This week, we wrapped up our 6-week summer program, The Principles of Creation, where a group of dedicated participants explored the Three Principles and the incredible impact this “inside-out” understanding can have on our lives, relationships and businesses.

After 6 weeks of exploration, the participants realized that…

…everything they have ever wanted has always been there, right in front of them, and that their job was to see through the illusion of fear.


They have strengthened their intuitive muscles, they now consult with their inner guidance more of the time and are able to courageously look to the Great Unknown for fresh new possibilities.

In terms of concrete results they…

…created new clients and fresh opportunities seemingly out of the blue, made progress in projects that seemed daunting (even impossible), and had insights that shifted entirely how they see themselves: as expansive human beings capable of creating the lives they truly desire.


It sounds simple, yet most people can’t break free from the grip of their fearful, lack-driven mentality, so they never give their dreams a chance.

One of the themes of the program was to deepen our connection to inner guidance and allow her to show us practical and tangible action steps as we created our projects.

On our last call, one of the participants asked a brilliant question about wisdom and goal setting:

“If we’re to follow our moment to moment wisdom, what about goals? Should we even be setting goals? And aren’t they constricting the flow of life into a limited view of what we think is possible?”

A fantastic question…

I used to be a big fan of setting goals.
I would sit, every December, and set goals for the new year.
“Will double revenue this year, and here’s how I’ll do this…”
“Will write a best-selling book, and here’s how I’ll do this…”
“Will launch x-many programs by this date, and here’s the strategy I’ll use…”
“Will travel to 8 new countries, here’s when and where…”

Great goals, fun goals, inspiring goals… That required a lot of planning and kept me focused on very specific projects.

The problem is, as an entrepreneur, a freedom seeker and a student of the inside-out understanding, I change and grow and expand. A lot. And pretty quickly, for that matter.

So what I was teaching/coaching/writing/doing/creating last year is not what I feel called to explore this year. Heck, I may even change my mind in the next quarter.

Now I’m not flaky, and I’m not afraid of a commitment; when my heart is set on a project, I give it all of my energy, dedication, and love, and I launch quickly.

My podcast is a great example of that: When the idea LIT UP, I grabbed it and RAN with it.

As a result, I have a 24-episode series ready to go. It’s a lot of work, and I got it done in less than 2 months. (Stay tuned; it’s coming out in the next week or so.)
Now, instead of setting goals, I tap into my inner wisdom and ask a simple question: “What wants to emerge?”

And when the inspiration strikes, I take massive action.

*SIDENOTE: I never wait for inspiration to strike. On the contrary, I’ve learned how to tap into the field of pure potentiality. As a result, there’s never any shortage of ideas or inspiration. I’ve also mastered the art of recognizing WHICH ideas have potentiality and LIGHT and which do not; hence, I know which one to bring into the world of form.

Am I against setting goals? No way, Jose!

Yes, set short-, mid- or long-term goals from a clear state of mind.

From an unclear state of mind, though? Don’t bother. (The seed for potentiality doesn’t exist in an unclear state of mind.)
Instead, learn how to tap into your inner genius to create in a pro-active and conscious way WITH life.

If any of this resonates with you read on because I woke up to an idea this morning… to host a half-day virtual workshop where you’ll learn how to tap into your inner genius – your wise inner knowing – to create something new, fresh and inspiring this Fall.

The workshop is going to look like this:

We’ll meet for an afternoon (or morning, depending on where you’re at in the world) and together we’ll explore the inside-out creative process. You’ll learn how to tap into your intuition to create what’s next for you or your biz.

During the live workshop, I’ll guide you through specific intuitive exercises to help you…

1. See the fresh new idea or project that wants to emerge for you this Fall
2. Design a simple action plan so you can get started right away.

This workshop is designed for curious creators, heart-centered entrepreneurs and visionaries who… 

→ Have no idea WHAT they want to create this Fall
→ Have an idea but aren’t sure if it’s the right one
→ Have an idea but don’t know what the right couse of action is
→ Know what to focus on but have lost their creative spark – inspiration has left the building…
→ Feel they’re only tapping into a small % of their true potential
→ Are on the cusp of something BIG but just don’t know which actions will accelerate the process or if that’s even possible (It is.)
→ Feel called to play a bigger game in life and in business
→ Need a clearer (bigger?) vision for themselves, their business or their lives and a sense of direction – one that includes FUN and JOY as the main focus in EVERYTHING they do.

In short, you’ll leave with:

• A SUPER INSPIRING idea (or project) to work on this Fall
• A clear vision and a strong direction for your idea or project
• A flexible plan to help you execute this idea or project
• Simple yet effective tools to help you tap into your intuition and create velocity in your project

And the best part?

This idea or new project will be 100% in alignment with Soul purpose, which means that the execution part will be more fun (it may even seem effortless) and will impact the world in a positive way.

We’ll meet on Zoom video for 3 hours. (We’ll have a short break in the middle.) You’ll bring pen, paper, and warm tea or a refreshing beverage. As you light your favourite scented candle you’ll set an intention as to what you want to get out of the workshop.

To a beautiful & abundant Fall,
Caroline, xo


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