This blog post is part of a blogging extravaganza called ❤ YOUR COMMUNITY BLOG TOUR put together by Yogipreneur Racheal Baxter Cook.

When Racheal asked me if I wanted to be part of her blogging tour I responded “Hellz Yez!” without hesitation.


‘Cause I love me a blogging party AND I thought that you, my darling, would surely want to learn some freakin’ fabulous tips & tricks for community building from 30 seasoned entrepreneurs.

If you can, watch both the video below AND read the blog because they both contain key information that will help YOU build your community.

There’s a cocktail of factors that influence the success of a business, but in this blog post -and video- I’m sharing my big 2.

These 2 key factors have impacted the success of my business in a BIG way. And they continue to do so.

Whether you’re wanting to create a community through blogging, give birth to a creative project, launch products, programs or services, or write a book (that will hopefully become a NY times best seller), it’s absolutely crucial to have these 2 key factors in place:


Trying to build a community without support & vision is like trying to produce a broadway show all on your own. Without your cast, you’re doomed to fail.

Let’s talk about support first…

Getting the support you need is crucial to the success of any endeavor. No one can do it alone because it would be too damn hard and, well, it would get kinda lonely and boring.

It’s easy to lose focus, momentum and inspiration especially if you’re a solopreneur.

Leveraging the power of a group of like-minded peeps has been instrumental to my success. The only thing I regret is not seeking the support of a power posse sooner!

This beautiful support can come in different forms… Here, I share my top 3:

1. Joining a mastermind

This year I finally created my own mastermind.

What is a mastermind you ask?

A mastermind is a small group that you meet with for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering support to one another. In this case: business growth and world domination.

Every 2 weeks, I meet with 4 other incredible women entrepreneurs from around the world via google hangout. We each have our turn in the “hot seat” where we share our challenges, goals, projects we’d like to get help with and in turn, we receive from each member of the group, constructive feedback, creative ideas, possible solutions and sometimes the gentle kick in the butt we need to bust through obstacles or limitations.

Being part of a mastermind is one of the best ways (besides working one-on-one with a coach) to get loving support AND accountability.

The impact for my business?

Momentum. HUGE momentum and even quantum leaps.

(And I don’t say that lightly.)

Thanks to my mastermind, I took more action (BIGGER action) in my business than I had done in well, a loooong time. When we first came together I had shared with my mastermind my 3 month goals and the bigger vision for my business, and after our FIRST meeting, I started to tackle the BIG goals RIGHT AWAY.

Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Now I’m way ahead in my schedule and the momentum is carrying me forward powerfully.

Wanna join a group of like minded entrepreneurs that will help you reach your goals and perhaps even take leaps in your business?

For a limited time, when you register to The Intuitive Leadership Academy & Mastermind you get a seat in a 3 month mastermind -for FREE. that’s a $695 UDS value my Dear. Click here to learn more about this game changing program.

2. Being part of a community of like minded people

This year I made one of the biggest investments (ever) by enrolling in a high level coach training with the Supercoach Academy.

(Wait ‘til I show you my Supercoach cape: it has glitter on it 🙂

What makes the Supercoach Academy so incredible is that the conversation revolves around the 3 Principles. Now, I won’t get into details here about the 3 Principles, but you’ll hear me talk about it now and again in this blog and in upcoming videos.

I will sum up the experience in this way: POWERFUL, life changing & transformative.

And the best thing about the experience? Is the community.

Being part of the Supercoach Academy and the 3 Principles community enables me to get support & be in service to like-minded, heart-centered people, which is like rocket fuel that ignites my Soul.

When the Soul is ignited, all the areas of your life will benefit. Including your business.

Which community are you part of that makes you feel supported and loved? Who do you hang out with? Need to make some much needed change? Do it!

3. Working with coaches

Working with coaches? Essential.

(Gasp! A coach needs a coach?) Of course! And a coach in training will DEFINITELY benefit from working with a coach mentor. (How can you be a coach if you’ve never BEEN coached before?)

Working with my own coaches has enabled me to create a much bigger vision for myself and my business.

It’s got me unstuck, propelled me forward (again, more momentum), and enabled me to have a much bigger impact on the world, on my clients and ultimately, to be (and to feel) more successful.

What does that mean in terms of financial statements at the end of the year?

Profit, my friend.

Don’t do it alone, my Luv.

If you’re stuck in your business and are not making progress, consider adding a coach to your team, it’ll be an investment that pays off.

Now let’s talk about vision…

Building a community and getting your work out into the world is sooooo much easier when you have a clear vision.

Creating a vision is like creating a blueprint. It’s kinda like tapping into the formless and inviting it to take form.

Need a little help in creating a vision for yourself or your business?

Start by answering these questions:

1.) Who do I really want to serve? Why?

2.) How do I want my clients, community, readers, fans to feel when they visit my website, get my email communication or read my book?

3.) What is my passion? What lights me up so much that I want to share it/talk about it with others?

4.) What is my life purpose?

5.) What do I want my legacy to be? Which really means: how do I want to impact my community and the world?

I know that the last question is a big one, but it’s important to ponder what you want your legacy to be because frankly, the world doesn’t need another copycat. We don’t need another business out there doing or copying what everybody else is doing. That would be repetitive and well, boring.

As Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

That applies in business as well, folks.

Because what this world needs is for women entrepreneurs to step fully into their own unique authentic power, to express their own unique gifts & talents and to create, impact and share from a place of empowerment and authenticity.

But don’t bang your head trying to figure out your life purpose.

Your life purpose is simply the expression of Spirit (also called Inner Goddess or inner genius) through you. And it can be expressed in every moment of your life, even in the little acts of kindness and outbursts of laughter.

So live your purpose and infuse your vision with the BEST OF YOURSELF.

Be full of YOURSELF. (Not someone else.)

Your community, your readers, your clients, your team members will be attracted to YOU.

To YOUR work, to your brilliance.


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