Your Archetype is The Spirit Junkie

As the Spirit Junkie (also called The Student), you are a lifelong learner and a personal development junkie.

You love diving into a new book, training or course — anything that enables you to acquire new skills or upgrade your mindset, you’re up for it! You hold several certifications, and you’ve trained extensively to become skilled at your craft. However, you can get sucked into a never-ending learning journey where you don’t implement or take action on what you’ve learned.

Since you love learning and growing, you often find yourself enrolling in the “next shiny thing,” pushing off into the future the day when you’ll actually launch your own program, course or business. You’ve invested a tonne of money in courses but have yet to see a return on your investment.

As the Student, you have a wealth of knowledge, and now, it’s time to turn this knowledge into a real, profitable business. You can get stuck in the “I’m not ready yet” mentality or overthinking your ideas, so you don’t start.

The truth is that you’re sitting on a goldmine waiting to be mined. Your potential is right there inside of you (not outside) ready to be unleashed to create that amazing business you’re dreaming of! It’s time to get started and get in the game; you ARE ready!

Your innate gifts are…

→ Your curiosity and open-mindedness
→ Your generosity and willingness to share what you’ve learned
→ Your desire to make a difference in people’s lives
→ Your deep listening that enables you to gain fresh insights
→ Your openness to change, grow and become a better person
→ Your ability to take what you’ve learned and put your personal twist on it

You may struggle with…

→ FOMO (fear of missing out), so you enroll in one course after the other
→ Sitting on a wealth of knowledge that you have yet to turn into a book, program or real money-making business
→ Being trapped in a never-ending cycle of learning and working on yourself
→ Feeling that you just don’t know enough and that you’re just not ready yet, so you don’t launch
→ Tending to overthink your ideas so you don’t start
→ Not recognizing your expertise, so you give your time and knowledge for free
→ Recycling other people’s ideas instead of creating your own unique content or trademarked process

Your next steps…

1. Take a look at your innate gifts and ask: “Are there any changes I need to make in my business to spend more time in more zone of genius AND take action right away?”

2. Take a look at the areas where you may struggle and ask: “How can I improve in this? Do I need to ask for help, delegate tasks, add members to my team or open up to a new way of being? ” The key for you, Spirit Junkie, is to stop the information overload and implement what you’ve learned so that you can make your dream business a reality.

If you’d like support in building your thriving business, I’m here to assist you. Take a look at my coaching packages or done-for-you services.

Caroline, XO