’, a ‘trademarked process’ or a ‘step by step system’ will guarantee your success.

Their ‘unique trademarked system’ may have worked for them in the past, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.


For a number of reasons…

#1 Their way of marketing, building a business, getting clients or creating revenue doesn’t resonate with you at all. So you don’t implement what you learn, and you’ve wasted your money.

#2 Their “proven formula” is not proven at all. It’s all made up. Let’s get real here; it may have worked for them (most of the time) and maybe it’s even worked for some of their clients (some of the time), but it doesn’t mean it’s the right formula for you.

#3 Their sleazy marketing tactics don’t feel right to you. In fact, their cheesy marketing sales pitch/e-letter/templates/sales page makes you feel sick to your stomach at the thought of having to use it on your clients.

#4 Thanks to these so-called experts, the interwebs are now drowning in a sea of sameness and boringness. And people are catching on… Do you really want to sound like everybody else anyway? You want to sound like yourself, don’t you?

So now what? What are you to do if you can’t trust these so-called experts?

Well, you could start by trusting yourself for once.

And you could start thinking for yourself.

Maybe you could even trust your own wisdom once in a while instead of drowning it under a sea of useless + boring expert advice.

Because you are powerful.
You are beautiful.
And you are unique.

(Scroll down for the dare ladies…)

Photo by my sweetie, Andrew J. Park

Photo by my sweetie, Andrew J. Park

The dare :

I dare you to get out there and show your true colours.

I dare you to be so freakin’ authentic and fabulous that your peeps love you for who you are.

To be so powerfully confident in your skills that your work speaks for itself.

To be so fully present when in conversation with your clients that they’re wowed by your awesomeness.

I bet that would be pretty amazing.

I’m also willing to bet that if you channelled that creative genius of yours and poured it into your writing, speaking, coaching & teaching (instead of imitating or copying others) you’d do pretty well in your business.

So tell me, what would your inner genius create if you stopped paying attention to the so-called experts and started trusting yourself?

Pretty sure it wouldn’t look like everything else we see around these days… And I’m pretty sure that it would be pretty freakin’ brilliant.

Feel free to share your insights and comments on Facebook.


The Intuitive Leadership Academy

The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: are you coming?

The Academy is your opportunity to make friends with your own inner expert (your inner CEO) to create a thriving business and an extraordinary life.

Click here for the scoop.

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What to do When The Doubts Creep In…

What to do When The Doubts Creep In…

So you have doubts.

You have doubts about starting a new business, and if you were totally honest, you’d say you’re a little scared to get your work out into the world. What will people think? What if you fail?

Maybe you doubt that your existing business will ever succeed or you doubt that you’ll ever make enough money to pay the bills.

Maybe you have doubts about spending money on this 8 week coaching program everyone’s talking about. You’re not sure if it’s going to be worth it, if you are worth it or if your business even needs it.

Yet, you know that if you don’t do something, if you don’t try something new (very soon), nothing’s gonna change. You’re gonna stay stuck in the same old vicious cycle.

So this moment becomes pretty freakin’ pivotal.

This is where you get to be a keen decipherer my friend.

Because chances are, the doubts you’re having are not coming from your inner guidance but from a well known trickster called the inner critic.

Why is the inner critic even showing up right now?

Because you’re about to make a life changing decision that will dramatically affect your future. And that’s how the trickster operates: it tries to sabotage your growth, keep you from evolving-growing-changing because change is scary.

(Or so the trickster wants you to believe.)

The trickster says “you won’t learn anything new, you already know everything there is to know” and “you don’t need some program (or even coaching for that matter) to make your dream life & business a reality.”

The trickster is reeeeeeally good at making excuses. He’s also a master at procrastinating and creating drama in your life. And if you believe what he says, you’re going to prove him right. Every. Single. Time.

So now this is your chance to decipher if those doubts are valid or if they’re trickster talk.

You have a choice.

You get to choose to believe the same old excuses that keep you stuck OR you courageously take one step forward into the life you’ve been dreaming about and start taking action to make it happen.

So now what?

Now you get to choose.

Try this…

Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to become quiet. (Keyword allow. Don’t force it, it won’t work.)

Let the mindless chatter dissipate… slowly.

When you feel connected to your centre, to your inner Goddess, to your infinite divine intelligence (the one that speaks through your heart, not the mind) you ask:

“Am I ready to let go of the doubts that are keeping me stuck, and to step into my new life?”

“Is this choice I’m about to make, the right choice for me right now?”

Listen for the answer…
How does the answer feel: expansive? Light? Joyous? Exhilarating?
Or contracting, stressful, heavy?

Breathe and pay attention…

And when you know?

When you get a yes?

You jump in.

And the little trickster will have no other choice but to bow down to the inner Goddess and to become your faithful servant as you journey on the path to creating your dream life & business.

Cheers to your infinite potential and to your courage to take your work out into the world,


The Intuitive Leadership Academy

The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: are you coming?

The Academy is your opportunity to make friends with your own inner expert (your inner CEO) to create a thriving business and an extraordinary life.

Click here for the scoop.

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One Of The BIGGEST Influencing Factor Behind The Success Of My Business

Influencing Factor Behind The Success
Of My Business

I’ve been an entrepreneur for close to 12 years so I thought I knew how to run an online business. Heck, I ran my own online boutique successfully for 5 years!

So when I heard about B-School I thought:” Meeeeh, I won’t learn anything new, I’ve heard it all before.”

But then Marie Forleo said something that reeeeeeally struck me.

She said : ” Are you making as much money in your business as you’d like to?”

And my answer was “no”.

(Ok maybe I could learn a little more about running a successful online business…)

Next thing you know, I was enrolled and I was having a blast.


That was 2 years ago.

Needless to say, B-School was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. (And I don’t say that lightly.) My business is booming, my website makes me money while I sleep and I’m getting the results I’ve always dreamed of.

Did I have to put some effort into it? Of course! That’s how you get results, you have to implement what you learn.

But Marie makes learning about online business (and marketing) FUN and because the program is PACKED with information, I still go back to the modules over and over again.

So if you’re considering launching an online business or already have one but you are NOT making the money you want, than check out B-School.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.21.59 AM

But do yourself a favour; don’t wait.

Don’t procrastinate, don’t let your “little mind” trick you out of your success.

Because unless you do something different, nothing’s gonna change.

It’s that simple.

(Our “little mind” will do EVERYTHING in its power NOT to change. That’s why it’s called a trickster folks.)

And because I know ALL about limiting beliefs, sabotaging fears and how the “little trickster” works, when you purchase B-School through my affiliate link I’m going to gift you with NOT ONE but TWO, one-on-one, 90 minute coaching sessions with me.

That’s right: 2 free sessions (just you & me) to support you in creating that dream business of yours.

That’s a whopping $650 value ma Chérie.

B-school registration is now closed. Sigh up to my list to be the first to know when it re-opens.

The Intuitive Leadership Academy

The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: are you coming?

The Academy is your opportunity to make friends with your own inner expert (your inner CEO) to create a thriving business and an extraordinary life.

Click here for the scoop.

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How To Easily Access Inner Guidance (Hint: It’s Waaaaaay Easier Than You Think)

Estimated reading time : 1 minute

How To Easily Access Inner Guidance (Hint: It’s Waaaaaay Easier Than You Think)

Accessing Inner Guidance

Accessing inner guidance is easier than we think.

Getting in touch with our innate wisdom isn’t about mastering fancy techniques, getting into a deep hypnotic state or accessing the unconscious mind through transcendental meditation.

Techniques can certainly be fun and bring momentary clarity, however, accessing inner guidance doesn’t require all that work.


Imagine that the answer to a burning question or a lifelong dilemma lies at the bottom of a pool. This pool however, is blurred by waves, so you can’t see the message at the bottom.

So you have 2 choices:

1.) you can dive to the bottom to read the message, but if you get too close, you won’t be able to read it.

2.) you can wait for the waves to settle, for the water of the pool to become clear again and for the message to be revealed.

Accessing our inner guidance then simply becomes about… stillness.

How do you experience stillness you ask?

The simplest way is to just become aware that your head is buzzing with too much thinking. This awareness will instantly bring you back to the present moment.

(Presence is a really good friend of stillness, did you know?)

By gently allowing our mind to become still, our thoughts will naturally quiet and we’ll instantly be reconnected to our inner guidance.

So what does that mean for your business?

Your career?

Your relationships?

When you make space for stillness, that creative solution you’ve been searching for can spontaneously emerge, the dormant genius within awakens, fresh new insights arise.

And exciting new possibilities appear on the horizon…


The Intuitive Leadership Academy

The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: are you coming?

The Academy is your opportunity to make friends with your own inner expert (your inner CEO) to create a thriving business and an extraordinary life.

Click here for the scoop.

intuitive business strategist

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Letting Go Of Resolutions And Making Space For Inner Guidance

Letting Go Of Resolutions And Making Space For Inner Guidance

intuitive leadership business coaching

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that instead of making resolutions for the whole year she decided to make monthly resolutions. For January, she decided that her resolution would be to make it a “no alcohol month.” She felt that this resolution was hard and that therefore it was a good resolution.

Although I applaud her (glass of bordeaux in hand) for wanting to stop drinking for a whole month, I can’t help but wonder :

Why do resolutions have to be hard?

Why do they have to feel like a punishment? (I’ve had too much fun during the holidays now I’ll punish myself?!)

Do we need to make our resolutions “hard” in order to feel better about ourselves and our achievements?

And what if we fail?

Because let’s admit it folks: most of us will fail at sticking to our resolutions. (This usually happens by January 15th.)

So this year, out of sheer curiosity, playfulness & a strong desire for liberation, I feel inspired to try something drastic.

This year, I won’t be making ANY resolutions.

Because last year (and the year before that), when I failed to achieve my new year goals (or dutifully follow my resolutions) I felt like a quitter & a loser. I made myself feel bad about not achieving my (excessive) goals or maintaining my (unrealistic) resolutions. I even beat myself up for it. I’m good at that.

But frankly, this behaviour only activated more negative mind chatter and that really doesn’t help now does it?

I’m not lazy and I certainly won’t shy away from a good challenge. But this year I’m wanna be brutally honest with what I really want and truthfully, I want to make things easier for myself.

Instead of making resolutions I won’t keep, I’ve decided to make this year about honouring my deep desires & listening to the wisdom of my inner guidance. And to act on THAT.

I’m letting go of rigidity, strict goal setting, resolutions and discipline (which I’m so good at failing at) and I’m going to trust that as I navigate the flow of my intuition, everything will unfold perfectly. Each and every single day. Moment by moment.

I’m gonna go with the flow and let my inner guidance & my Soul desires be the creative force behind everything I do.

Side note: this is where I tell you that my ambitious, driven and controlling ego (also called the little mind) is screaming : “What do you mean going with the flow? Are you fucking kidding me? ”

(I hear you little mind and I don’t have to do anything about you. You’re just bratty noisy thoughts. And underneath the noise lies the miraculous potentiality that designed the cosmos. So thank you, but I got this.)

Now this doesn’t mean that in 2014 I won’t be setting goals, but it’ll definitely influence how I go about setting them.

This year, I choose to let go of resolutions and instead, to allow my Soul desires to spontaneously emerge and guide me in every moment.

To make space for creativity, grace, beauty, femininity, pure joy, ease & gratitude. For stillness, receptivity, unity, connectedness, love & wholeness.

This year I’m going to create from spaciousness not within the boundaries of constricting resolutions. And I’ll eagerly (and playfully) see what manifests.

Cheers to a resolutions free new year.


The Intuitive Leadership Academy
The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: Are you coming?

Click here to learn more & to reserve your spot.

Caroline Frenette :: Intuitive Leadership Coach For Women Entrepreneurs | Intuitive Business Coach | Intuitive Life Strategist

intuitive business strategist

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The Magic Of White Space (And Why You Need It.)

The Magic
Of White Space

white space intuitive leadership coaching caroline frenette

One of the things I find the most challenging as an entrepreneur is to totally disconnect from my business at the end of the day (or even on weekends).

It seems that I always have something on my mind (or something that needs to be done) related to my business. So on any given day, I’ll be walking around with my head full of ideas and sometimes it feels like I’m going to explode!

It’s also not uncommon for an idea to pop up during meditation, and when it does, I just HAVE TO write it down. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the point of meditating IS to clear the mind…

One of the surprising yet extremely effective ways I found to create space in my mind was to create “white space” in my schedule. It’s had a huge impact on my well-being, my creativity and ultimately on my productivity.

What is White Space?

White space is scheduled time for yourself for the sole purpose of doing whatever you want do that makes you feel good.

White space is time to nurture your
body, mind & Soul.

It’s a block of time where you get to indulge in absolutely anything you want.

The only “rule”?

What you’re going to do (or not do) during white space can’t be planned ahead. It has to be absolutely agenda free.

For example…

You block 2 hours on your calendar for white space but you already know that during this time you’ll Facebook, twitter, or answer emails, catch up on your reading, go for a massage or watch a movie: that’s not white space because you’ve already planned ahead.

Allowing yourself time for white space means that you let inspiration guide you to do (or not do) anything in the present moment.

Since you never know how you’ll show up to white space, the key is to allow for anything to emerge, to let your body, mind & Soul tell you what it needs to feel alive, nurtured or loved in that moment.

So a good way to enter white space is to ask: “What would I most looooooove to do right now?” and you do THAT.

You might feel like an impromptu hot bath with soothing music, dancing (naked?) in the rain, you might be inspired to draw, paint or write, or you might feel drawn to taking a nap and cuddling up with your favorite animal (stuffed or real). Heck you might even feel inspired to do some accounting or book keeping!

It really doesn’t matter what you do when you’re in white space. The idea is that when we allow ourselves to be in white space we create the possibility for spaciousness.

White space is the true definition of going with the flow.

White Space is…

…pure potentiality
…access to infinite creativity
…freedom to do anything your heart desires
…allowing, receiving, replenishing, rejuvenating

When do you need White Space?

You’ll definitely know that you need white space when:

–> you’re overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, snappish, moody, impatient and tired
–> when you can’t seem to find a solution to a (simple) problem or can’t make a (simple) decision
–> when you’ve lost your inspiration or your creativity
–> when your husband/partner/kids/friends wonder where you’ve gone (lights are on but nobody home?) from that blank look on your face that says you’ve been working waaaaaaaaay too much

Why do you need White Space?

Because when you allow yourself white space you’ll be able to disconnect, reconnect, check in, ground, centre, refuel, recharge, rejuvenate, reboot & revive.

One of the biggest impacts of White space?

It allows you to create spaciousness. And from spaciousness new thoughts, brilliant ideas, fresh insight and creative solutions can arise.

What happens as a result of white space?

That really depends…

White space is not meant to be results driven. Like, I don’t want you going into white space in order to get more things done when you come out. Not that you would do that. (That’s having an agenda. Go back to the first paragraph, Luv.) Or go into white space so that you tap into your creative genius because you really need to finish that book that’s on a tight deadline, or in order to get that million dollar idea that’s gonna change your life (and buy those Marc Jacobs’ boots).

So really, white space is not result driven (Type A personality & over achievers please breathe deeply here :-).

Here’s what I’ve seen come forth from white space:

:: Big, bold, original, delicious, genius ideas come out when we give ourselves a little space to nurture our Soul.

:: Solutions to unresolved problems emerge seemingly out of nowhere.

:: The fog dissipates and we clearly see the path ahead.

:: We slow down and enjoy life a heck of a whole lot more.

:: Creativity emerges effortlessly and the book gets written within the deadline.

:: A great idea for a fun project crystallizes and we’re inspired to take action.

:: We feel more relaxed, calm & grounded and become more productive as a result.

:: Creative self expression flows through and a masterpiece is born in the form of great art, a thought provoking workshop, or a never before seen online program that truly is on the leading edge, the coolest live event that brings people together to change the world…

With Love (And Spaciousness)

The Intuitive Leadership Academy
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Caroline Frenette :: Intuitive Leadership Coach For Women Entrepreneurs | Intuitive Business Coach | Intuitive Life Strategist

intuitive business strategist

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Rituals For The Senses & Daily Pleasurable Delights

Rituals For The Senses
& Pleasurable Delights


Kuan Yin illustration by Zeng Hao


I’m a lover of nature, beauty
and rituals that ignite the senses.

For that reason, I make it a priority to indulge in daily acts of love and rituals that warm my heart, soothes my body and feeds my Soul. These little pleasures infuse my day with joy, keep me grounded & present, allow me to pause + refresh and most of all, they ignite my creative energy.

And the beauty is, the more I indulge in these pleasurable delights, the more creative & productive I am throughout the day.

Here are some of my favorite little treasures that enhance the sacredness in my rituals & make my days ultimately more pleasurable…

Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends!

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The Books

50 Ways To Say Your Awesome by Alexandra Franzen
A playful book by a wonderfully playful creative minx (the same minx that wrote this poem for me & my tribe).

The idea behind the book? Rip a page and send an awesomeness note to someone you love or admire.
Simply genius.

The Ritual: light a candle, take out your favorite pen and write a love note to yourself, or a loved one. Infuse your words with love and kindness. Feeling uninspired? Flip through Alexandra’s book and fill in the blanks…

(Click on the images to learn more.)


The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill
Supercoach Michael Neill’s latest book is a must read for anyone who wants to dive deep and learn the secrets of the Universe that will forever change… you.


The Art of Attention by Elena Brower & Erica Jago
Beautiful photos (think Burning Man meets the zen of yoga) and creatively themed yoga sequences for the beginner or advanced yoga practitioner.


The Oracle Cards

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
A powerful combination of stunning illustrations & intuitive wisdom by spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild. Thanks to Alana, Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) is now my new best friend.


The Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish
These cards are easy to use and the fractals are insanely beautiful. You can even download the app for your IPhone :)

The Ritual: Close your eyes and take a moment to centre yourself. Breathe in deeply, exhaling long and slow. Think of one burning question and shuffle the cards. Pick one or several cards and ponder the divine message. Tune in to your heart to feel if the message resonates true. Say a quick gratitude prayer for the oracle’s assistance and write any other insights you get during your day in a beautiful journal.


The Comforts

Melt Balls
A friend gave me a pack of these acupressure balls and I use them constantly, especially if I’ve been sitting at the computer for too long. My fiancé loves that when I use my melt balls daily I don’t bug him as much for foot massages ;)



Manduka yoga mat
I always start or end my day on my Manduka mat for a soothing & grounding yoga practice. Without it I can barely focus…

The Ritual: Take a moment to do a few sun salutations to get the blood moving in your body or simply lay down on your back and close your eyes, relax your body (especially the shoulders) and connect with your breath. Feel free to savasana (deep relaxation) or even nap.


Garneau slippers
A classic Christmas gift here in Quebec: luxuriously soft handmade sheepskin slippers. Bonus: they’re made in Canada and are simply heaven for your feet :)



The Aromatherapy

Kobo soy candles
Light a Kobo candle to bask your desk in glorious golden light & to enjoy the yummiest, soul soothing fragrance.

The Ritual: (This is an ancient meditation technique I learned from a spiritual teacher while travelling through Nepal.) Soften your eyelids as you gaze at the tip of the flame. Breathe. Stay here; in a moment all thoughts will have vanished away and you’ll be left with… serenity.


Altearah Organic Perfume
My naturopath got me hooked on Altearah’s organic, mood enhancing and energy purifying perfumes. Simply divine.

The Ritual: Choose a bottle of your favorite Altearah scent (these days mine is Creativity, the color orange for the second chakra) and spray the fragrance in your hands. Take 3 deep breathes and let the essence soothe your mind and uplift your Soul.


The Clothes

I work from home so I opt for ultra comfortable in my clothes. Yet, I still like to feel sexy and stylish (no baggy sweat pants for me :) so Lole is my go to brand for flattering leggings and luxuriously soft sweaters. Perfect for yoga and going to the spa!



Yoga Jeans
We used to sell TONNES of Yoga Jeans back when I had my retail store & yoga studio. And with good reason, they’re the most comfortable jeans in the world. Period.

The Ritual: Slip on a pair of your favorite jeans and while looking in the mirror say to yourself : “Hey sexy, you look smokin’ hot! I adore you. MUAH!”



The Music

Deva Premal & Mitten

Deva & Mitten infuse love in their music and they travel the world to share their passion for mantras. Absolutely gorgeous music with a mystical East Indian twist yet produced in a modern way.

The Ritual: Enjoy a warm luxurious bath (in the middle of the afternoon for ultimate decadence) while listening to Deva Premal’s Password CD. Heavenly.


I hope you enjoy this pleasurable delights and share with you friends!


The Intuitive Leadership Academy
The Intuitive Leadership Academy is open: Are you coming?

Click here to learn more & to reserve your spot.

Caroline Frenette :: Intuitive Leadership Coach For Women Entrepreneurs | Intuitive Business Coach | Intuitive Life Strategist

intuitive business strategist

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