Your Archetype is The Creative

As The Creative Archetype, you are in your zone of genius working on projects that enable you to draw from your boundless creativity.

You work well within a team — if you feel that other members value your creative input — but you also enjoy working alone, immersing yourself fully in your work for long hours at a time. You’re never out of ideas for new blog or social media posts; content creation comes naturally for you.

On any given day, we’ll find you crafting something with your hands; creating beautiful images for Pinterest, Instagram or your website; or writing your book.

You prefer working behind the scenes to being in the spotlight, and, although you can be quite good at marketing thanks to your creative spirit, you always make sure that you come from a truly authentic place as you would never want to appear salesy.

Honoring and expressing your creative voice is important to you, so you’ll want to take on projects and clients that feel in alignment with your creative vision. If you don’t, your creative voice will suffer, and you’ll feel stifled.

Your dream is to build a freedom-based business, one that enables you to work on your own terms and to support your ideal lifestyle.

You’re a natural social media manager, content creator, Etsy shop owner, branding expert, website designer, photographer, and copywriter.

When you operate from your zone of genius, you…

→ Know instinctively and easily how to access your creative flow
→ Are able to stay in the flow for hours at a time often losing track of time
→ Are an idea generator!
→ Easily channel your creative voice and express it in every area of your work and business
→ Infuse your website, Pinterest, Instagram feed and overall social media presence with your unique brand
→ Attract your ideal clients to you with your quirky personality, unique sense of design and style

You may struggle with…

→ Bringing structure to your day-to-day business
→ Planning and sticking to a schedule or a deadline, which means you can leave things to the last minute or spend late nights finishing a project that’s overdue
→ Having too many ideas and not knowing which one to focus on to really grow your business
→ Bringing your projects to fruition or leaving them on the back burner for too long where they slowly die off
→ Putting yourself and your work out into the world for fear of rejection and criticism
→ Charging for your work and setting prices that honor your time
→ Structuring your services and packages to leverage your time
→ Delegating or hiring help so you can dedicate more of your time working in your zone of genius

Your next steps…

1. Take a look at your innate gifts and ask: “Are there any changes I need to make in my business to spend more time in more zone of genius?”

2. Take a look at the areas where you may struggle and ask: “How can I improve in this? Do I need to delegate tasks, add members to my team or open up to a new way of being? “

The key for you is to channel your creativity in tasks that may not feel so creative such as building funnels to attract leads, systems to free yourself from repetitive tasks and create a simple yet reliable plan that will enable you to bring in consistent income.

If you’d like support in building your thriving business, I’m here to assist you. Take a look at my coaching packages or done-for-you services.

Caroline, XO