So what’s a mastermind anyway?

If I was to pinpoint 3 of the most impactful influences that have helped me build a successful business, I would say this:

  1. Consistently working with a coach
  2. The accountability of a mastermind
  3. Developing my business intuition (my inner CEO™)

Everyone knows that working with a coach can be transformative and powerfully move your business forward. (World-class athletes have coaches; successful entrepreneurs and leaders work with elite coaches too.)

Masterminds, however, aren’t as well known as one would think. In fact, it still baffles me when I ask an entrepreneur if she’s part of a mastermind, and the answer is, “What’s that?”

Here’s the short version:

A mastermind is a group of people coming together for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering support to one another.

Napoleon Hill was one of the first to talk about the power of masterminds over 75 years ago through his book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Masterminds usually follow a structured format, meeting at least once a month (some meet weekly or bi-weekly). They are made up of 3 to 6 individuals, and each participant gets a turn in the hot loveseat.

While in the loveseat, you can…

  • Proudly share your wins – everyone gets to celebrate with you (woooohoooo!)
  • Share your struggles – everyone can relate because, hey, life happens and entrepreneurship is an adventure!
  • Ask for feedback or brainstorm ideas to move your business/project forward
  • Speak into the group what you’ll be accountable for – and this is where the magic happens: the group will hold you in the light of possibility and mirror your greatness back to you. (YUM.)

As your coach in The Six Figure Club, I’ll invite you to get out of your comfort zone (oh, yes, Sister) to step into the highest version of yourself, and I’ll teach you how to WAKE UP your inner CEO™ so you can create LEAPS in your life and business this year.

The Six Figure Club – an intimate 10-month mastermind for entrepreneurs who are ready to really ignite in their business – is a truly unique mastermind experience as it doesn’t follow the usual rigid structures of a mastermind.

Yes, we meet regularly as a group (click here for the details), but you also get 1-on-1 coaching with me, which is not something you’ll find in most mastermind programs for the simple reason that most masterminds are not led by a coach. The advantage of joining my mastermind is that you get a certified Transformative Coach® (also certified Master Intuitive Coach®) and my 10+ years experience as an offline AND online entrepreneur.

Also, my intention for The Six Figure Club is to create a safe and sacred space for women entrepreneurs to come together to explore the feminine principles of creation while being supported by a group of incredibly dedicated women entrepreneurs.

We’ll explore the Three Principles (also called the inside-out understanding), which makes our gatherings a playground for expansion, insights and miracles. You’ll leave our time together feeling inspired, expansive and filled with a sense of possibilities.

Is a mastermind for you?

If you feel isolated working behind your computer, if your friends and loved ones aren’t entrepreneurs (and you feel slightly misunderstood), if you’d like to bounce ideas around with people you admire and trust, and if you need the occasional kick in the butt to surpass yourself, then yes, you need to get yourself in a mastermind ASAP.

Is The Six Figure Club mastermind for you?

If you are ready to increase your capacity to create and receive wealth on a level unlike you’ve ever done before…

If you are ready to become a sought-after leader in your industry and make a bigger impact in your community, your clients, and, ultimately, the world…

If you’re willing to educate yourself, get specialized training, or grow your team so you can reach your next level of success…

If you’re committed to taking 100% responsibility for your success and bring your A-game…

If you’re willing to take consistent, inspired actions and implement the right strategies to reach your goals…

If you’re open to receiving high-level transformative coaching and loving feedback so you can step into your greatness and show up as the Goddess you really are in ALL areas of your life…

If you feel called to explore the inside-out Principles and deepen your connection to your inner CEO™…

Then yes, The Six Figure Club is right for you.

If you feel called to join us the next step is to read carefully the information on this page and then jump on a call with me.

I’ll answer your questions and tell you about the incredible women who are in the group so far, and you’ll decide if this is an opportunity that will support your growth this year.

Caroline, XO

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