Your Archetype is The Soulpreneur

As The Soulpreneur Archetype (also called The Intuitive), you are drawn to do work that is meaningful, transformative and impacts the world in a positive way.

Following your purpose — your calling — is important to you, sometimes more important than making money. You want to make a difference in people’s lives as you express your highest potential and create work that feeds your Soul.

Throughout your life and career, you’ve given generously of your time to help people — often hesitating to charge for your services or asking anything in return.

You’re a natural born coach, counselor, teacher or healer. Your friends, colleagues and loved ones come to you for support. Others see you as generous, intuitive and a good listener. They value your wisdom and know they won’t be judged when sharing their deepest desires and dreams.

Your business was born from a desire to teach what you’ve learned. You’ve had breakthroughs and learned valuable life lessons, and you want to help people gain insights so they too can transform their lives. You empower people to live their best lives and to go for their dreams.

You love starting your day with journaling, meditation, a guided visualization or rituals that make you feel grounded or tuned into the flow.

Your innate gifts & talents are…

You have the capacity to tune into your intuition
You provide a safe and sacred space where others feel heard
You intuitively see where someone is stuck and why
You can spot someone’s limiting beliefs and help them shift their mindset
You feel in your body if an idea has potential
You make decisions from an inner knowing, even when it doesn’t seem logical

You may struggle with…

Tuning into your intuition when it comes to making big decisions in your business
Charging for your services; sales conversation make you uncomfortable
Setting and maintaining boundaries in your work (you tend to overextend yourself and over-deliver)
Procrastination when it comes to planning, designing funnels and marketing your services
Long-term planning; it cramps your style, which means that you can be disorganized or leave things to the last minute
Cash flow; since making money is secondary to your desire to help people, your cash flow suffers
Feeling like there’s a lot of competition in your industry and not knowing how to stand out from the crowd
Talking about your work and services in a way that feels tangible and converts your potential clients into paying clients

Your next steps…

1. Take a look at your innate gifts and ask: “Are there any changes I need to make in my business to spend more time in more zone of genius?”

2. Take a look at the areas where you may struggle and ask: “How can I improve in this? Do I need to delegate tasks, add members to my team or open up to a new way of being? “

The key for you as The Intuitive / Soulpreneur is to take bold action even when it feels scary or asks you to get out of your comfort zone.

If you’d like support in building your thriving business, I’m here to assist you. Take a look at my coaching packages or done-for-you services.

Caroline, XO