One Of The Biggest Lie Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves (and believe at a very high cost)

There’s a big fat lie going around in the world of entrepreneurship and it’s a dangerous & destructive lie to believe. Entrepreneurs take on this lie early in their start up business and end up paying a high price.

It’s a lie that keeps getting perpetrated by the mass and very few will ever dare to challenge or defy this lie.

Believing this big fat lie is a sure way to:

  • burnout
  • overwork
  • lack boundaries with clients, employees or team members
  • get paid last
  • not making enough sales/money
  • be over tired
  • feel overwhelmed
  • run after time
  • take on more than you can (or should) handle

And this big ass lie? Is this:
“I am my business and my business is me.”

It would serve you greatly (and free you immensely) my Beloved to stop believing this right now.

“Gasp! But I can’t! I AM my business and my business is ME!”

(Breathe, I’m about to explain.)

You are not your business (and you shouldn’t want to be either).

You’re the creator, the mastermind, the leader & the genius behind your business but you are NOT your biz.

Your business (Goddess bless her) has her own energy, her own essence, her own Soul, her own qualities, her own structure and she is in herself a container of life, opportunities, abundance + infinite potential.

Seeing (and treating) your business as its own entity will not only free you tremendously but will also allow your business to support you.

You have your own energy, your own essence, your own Soul, your own qualities, and you are also a creator of opportunities, possibilities, abundance + infinite potential.

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“You can be sovereign and so can your business.”

In The Intuitive Leadership Academy we tap into the infinite potential of your business, discover its truest & purest essence, its deep fulfilling purpose, its unique personality, its key features + soul qualities so that the business that emerges is in total alignment & harmony with you, but separate from you.

We look at your business as a separate entity, ask her what she needs to thrive and we give it to her.

We ask her how she’ll serve and support your cherished dreams & work with you in achieving your most exciting goals.

In The Intuitive Leadership Academy we design your business around your ideal lifestyle and your business is more than happy to oblige.

We meet the Soul of your business, tap into her wisdom, her knowledge & her infinite source of creative power to set up the foundations upon which your thriving business will flourish.

We have a heart-to-heart conversation where she listens to your needs and you listen to hers.

What if…

:: What if your business could thrive and support you financially? (She can, but you need to set her up so that she can do so.)

:: What if your business made money while you sleep? (With the right systems it’s possible.)

:: What if your business was it’s own “entity”, separate from you yet at your service? (You don’t have to sacrifice everything for your business!)

:: What if you could set up your business in such a way that you don’t have to work as much? (Create a business around your ideal lifestyle.)

I invite you to explore these questions and imagine what it would feel like to:

  • be sovereign and allow your business to be sovereign as well (You’re Queen of the Castle, you’re in charge yet the castle stands on its own)
  • have freedom to take vacations, to take spontaneous days off to travel and play, to enjoy free time with your loved ones and know that you are well taken care of and that the money will still flows in
  • be fully supported by your business (yes, exhale…)
  • trust that you have solid systems in place that work for you and that bring you concrete results
  • have a business that energizes you AND uplifts everyone she comes in contact with
  • to grow a business that delights you (and your clients)
  • to increase sales & cash flow with ease
  • to have a sustainable business that enriches your life (and your bank account) and the lives of everyone she comes in contact with
  • to look back on this business that you’ve built and be proud to see the impact it has on the world
  • to feel relaxed, confident, generous and loving more of the time

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