Yesterday, I was interviewing a fellow entrepreneur for my new podcast (coming out this August – stay tuned!) about how she took an idea she got “out of the blue” and, in 4 years, turned it into a 7-figure business. It was a goal she had wanted to reach and went she did, it felt flat.  

After years of working non-stop -full throttle!- making her business the success she had envisioned, she was also… burned out.

Why does this sound familiar? *Taps her chin, reaches for wine*

One of my first businesses was a fashion brand.

On the surface, it looked like I had a made it in the fashion world: magazines regularly featured my high-end ready-to-wear pieces, and a pretty tweed jacket made it on the cover of Elle magazine.

My fashion shows were getting rave reviews, and buyers loved my collections.

Except they weren’t actually buying them. “Too small a production,” they said. “Too risky.”

So I shipped handmade couture pieces seen on the pages of a glossy magazine to my clients around Canada. One by one.

Not a viable business model, if you ask me.

Then one day, after delivering a small order to a store in old Montreal, I had an idea that would enable me to get the fuck out of the high-end ready-to-wear market and take my passion for fashion and my love of yoga in a new direction: Yoga-à-Porter™.

That new business took off very quickly.

I opened up 2 stores, a yoga studio, manufactured my own eco-friendly yoga wear collection, and, in less than 4 years, I reached the 7-figure mark.

I remember standing in front of my computer, staring at a $1,000,000 in revenue and feeling…unsatisfied.

Somehow, reaching the million-dollar mark wasn’t as exciting as I’d thought it would be.  After all, there was so much more to accomplish and so little time to do it in.…

See, like my colleague, I had also been going full throttle, operating from a state of mind where FAST was the only way to achieve more.

FAST was fueled by ambition, drive and excitement.

But FAST was also fueled by stress and fear that I was going to fail.

Unlike my colleague, though, I didn’t burn out. I did hurt my back moving furniture in one of the stores, and I ended up on the couch, unable to move for months.

The day my chiro told me I had a herniated disk, something in me (the voice of wisdom?) told me that there had to be a better way to create results in business. A better, kinder, way….Was slowing down actually a better way?

That inner awakening led me on the path to learning about the inside-out understanding of State of Mind and to where I am today: still ambitious, with a blossoming coaching business, but free of stress and overwhelm.


Thanks to the Three Principles, I now understand that the human experience is created  100% from the inside out  and that it’s not EVER outside-in.

I talk a lot about the inside-out understanding in this video.

And we’re going to talk a lot about it in my 6-week program starting this Sunday.

We’re also going to explore how you can access more of your pure creative potential, how to quickly and easily get out of an unhelpful state of mind and how to operate from clarity more of the time.

#helloproductivity #helloquantumleaps

If you’re feeling called to:

  • Create better results in your life, career or business
  • Free yourself from whatever is holding you back from creating a life you love
  • Say “YES!” to life, to more abundance, more joy, more expansiveness
  • Feeling LIMITLESS, powerful and confident
  • Have more fun, be more daring and bust your glass ceiling
  • And to create in a way unlike you’re ever done before…

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