The answer to your next business question is not outside, it’s inside.

Awaken your inner CEO, gain clarity, confidence & momentum in your business.

What if…
What if you could create a thriving business that really makes money & supports your IDEAL lifestyle without the struggle, overwhelm or stress? What if you could (finally) trust your instincts and take giant, confident steps forward in your biz? (And not bother to glance back — ever.)
If you’re here, reading this, one thing I might guess is that you’ve got this burning desire to bring your work out into the world in a bigger way. You’ve worked hard to get your coaching certification and getting your business off the ground, yet the clients aren’t lining up outside your door as much as you’d like to.   You’ve invested in the right training & courses, worked on your mindset and your (so-called) money blocks, yet the results still play hard to get.   If you were totally honest, you might even admit that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with everything you need to do to become financially successful doing what you love. Yet you know that this passion of yours -this work, this calling- is what you were born to do.   You know, deep down, without a shadow of a doubt, that your gift, your talent, your genius is needed in the world.   One thing you know for sure is that you’re ready for a leap, small or QUANTUM, whether that means doubling your revenue, growing your audience exponentially, working with only a handful of dreamy clients, becoming an internationally recognized speaker, publishing your best-selling book or launching a one of a kind program. You have beautiful dreams, exciting projects and bodacious goals to achieve, yet you lack that CLEAR vision you need to pull you in the right direction.

And because you’re lacking a clear sense of direction, you’re caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness of running a business. You’re not doing what you REALLY need to step up to that next level and grow your business exponentially.

You need a new strategy.  PRONTO.

That’s where the Clarity Coaching & Intuitive Business Strategy One Day Intensive comes in.

As an entrepreneur for the past 10+ years, I understand what it’s like to have ambitious dreams and a desire to impact the world in a positive way.   I know how much dedication it takes to go from startup to 6 (and even 7) figures and what an emotional rollercoaster it can be.  (Been there, thank you very much.) So I’ve dedicated the last 3 years to researching and understanding how to unleash the full human potential for optimum performance as it applies specifically to business building and entrepreneurship.   (Human potential is limitless. My job is to show you that.) I’ve trained, studied and mentored with some of the best coaches in the world in my quest to help women entrepreneurs develop a deep sense of inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way they do business forever. As a certified Transformative Coach®, I’ve worked with women around the world and I’ve seen the impact of intuitive business coaching first hand.

I’ve seen my clients flourish, grow, transform, make quantum leaps (and make more money), create with ease & joy, but most importantly, leave behind the stress, the anxiety and the fears.

This one of a kind coaching experience is designed to help coaches & women entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence & momentum in their business.

The One Day Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive is for you if:
  • You’ve been in business for at least 1 to 2 years OR you have a clear business idea
  • You’re not creating money you need in order to have a sustainable or truly profitable business
  • You don’t have a long term revenue plan, so you’re caught in the stressful cycle of having to create new clients every month
  • You’ve poured months into a product or program only to sell a handful 
  • You don’t know where to focus your time and energy to make your business move forward 
  • You don’t have a strong action plan (or a sense of direction), so you’re spinning your wheels yet not gaining any traction
  • You have skills, trainings, certifications but you don’t know how to bring it all together in a way that is truly unique to you and that will attract your ideal clients
  • You know that “what got you here, won’t get you where you wanna go” and that you’ll need to make changes (internal + external) if you’re going to create a flourishing business and an extraordinary life
  • You don’t want to waste another minute, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to up-level your business right NOW (Kicking procrastination in the ass sounds real good to you right about now)

  • You want to free yourself from limiting beliefs and fears that keep you playing small, but you need help identifying (and vanquishing) those suckers. (That’s where the transformative coaching piece comes in. Get ready.)

Most of all, you have giant potential in you, and it feels a little scary to think about what your life would look like if you unleashed it FULLY,  yet the calling is too strong to ignore it.  

It’s time.

Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive
You should know that the Clarity Coaching & Intuitive Business Strategy One Day Intensive is very different than a lot of coaching programs out there. This one-of-a-kind, one-on-one experience is a blend of transformative + intuitive coaching AND business strategy.   Developing your intuitive skills -awakening your Inner CEO as I like to call it- is CRUCIAL to your business success.   Until you learn how to create from the inside-out, everything you’ll create will feel out of alignment, require a ton of work and yield minimal results. Now I’m not saying you won’t be putting in the hours or that you’ll be sitting on your ass and your business will magically bloom. If you’ve been paying attention so far, you know that this 1×1 coaching intensive is for go-getters + action takers. Where my work differs from other coaches out there is that I will show you how bring into balance intuition with the business piece. This is especially important for coaches, consultants and creatives who are EXCELLENT at their craft, yet are not entrepreneurs at heart.   One of my superpowers is teaching you how to awaken your Inner CEO + Entrepreneurial Spirit so that you can create money, clients, opportunities and results more effortlessly AND in full alignment with your vision.  

This is the process I’ve used in the past to help clients :

  • Spot and seize the opportunities & clients that were right in front of them so they could bring revenue right away in their business
  • Create a short, mid and long term revenue plan so that they know exactly where the money was going to come from throughout the year
  • Put solid foundations & systems in place so they can free themselves to work on dream projects or write their new best-selling book
  • Create cash projects to bring in money FAST
  • Integrate what they’ve learned in their journey as creative business owners so that they can develop their own trademarked process
  • Awaken their inner CEO and strengthen their connection to intuition so that they always know what is the best course of action or the right decision to take
  • Move past limiting beliefs & fears that were keeping them from creating at the level they were truly capable of
  • Transformed their unsustainable business model into a prosperous one that enables them to fully support their family and/or create a freedom based lifestyle where they can work from anywhere around the world
  • Easily move through overwhelm, anxiety and stress so that they can create from a place of well being, expansiveness and flow
  • Develop the leadership skills and confidence they needed to take a leap of faith and create their own business
  • Pinpoint an unconscious limiting thought that were keeping them stuck and feel liberate & free to move beyond it
  • Transform a fear of visibility into a strong unique “voice” that enabled them to become speakers, writers & leaders in their local and online communities

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The Clarity Coaching & Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive rests on 3 simple yet powerful core elements:

Here’s exactly what you’ll explore during your one day intensive:
During your one-day private intensive you’ll clarify your vision for yourself and your biz.  If you don’t have a clear vision, you don’t have a sense of direction which means that making progress can be painfully slow.  We’re going to take care of that.   With a crystal clear vision, you’ll be on your way to creating massive momentum and spectacular results. Be prepared for your beautiful vision to be defined (or redefined) in a way unlike you’ve ever done before.   Part of intuitive business design is of course, inviting your intuition to be your trustworthy guide.   By working hand in hand with your wise inner CEO, you’ll open up to what is TRULY possible for yourself and your magnificent work.

State of Mind
This is where we’re going to dive into the inside-out understanding of State of Mind and how it LITERALLY… creates your reality.   You’ll learn the difference between State of Mind and mindset. (Hint: it’s VERY different. This shift in understating alone can be a total game changer for you.) We’ll also zero in on any (perceived) obstacles that might be stopping you and through a powerful intuitive process, we’ll zap any fears that are keeping you from embodying the unstoppable leader you were born to be. That process alone will leave you feeling clear, expansive, uplifted, inspired and … powerful.  

Intuitive Strategy
Once you have clarified your beautiful vision and opened up to your bigger potential thanks to your newly found understanding of State of Mind, we’ll laser in on that ONE BIG  EXCITING GOAL (I call it your focus goal) that will REALLY uplevel your business. You’ll learn about the 3 Pillars of Business Development & Growth which is essential to have in place if you want a sustainable business that truly supports your ideal lifestyle. Putting your 3 Pillars in place will enable you to stop hustling to make ends meet and instead, plan how revenue will be generated over the course of your year.   We’ll also identify the specific mini goals or projects you need to focus on to make your vision a reality within a clear (yet flexible) timeframe. This is strategic planning like you’ve never seen it before. I won’t get into the details here, but I’ll say this; intuition is my superpower and when we add it to the mix, the pieces of the puzzle will REALLY fall into place.

Your Success Map
Then, we’ll map out your next 6 to 12 Month Success Map. This Success Map is not a rigid plan by any means.  Life is filled with ebb and flows, unexpected twists and turns, it would be foolish to think that we can stick to one plan and still have fun with the intuitive creative process.   (That’s not how the inner Goddess likes to pay anyway.) Like Jeff Goins said: “Life is a journey, not a business plan.” Your Success Map will give you a clear idea on the steps you need to take to create your vision, yet leave you plenty of space to explore, have fun and open up to the unexpected miracles of life.

Wrap Up Session
We’ll meet again the following week for a 1-hour wrap up session where we’ll iron out any details and answer any questions you may have.  
To make the most of your coaching intensive you’ll:
Commit to implementing what you’ll learn and to taking LOTS of inspired actions to create your vision. The implementation part is CRUCIAL to your success: without action your vision will NOT manifest
You’ll leave behind what you think you know about business building (just for that day, you can pick up your old beliefs after if you care to).  In order to access the intuitive space where infinite new possibilities await, you’ll have to make space in your head.  I’ll show you how.
We’re also going to look at what you need to let go, heal or transform so that you can become a truly successful entrepreneur & flourishing human being.  You’ll be invited to see – on an even deeper level – that EVERYTHING is created from the inside-out and that the shift must come from within before it is manifested into your life & biz.
Here’s what your day will look like:
Your day…
We’ll start in the morning with a 3 hour session, break for lunch (about an hour and a half) and meet again in the afternoon for a block of about 2 hours. (*These blocks of time are flexible, we may go longer or shorter depending on your needs and our creative flow).   Within 24 hours of your intensive you’ll get an email with a link to download the recordings of your coaching and scans of your (tarot/oracle) cards, which I sometimes use to get the heart of what you need to know, or zero-in on advice for how to best create your vision.   You’ll also receive a recording of a guided visualization created just for you. Your next few days will be dedicated to taking massive inspired action + implementing what you learned during our time together.   Taking action will be KEY to your success. And finally, we’ll meet again the following week for a 1-hour session.
Your investment:
Your investment will be a one time payment of $2500 USD (taxes will be automatically added if you live in Canada). I know that I can charge way more for this one day intensive however, I’ve chosen to make it easy for you to jump in and say yes to this business transforming experience. When you book your one day intensive, $100 will be donated in your name to one of my favorite women’s leadership charities or a charity/cause that is dear to your heart.
What’s included:
  • A full day of one-on-one clarity coaching + business strategizing via Skype or phone
  • A 1-hour follow up session
  • A recording of all you sessions + a scan of your cards
  • A custom designed guided visualization created just for you

I would be honoured to be your strategic partner & coach in this intensive yet rejuvenating coaching experience. Our work will be deep, but you’ll feel lighter & clearer than ever.

*Payments are processed through Paypal but please note that you do not need a Paypal account to make your payment, you can pay with your credit card by selecting DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT? *For e-transfers for international wire transfers please contact me at allo(at)carolinefrenette(dot)com *If you live in Canada taxes will automatically be added
Got Questions?
Q: Why Intuitive Business Strategy?
A: Deepak Chopra says that we think about 60,000 thoughts a day.  Of those 60,000 thoughts, less than 1% are new. Which kind of explains why humans can be so slow to change or create quantum leaps, don’t you think? Let’s face it, the thinking mind has it’s own limitations. It makes decisions based on what it sees (which is a limitation in itself), looks for information based on what it  already knows or can relate to, or draws from past memories. When instead of constantly creating from the limitations of the “little mind” we open up to Divine Intelligence (channelled through our intuition), we can dramatically open up our potential of what we can create.   And the beauty is that this can be applied to business building.
Q : I’ve been in business for a few years – is this intensive for me?
A : Absolutely. The One Day Clarity Coaching & Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive is for seasoned pros as well as entrepreneurs with a brand new start up biz.  Since this is one-on-one coaching, the work we’ll do together will be custom designed to fit YOUR needs and the needs of your business.
Q : What are your credentials, Caroline?
A : I’m a certified Transformative Coach® (aka Supercoach), a Master Intuitive Coach® (one of only a handful in the whole wide world), an Intuitive Leadership Coach, the founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy and a 12 week online program From Broke To Blissfully Booked™.   And you can check out the Broke To Blissfully Booked™ free 5 day challenge Broke To Booked 5 Day challenge, it’s pretty awesome. Here’s the bottom line: I want women entrepreneurs to be über successful which means making a shit-load of money doing what they love, while impacting the world in a positive way. And the best way to do that? Is by learning to tap into (and trust) your inner wisdom AND having the right strategy.  That’s where I come in.
Q : What about refunds and guarantees?
A : I don’t offer refunds, as this service requires my one-on-one coaching time. Much like counselling, the results you can expect depend greatly on your commitment, openness and honesty.  Oh, and taking action.
Q : I’m looking for something beyond the intuitive guidance which I’m already good at: what I really need is clarity and an action plan. Will this intensive provide me with clear action steps for my business?
A : Yes! Inner guidance without clear action steps doesn’t bring results now does it? Once you’re crystal clear on your goals, we’ll map out your success plan for you to implement. This plan will differ for everyone (this is not a cookie cutter system); it’s a custom designed system for you and your business.
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: A payment plan is available but know that you’ll only be able to schedule your full-day intensive after the last payment is received.  Contact me for more details allo(at)carolinefrenette(dot)com

The One Day Clarity Coaching & Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive is for the woman who wants more — but who can’t see a clear path to get it.

It’s for those who want to make redhot, unapologetic MONEY while making a positive impact on the world.

It’s for the change makers, trailblazers, movers & shakers.

If this is you, and you’re ready, click the button below to reserve your spot.

Still have questions?

Not sure if this is right for you?

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Once I’ve received your application, I will be in touch to schedule a time for us to talk, answer your questions and see if this is the right fit for you.

What my clients say…

“Best thing I’ve ever done for my personal growth and for my business!”

— Brigitte Corbeil, Author & Creator of Soul Styling™

“The coaching gave me so much clarity and focus on the online business that I’m launching.”

— Laura Brandes, Business Strategist for Start Ups

“I now know the direction in which I want to move to create a business and life that resonates with my true self.”

— Monica Carota, Wellness Virtuoso & Intuitive Healer

“The best investment I’ve ever made! ”

— Casey Campbell, Theta healing Practitioner

“Caroline’s coaching had a PROFOUND effect on me.”

— Jennifer Young, Wellness Consultant

“I feel that the ‘sky is the limit’ but with a delicious sense of inner peace.”

— Eloise Deschamps, Graphic Designer and Founder La Mamzelle

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State of Mind
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