Your Archetype is The Visionary

As The Visionary, no idea is impossible or too crazy for you. You think BIG. If something hasn’t been done before, that doesn’t stop you.

Seeing the big picture comes naturally to you; however, reverse engineering a big idea into small parts can be challenging, so you leave the designing of a step-by-step plan to your team.

Having a bigger vision for yourself, your business and the world often means that you get bogged, even bored, down by small, limited thinking. You enjoy conversations that are uplifting, and you gravitate towards inspiring leaders.

Your innate gifts and talents are…

→ Uplifting and inspire people to reach for the stars
→ Finding creative solutions to “impossible” problems
→ Getting innovative ideas that revolutionize your field of expertise
→ Seeing the highest potential in people
→ The ability to work on long-term projects such as writing a book
→ You’re a change agent, a mover & shaker, and natural born leader

You may struggle with…

→ Designing a concrete plan to bring your vision to reality
→ Knowing what to focus on in your day-to-day business
→ Staying focused on short-term goals that bring in cash fast
→ Finding clients or spotting the low-hanging fruit in your business
→ Getting stuck in a cycle of feast or famine because you haven’t implemented strategies that bring in leads
→ A tendency to overthink and overanalyze, which stalls your progress

Your next steps…

1. Take a look at your innate gifts and ask: “Are there any changes I need to make in my business to spend more time in more zone of genius?”

2. Take a look at the areas where you may struggle and ask: “How can I improve in this? Do I need to delegate tasks, add members to my team or open up to a new way of being? “

The key for you as the Visionary is to ground your vision in concrete action.

If you’d like support in building your thriving business, I’m here to assist you. Take a look at Launch & Prosper or get in touch to enquire about a custom-designed coaching experience that fit our needs.

Caroline, XO