Your Archetype is The Strategist

The Strategist believes a good idea is only as good as its execution, so a detailed, step-by-step plan is key which thankfully, you excel at creating.

You like to have a clear target AND a path to get there. Taking a big idea or goal and breaking it into actionable steps is your jam. You see how all the pieces of the puzzles can come together to make a cohesive whole. You geek out on intricate funnels, systems to scale and strategies for business growth.

You like to start your week knowing exactly what’s on your to-do list. Your schedule is thought out and planned to the minute, maybe even color blocked so you can clearly see all the different tasks.

Clients come to you for systems that will scale their business. You are also an invaluable ally during launches, where you’re able to keep your eye on all the moving parts as well as on the target. You’re a solutions-oriented thinker, and no problem is too complicated for you.

You are a natural website developer, funnel creator, and online business manager.

Your innate gifts are…

→ Finding solutions to “impossible” problems
→ The ability to see where someone is stuck in their business
→ Being organized and effective with your time
→ Building a team to execute your plan
→ The ability to take a gigantic goal or vision and break it into simplified, manageable parts
→ Geeking out on systems that enable a business to run more smoothly and scale
→ The ability to develop the right strategy for your clients’ unique business model

You may struggle with…

→ Following your intuition; you tend to rely more on logical thinking
→ Overthinking a strategy and not taking action until it’s perfect
→ Infusing creativity into your work; sometimes, your tasks can feel mechanical
→ Working for other people as opposed to launching your own thing
→ Creating spaciousness in your calendar
→ Creating for no other reason than to enjoy making something beautiful
→ Giving your mind a break; you’re always thinking, getting new ideas and strategizing

Your next steps…

1. Take a look at your innate gifts and ask: “Are there any changes I need to make in my business to spend more time in more zone of genius?”
2. Take a look at the areas where you may struggle and ask: “How can I improve in this? Do I need to ask for help, think in new and expansive ways or open up to a new way of being? “

The key for you, my brilliant Strategist, is to balance your logical thinking with creativity and intuition. You’ll find that when you open up to receiving inner guidance from your inner wisdom that less is on “you” and there’s actually more space for miracles to happen in your business.

If you’d like support in building your thriving business, I’m here to assist you. Take a look at my coaching packages or done-for-you services.

Caroline, XO