This is a recording of a recent (june 29th 2014) live tele-jam call where I talked about The 3 Principles & Awakening The Inner CEO. You can also fast forward mid-way through the call and enjoy a guided exercise where you get to awaken you inner CEO 🙂

Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends!

Caroline, XO


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Caroline: And I’m recording here so we’re all set. Perfect. So like I said, you don’t need to take notes. I’m gonna suggest that you don’t multitask so that you can get the most of our time together. So make sure that you close your phones and you close Facebook, close your e-mails and just be present. Pay attention to what’s going on in your mind because sometimes, we can have all the distractions closed but there’s so much going on in our minds; so much noise, that we’re not really present and we’re not really hearing.

Just take a moment right now and check in with yourself and pay attention to how much noise there is in your head. Paying attention, being aware can bring us back to presence. It’s about being conscious of our excessive thinking. Sometimes, it’s enough to bring us back in the present moment…

So, let’s all take a really deep breath and start our gathering by going inward and arriving to the present moment.

I find that it’s really helpful to breathe deeply and to connect with the breath. A good indication that we’re stuck in our head (that we have too much noise up there) is that sometimes our breathing becomes really shallow. We breathe from the upper chest and we forget to breathe really deeply… Sometimes all it takes is one deep breath to reconnect to our core, to our center, to our Inner Genius (what I also call our Inner CEO).

Let’s just start by breathing deeply. Inhaling from the belly; allowing the belly to fill up with breath and really enjoying long inhale and extra long exhale. Just tapping into the breath; focusing on the breath.

Give yourself this time -this gift- to be fully present on this call.

I thank you for taking time to show up to spend time with me in this safe and sacred space, where we’re gonna look at how you can create from the inside out… how you can create from your Inner Genius (from your Inner CEO) to create a business and a life you love. That applies to career women as well. So whenever I talk about building a business, just need to change that for building a career or having a flourishing career because ultimately, learning to quiet the mind and allowing yourself to get better -honing your skills and becoming what I call Intuitive Leader- can really serve you in every area of your life. Not just in building a successful business, a successful career: this can­ impact all of your life. The more you become present with yourself, the more you allow yourself to tap into your Inner Genius -your inner guidance- the more present and conscious you are, the easier it gets to create in your life and the less effort you need to expand.

The more in the flow you naturally fall into and the more well-being you feel.

As we learn to really be in touch with our own innate well-being, as we allow our Inner Genius to come through us and to be fully expressed, it impacts everything. It will impact your community, your friends, your family, your team, your co-workers; it’s pretty damn powerful.

I’d like to invite you to go back to the breath throughout the exercise and whenever you feel that you’re going back into your mind and getting caught up into some thinking, just be aware and get back to your breathing, get in touch with your belly, with your core. Just feel yourself becoming more grounded and present to the moment.

Today, we are talking about how tapping into the Inner CEO can create a thriving business.

Before I get into the exercise that I wanted to do with you today, I want to share with you a story that will illustrate the power of creating from the inside out.

If some of you are new to me and to my work or if you’ve been reading my e-mails recently, you know that I’ve been doing this amazing training where I’m learning about The 3 Principles. And so, I was in London last week for ten days and I was doing this incredible intensive with my 3 Principles teachers and I got the chance to be coached by a Supercoach… (Laughter) Supercoaches don’t really have capes and I don’t know how my teacher came up with that name but what we do is Transformative Coaching® which is a coaching conversation based on the understanding of (Syd Banks) The Three Principles.

So I got the opportunity to do some coaching in front of the group and I was telling my coach that lately I’ve been focusing on re-launching The Intuitive Leadership Academy & Mastermind so again if you’ve been following me for a while and you got my e-mails and you know that this is a program that I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out after the call, not now. (Laughter) It’s and registration is still open until Saturday.

I was telling my coach that I’ve been focusing on launching the Academy and I’ve been working more than usual, putting all my attention & energy into the launch of my program… And as I was telling my coach this I got this image… (I could see it with my mind’s eye), I saw myself as a small version of myself putting ALL my focus, ALL my attention, ALL my thinking into creating that program and it looked like a “small me” focusing on this specific time time frame to really make the best and the most out of this launch for the program. But it struck me that the image that I saw of myself with was a “small me”, like literally; I probably had two inches in this vision of me. And it struck me! It’s was so weird.

Then in this (3 Principles) conversation with my coach, he was trying to have me look into a fresh new direction (away from the small, narrow vision), into a fresh new place where I could get a bigger perspective of my business, of my life, on other projects that I wanted to born into the world.

Then, somehow, just like that (!), I saw a BIGGER version of me -more expansive- and I could see farther in the future. That bigger version of me felt more creative and more expansive and more intuitive. But it still didn’t feel like the highest version of me; it didn’t feel like my HIGHEST potential.

So here I am, having a conversation with my coach in front of seventy people in London (!), and the conversation is about creating from the space where insights can happen (a conversation based in the understanding of The Three Principles) and I’m having a vision of a “little me” that’s working really hard on the launch of The Intuitive Leadership academy & Mastermind, and then there’s the “bigger me” who’s about one foot in height in my mind’s eye and she can see a little bit of a bigger of perspective… maybe a 6 months, maybe a year, she’s a little bit more expansive.

And then I’m thinking : “Really? Is this all there is?” I know there’s more than this; I KNOW it because it’s what I teach my clients!”

At that point I don’t even know what my coach said, but then it really hit me, somehow,without TRYING to figure it out… I saw the “Bigger me”, the highest version of me; the full potential Me… the Inner Genius Me… she was so BIG. And she was just on the edge of the unknown… the HUGE unknown. Pure Potentiality. The energy of Divine Creation (Shakti). And that felt so amazing… What a mind blowing insight!

Now, a few years back, I might have had a completely different experience because the unknown was scary to me and the unknown was uncomfortable.

But at THAT moment in London, I saw the three versions of me; the “smaller me”, the “bigger more expansive me”, and then the REALLY “Full Potential Me” and it felt so much more expansive, it felt like the unknown was my best friend. That in the unknown was ALL the answers that I was looking for even though I didn’t even know what exactly that was.

I felt on the edge of the world of form as we know it, on the edge of my business as I know it, the way that I coach as I know it, my teaching as I know it and that looked like a bright sunny world of form; very concrete, very “I know it!”.

And then there was this “bigger part of me” that was completely at ease and at one with the unknown. It was expansive and big and huge and full of potential and in that moment, it really hit me that when we create from that space of the unknown, what we create will blow our minds because it’s gonna go beyond what you could ever think of, beyond the limitations of the mind because it’s going beyond the fears, beyond any perceived limitations that we create or construct in our everyday lives.

So that was a very powerful experience to me. I keep telling my (Three Principles) teachers and my coaches that there’s before London and after London. (Laughter)

Now I’m back in Montreal (as some of you know I live in Montreal in Quebec, Canada) so I’m back home and still working on my launch because registration is closing in a couple of days and I have still e-mails to write and I’m on the phone with some of the potential clients… And I keep going back and forth between the “little me”, who’s giving the best to this launch and to my business, and the “Big expansive me” who’s best friend with the unknown. It’s pretty freeing I tell ya’!

I’m sharing this story because I want to illustrate a concrete example of what it means to tap the Inner CEO to create. It’s truly is tapping into our full potential, feeling the bigger possibilities for ourselves and our lives EVEN THOUGH we might now know what it’s going to look like. It’s trusting divine intelligence that flows through us at every moment.

I want to highlight that the Inner CEO is within each and everyone one of us.

I want to remind you that you too have the ALL the answers; that you can be your own expert, that you can access your own inner guidance.

And yes, it helps to work with a coach. I work with my own coaches as well! It helps to be in this (Three Principles) conversation with others but ultimately, you are the one that is truly in charge and that truly knows what’s the best for you. Not some “expert”.

Divine Intelligence is always there.

The only thing keeping you from the connection is the noise in your head. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to decipher intuition.

What’s the difference between intuition and fear?

People ask me this all the time.

There’s a HUUUGE difference. Intuition is neutral, clear, pure. There’s an undeniable and CLEAR inner knowing.

Intuition IS NOT fear based.

Once you start to really decipher the difference between intuition and fear it’ll get easier to make decisions in your business and in your life. And those decisions and actions you take from your inner wisdom will feel more aligned with YOU; with the authentic you and with what you really want.

The idea of doing this tele-jam today is because I’ve become really intolerant of teachers so-called experts that claim they can give you all the answers and the “proven the systems”. They claim that they can give you the step by steps blueprint, the trademarked process that will ENSURE your success.

I’ve become really intolerant of this because I’ve seen that actually it’s not 100% true and it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

I see very little results in terms of really creating fantastic results and success when we copy other people’s systems.

Yet, some people will do well with these systems and templates and these step-by-step plans. Some people will have results but ultimately, you won’t really get the most of it unless you’re allowing your Inner Genius to shine through and to shine the light; to guide you to create your own path and to express your own unique voice.

Because when you take on other people’s process, other people’s templates and “proven” systems… what starts to happen is that people become copycats and it doesn’t sound genuine and it doesn’t sound good. Your clients can feel it and everyone can see it.

You can feel it too. You can feel that it’s out of alignment with you. It comes out of your mouth that you blurt out this script you learned that some expert gave you and it just feels completely inauthentic. And it’s not getting you the promised results now is it?

The world doesn’t need more copycats. You have access to your own creative genius, use it!

So what I’m proposing is that we look at a brand new way to create a business, a career, a life; that we get comfortable with the unknown which ultimately IS the space where something brand new can emerge, for something FRESH and UNIQUE to come through us; to be expressed. YOUR OWN UNIQUE creation in alignment with your Inner Genius my friend.

Creating from the unknown is not only beautiful and delicious, but it also creates more miracles than what you could ever imagine.

So the key here is to just give it a chance. Look into that direction long enough, play with it. Really give your inner wisdom a voice and give her a chance to express yourself. I’m just saying that because sometimes we beat ourselves up when we’re not successful RIGHT AWAY and then we get all in up our heads with our (crazy) thinking and we’re beating ourselves up more and then again, there’s no inner wisdom there.

It’s always easier for you to really integrate all of this, to see if it makes sense to you if you do the exercise yourself. So if you’re up for it, I’d like to take you to an intuitive guided exercises -a visualization- where you’re gonna be able to see this for yourself but before I do that I just wanna check with you to make sure that everything makes sense that you don’t have questions or comments and to talk to me, all you have to do is to press 5* on your keypad and that’s gonna raise your hand and we can talk.

These calls are for you and I’m here to really help you in any way I can.

Joanna: Hi Caroline, this is Joanna!

Caroline: Hi Joanna!

Joanna: Hi. I wanna say thank you because I’ve never heard anyone mention what you have mentioned and it’s so clear to me like what you said about people are like selling these “proven” programs and I agree with you that it’s such a personal journey and you won’t know what’s gonna happen until it’s there; it’s like it starts opening up. It’s not that you can know what’s gonna happen exactly or if you do, it’s not your purpose likely because it’s something you’re making up based on other people’s experience and not based on your experience and who you are. So, I just wanna say thank you because I totally agree with that. I think it’s a very personal journey and I think people, you know that work you’re doing is great, it’s helping people finding that in themselves instead of copying some template that someone else is giving. So I think that’s absolutely and I just wanna say thank you very much.

Caroline: Oh, thank you. Let me ask you before I let you go. Do you currently have a business?

Joanna: I’m a veterinarian by training, I used to teach at a university and I left my work last year. Now, I’m still putting the pieces together and I’m kind of in the unknown… but I wanna help people express who they are and following their purpose. I think there is a purpose and there is something that we already have that aligns somehow if we are allowing it to unfold and allowing to flow… it’s more to me about clearing the way then trying to build anything because to me, it’s already there somewhere and if we allow it to come through it will be more phenomenal than we could ever imagine. I’m a teacher by nature so I wanna teach people and inspire them to live their lives like what you said, based on who they are and knowing that’s plenty, that that’s more than enough. Thank you so much. I’m really happy that I’m here on the call.

Caroline: That’s fantastic! I really love hearing how you wanna serve people. You’re absolutely right that it’s already there.

Joanna: Thank you. Bye!


I’d like to invite you all to sit comfortably. If you can, put both feet on the ground. You can also turn the palms of your hands upward. I think it’s just beautiful receptive gesture.

Let’s get back into our breathing; breathing deeply from the belly and on the exhale, relaxing your shoulders. Deep long inhale and deep long exhale. On the exhale, you’re releasing any stress, any thought that’s bugging you. Releasing the day, releasing the week. You can also imagine that your forehead is relaxing, your jaw, your face, your shoulders, your neck and really long inhale & exhale.

I’d like to invite you to follow the breath and bring your attention, your consciousness inside yourself: just follow the breathe. This helps to get centered and it helps quiet the mind; just naturally, no effort. Not trying to quiet the mind … allowing the thoughts to float away because the exploration we’re gonna do together is not an exploration of the mind. We’re not gonna try to make things happen, we’re not gonna try to get answers. We are going allow it to come forth.

Be mindful and aware, but not analytical and not judgmental of what will come forth. Especially because intuition sometimes loves to show us symbols or words or colors or images that may seem weird or funny, but this is how intuition likes to speak.

Rule of thumb: the weirder the information you get, the better because then you know you’re not making it up. When something that shows up for you and you’re thinking, “Well, that’s weird.” then you know that often it’s intuition:)

So, don’t try to make anything happen.

Imagine that you can bring your consciousness, your attention deep within yourself. For different people it will look like a different place but what I want you to look for is a space within yourself that feels like “beingness”, like centeredness; calm, quiet, a deep inner knowing.

Be curious with whatever shows up for you; don’t force it or try to make anything happen.

I want you to think about one specific question you’d like to have an answer to and because the theme of this call is “Unleashing the Inner CEO to create from the inside out, whether it’s more clients in your business, more clarity, maybe you wanna know what’s the next step for you… ?

Just hold this question in this space and then be open to what shows up.

And feel how it feels. Trust the first thing that comes; it could be a word, it could be a feeling. What you need to know right now in your life, in your business, so that you can create from the inside out?

Tap into the wisest part of yourself; your wise Inner CEO, that part of you that has ALL the answers: what’s coming up for you when you ask your question?

You might be getting a feeling, some people get images, symbols, or words. For me, when I tap into the wisdom of my inner CEO, I’m getting a quiet strength, an inner knowing, an inner confidence and also a sense of safety that everything is gonna be fine, everything is gonna be more than fine; all is well. And again for me, it’s now a feeling and a certainty that the unknown is my friend.

So just staying here for a moment. Increase the good feeling that you’re feeling as you’re embodying that wise Inner CEO. You are that person that has the answers. You are that person that can create from the inside out; that can create great things when you allow this wisdom to flow through you.

When you’re embodying this inner CEO, pay attention to your posture: are you sitting taller with your spine even more straight? Pay attention to your body. Bring the feelings in your body; ground it in your body. For some people, it’ll even be more powerful to stand up right now and it feel that you really wanna embody your inner CEO. Stand as this wise being that you are – that person that has everything that she needs; all the tools, all the knowledge, all the wisdom within yourself. Breathe in the qualities that you’re feeling and on the scale of 1 to 10, I’d like to invite to crank it up all the way to 10. Just intend to embody it even more. You might start to feel your energy even more light or you might feel more energy within yourself. Maybe some ideas are coming. Just stay in this space, stay in this center, really ground the present, ground the feeling of the inner CEO, feel how it feels. Breathe it in.

And then ask again your question, “What do I need to know today?” “What is my next step?” “What is the answer to a specific question… in my business, in my life, in my career?” Ask again. Be open to what comes… you might be surprised. Someone might appear in your mind’s eyes that you’ll feel drawn to call or to connect to. You might get a symbol or a word. Even if it doesn’t make sense right now, just see it. It’ll make sense later.

And now, just let it go, come back to the present moment. You can get up, stretch and move. Open your eyes.
And again because this is gonna be a recording, you can go back and do it again. You’re most likely gonna get even more information. You might get extra insights and then you can take some notes free write about the messages that you’ve seen.

So I’m curious as to how you feel right now. I would love to hear from you, if you’d like to tell me what you’ve seen or heard or how you feel. Press 5* on your keypad; this will raise your hand. I’d love to hear from you. What did you get from this exercise? How do you feel? Anyone? I’d love to talk to you guys. . . . Okay I got someone who raised their hand and someone with a 307 area code.

Caroline: Hi!

Carolyn (caller): Hi, Caroline! Well, I joined late so I came right into the exercise…. ’ve been thinking about changing the name of my business and really just it’s been with me for a while… So that was the question that I asked and I kinda got the answer! I’ve been really scared to go and make this move since I’ve been working so hard to establish myself by this name but it hasn’t been resonating for me for quite some time and I’m sort of forcing it. So, yeah, that sort of came out for me.

Caroline: So, what did you get? Do you wanna share?

Carolyn (caller): Well, it just said that it’s the right move and it’s aligned into the direction that I wanna go and the direction of more of who I am that I don’t wanna live an ordinary life and I wanna express that through my name and through my business and that I’ve never really lived this ordinary life and my whole life has been about unravelling a story and going deeper into my purpose and that was sort of my whole question in there. Something that I’ve been really tossing around and just resisting because it’s how I’ve already been established and what people are gonna think that if I change this, but this kinda talking in there which really getting me more clear. More like, yeah, this is the right move. This is what you wanna do, this what’s been happening for a while and it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks.

Caroline: Yeah. See, I love it that you’re sharing that with us because this is such a perfect example of creating from the inside out versus creating from the outside in. Creating from the outside in is allowing the fears or the thinking of what people are gonna say to stand in your way and to make your own decisions and now what you did today was you cleared the way and you allowed the inner guidance to say, “No, this is what wants to be born through me” and you’re following that… and let me tell you something . . ., a lot of what we think is gonna happen in the outside world, when we create from the outside in, a lot of what we think is gonna happen; it’s all made up in our thinking anyway. We’re all making it up. We’re making up these stories, we’re making up these things.

We’re believing our thinking so we’re feeling our thinking and we’re feeling scared and then we keep building that story until at some point we can really get stuck. You go within, you allow yourself to trust in your inner guidance and then this is what I have been seeing… is that when you stand in your truth, and you’ve honored that, you’re gonna shine that light and people are gonna respond to that. And I would be surprised that anybody shows up and ask question about and doubt anything because you will be standing in knowing the energy of trusting yourself and going with what you feel is right from wisdom.

Carolyn (caller): Yeah, it’s scary though. What I felt like in that little exercise, I felt really sure of it but now that I’m thinking about it again, I’m scared of it but it’s just, it’s been with me for a while and I’ve been forcing it so… I’m not creating from within me so…

Caroline: Tell me about why it’s scary? Tell me a little bit about that.

Carolyn (caller): My background is in wellness (and my name reflects that) but I’ve been shifting and shifting and shifting. And I have a small but unbelievable following. . . and you know I have other people but it’s almost like I feel that if I keep changing myself + my business that I feel like I’ll let other people down. But they’ll come with me in this transition. Because they’re shifting, to, I don’t why I’m scared of it like I’m scared of losing that little bit of them that I have; that I still have this trust in this relationship. It’s like I don’t wanna let them down and I also don’t want them to think like, “Do you really know what you’re doing?” “because she’s evolving again?” Did that make sense?

Caroline: Yes, it does. It makes sense but again what I’d like to point is that we create these stories that we make up and these are the thoughts and the stories that keep us from living our full potential and our authentic self. Like you said earlier, you wanna live your full potential.

Again, I’m gonna say that what I’ve seen to be true and I’m gonna invite you to look at this and play with this in your life so it’s going to ask for a little bit of trust in your inner guidance so that you can see the results but what I see is that the world will always reflect some of our fears and people will also respond to what we’re holding within ourselves. So, this is the time for us to tap into your inner strength and to own the true strength within yourself; to have faith also in yourself and in your higher power, in your higher potential and because that energy, if you get to model that, people will feel that. People feel your strength. They will feel your inner genius. Did that make sense?

Carolyn (caller): Yeah, it’s interesting to me because this experience I had this morning, I woke up remembering my little girl, remembering what she always said. She never said she wanted to be a nurse or a doctor or astronaut or whatever when she was a little girl. I always said what I wanted to be was I wanted to know people; I wanted to know their story, I wanted to know where they came from. Touch things, grab things, just to try and feel where they came from. I just realized that it’s like unravelling a story; like getting rid of that story and recreating it and restructuring it. It’s huge for me because I feel like I’ve been led by different people that I get influenced by and just to know that, that’s MY thing; to get to the core of that story and really know that’s just exactly what it is. It’s just a story and how everyone really believe that and unravel that story to themselves so I was like doing that even as a child. It’s all just like coming back who I really was.

Caroline: Which is just bigger than any story. And now you’re leading me into my next point.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what name your business or website has, it doesn’t even matter so much your branding, your marketing; all of that doesn’t matter as much as you being clear and fully present and really shining your own unique light, your own authentic self. Being fully present and shining that, that is the most important thing; that is the core of all things. Because you can have the best name in the world, the best branding, the best everything but no substance behind it and people wouldn’t connect to that.

So, I think that’s the beauty of evolution of what I see in my work and working with entrepreneurs because we’re taught a lot of things about how we should set up our business, our branding, our marketing, our messages; all of that. What we need to have a successful business… but then I see people and some of them are my Three Principles teachers that have crappy websites; it’s hilarious that they have such a strong grounding, they have such a deep understanding of how life is really created and what is really the full human potential (I’ve been talking about, creating from the inside out)… They have such a deep understanding of that their presence create the space and it speaks for itself.

Imagine the combination of both! Imagine full grounding, full presence, full embodying of your light, of your strength, standing strong with who you really are and then blend that with some of the tools you now have at our disposal: WOW! Infinite possibilities! Imagine what can happen with THAT!

At the beginning, I was calling off on the so called “experts” that wanna sell you techniques and templates and processes and proven systems and it’s all copied and it’s all crap; it’s lacking authenticity and people go and try to take it on and then they completely Lose themselves and then you have to go back and work from the beginning, from scratch.

Who are you really? What is your real gift? You said it earlier in your own words, what you came here to do and that is the essence of your work and that can be felt. What that looks like in terms of a name or a business, who knows? Have fun with it. The name of your business is not what will touch people.

Carolyn (caller): Yeah, right now I’m really clear on that. But then part of me is scared that I have evolved and kept changing so much so I’m just like, I’m still clear on this now but how about in two weeks from now? Am I gonna be still clear on that thing?

Caroline: Yeah, well, things might change in two weeks and I sure hope so because we evolve and we change. I don’t see any problem with that.

Carolyn (caller): The whole time that I’ve been really working to unravel this story and to really break free from it and not just with me but with all of my clients, too. I mean if you look at the big picture of everything, of everyone that I’ve helped and worked with and even my own work. It’s all been about the story… no matter what the topic is, that is the main thing that’s been about.

Caroline: So you know what I would like to leave you with? I’d like to invite you to look at how even your work can evolve and things can completely evolve because I think YOU are holding on to a story. And if you let go of that story, then you’ll get to jump into the unknown which is what I was talking about at the beginning of the call. Something brand new, completely fresh and BIGGER can emerge and your transformation can really take place.

I hope that makes sense. If you wanna talk about it some more feel free to get in touch with me. This is so interesting. I love everything that you’ve shared and thank you for raising your hand, sharing with us. It takes courage to do that. It takes courage to speak from our hearts and to speak the truth and I love you for that so thank you.

Carolyn (caller): Thank you so much for doing this.

Caroline: Like I said, my goal is to help you tap into your Inner Genius and befriend the unknown so that you can create something fresh and new and delicious in your life and business. I want to help you express your FULL potential.

When we create from the space where miracles happen who knows what can unfold? But my guess? It’s going to be pretty damn extraordinary.

I’m going to un-mute everyone so that we can all say goodbye: “Bye everybody! Thank you so much! Bye guys!” ( Loud goodbyes from the callers:)

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