I’m Caroline.

An entrepreneur, coach, freedom-seeker, traveler, epicurean and mother of 5 furry kids.

I’m also obsessed with wellness, non-toxic beauty and organic wines.

My passion?

Helping impact-driven entrepreneurs WAKE UP their inner CEO™ so they can create a thriving business & extraordinary life.

My mission?

To show you that strategic business building can be a beautiful intuitive process that yields tremendous results.

My fascination?

The incredible creative human potential that lies within each and everyone of us.

So I’m dedicating my work, my voice and this website (which holds an extensive library of blogs, videos and podcasts) to bringing the inside-out understanding of The Three Principles to ambitious, impact-driven entrepreneurs world-wide.


A groundbreaking podcast series designed to help entrepreneurs, creatives & impact-driven leaders unleash their full potential.

As an avid podcast consumer, I could see a HUGE need to take the entrepreneurship and online business-building conversation to a new level: by looking at it from the lens of The Three Principles.

While many “experts” teach their fail-proof techniques or “proven” step-by-step systems, after 15+ years running several successful businesses online and offline, I gotta tell ya’ friend, there is no such thing as magical formulas.

Yet the one thing that no one’s talking about (because most people can’t see it, not even the “experts”) is THE ONE THING we should be talking about: the UNDERLYING FACTOR —  the essence, the force, the INVISIBLE power —  that enables people to create magnificent results, rapid growth and quantum leaps.

So my intention for these podcast episodes is crystal clear: to bust the myths (and lies) that are keeping so many stuck (and stressed out) and show you a new way of creating – by awakening your inner CEO™.


Adventures in California, Mexico & Staying Committed To Our Dreams

It’s been a fun last couple of months wrapping up client work for Launch & Prosper, creating new episodes of The Caroline Frenette Show and traveling to Palm Springs, San Clemente, Venice Beach, Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Morelos for a friend’s wedding. 

{PODCAST #47} Copywriting & Entrepreneurship With Hillary Weiss

TCFS #47 Copywriting & earning your entrepreneurial chops with Hillary Weiss of Today we're talking about all things copywriting with my guest Hillary Weiss of I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary this summer via a branding...

{PODCAST #44} Up Close & Personal with Michael Neill

TCFS #44 UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH MICHAEL NEILL {TRANSCRIPTION INTRO PODCAST}  Today Michael Neill joins me on the show for a special series called Up Close & Personal.  I've had the pleasure of getting to know Michael at Supercoach Academy 2014 and the Advanced...

What’s New On The Caroline Frenette Show This Fall

I went hot air ballooning last week. Have you ever tried it? It's exciting and scary (scare-xciting) to be floating so high in a wicker basket! I'd do it again, though... Floating in the sky with the wind — there's just something absolutely magical about it. (Follow...

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