Today when I was in session with my wonderful client Brigitte Corbeil, creator of Soul Styling™ I came up with the CRAZY idea to do a 30 Day Video Challenge.

You can follow my challenge on my Facebook page.

The topic? Intuitive business building!

Why? ‘Cause it works!

So every day, for 30 days, I’m going to share my best tips to help you create a thriving business in 2016.

You’re going to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your inner CEO™ which is THE KEY to a thriving business.

Wanna join me in a 30 day challenge?

Ask yourself:

What would you LOOOOOVE to create, for 30 consecutive days?

What feels a little crazy, a little scary and EXCITING?

A 30 day challenge is a GREAT way to BEAT procrastination, gain momentum, mastery AND create concrete results in a short amount of time.

If the idea of a 30 Day Challenge feels like its pushing out of your comfort zone? DO IT!

Feels exciting? GREAT! Join me!

Feels scary? JUMP IN ANYWAY!

In future videos I’ll address where fears come from and how to “get rid of them”. (I can guarantee you that you’ll be SURPRISED at my take on this.)

Now, your homework is super easy: share with me what your challenge will be in the comments on my Facebook page.

And, what concrete actions are you going to take in this challenge?

Warm hugs,


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