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This video series was taken from my 8-week online program The Adventure Mastermind where participants were introduced to the inside-out understanding of The Three Principles through the creation of a specific project in their business.

I’m sharing these videos in the hope that they will give you a glimpse of these spiritual (and very practical) Principles as taught by Syd Banks.

If you’d like to learn more about The Three Principles, my podcast is dedicated to this inside-out understanding and how they apply to absolutely everything including entrepreneurship, creating clients, making money and business building!

To learn more about Three Principles business coaching & online business consulting, click here. To read about my journey —  how I came across the Principles and how they’ve impacted my business —  click here.

Enjoy the videos and feel free to share with anyone who could be touched by this understanding.

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The Three Principles: The Principle of Thought, Mind & Consciousness


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A groundbreaking podcast series designed to help entrepreneurs & leaders unleash their full potential.

As an avid podcast consumer, I see a HUGE need to take the entrepreneurship and online business-building conversation to a whooooooole new level: by looking at it from the inside-out understanding of The Three Principles.

While many “experts” teach their fail-proof techniques or “proven” step-by-step systems, after 15+ years running several successful businesses online and offline, I’ve come to see that there is no such thing as magical formulas.

Yet the ONE THING that no one’s talking about (because most people can’t see it, not even the “experts”) is THE ONE THING we SHOULD BE talking about: the UNDERLYING FACTOR —  the essence, the force, the INVISIBLE power —  that enables people to create magnificent results, rapid growth and quantum leaps.

My intention for these podcast episodes is crystal clear: to bust the myths (and lies) that are keeping so many playing small (and stressed out) and show you a NEW WAY of creating – by tapping into your FULL potential and awakening what I call your inner CEO™.

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There are so many ways to explain (Syd Bank’s) The Tree Principles as taught by Syd Banks and each explanation can be so totally different. What I would like to share with you today is my own understanding of The Three Principles and how it has impacted my life. This is going to give you an idea of the Principles behind life and hopefully it’s going to give you more of a concrete example as to what The Three Principles are.

So let me just start by stating that they’re called The Three Principles because it is the Principle of Thought, the Principle of Consciousness and Universal Mind. These Three Principles or truths have been around for the longest time but in this specific way that I will be talking about it or my own way that I will be talking about it comes from a full year immersion into the Principles as taught by Syd Banks. That was my adventurous year, last year. And I first came into the Three Principles through a couple of my teachers and coaches that I have been working with, and again, I want to go back to say that I’m taking this exploration of the Principles through the Adventure Mastermind because for me, my past year has been quite the adventure. This exploration of the 3 Principles has been incredible for me.

So the first thing that I started to see for myself in the Principle of Thought is the power of thought and the stickiness of thought. So basically, thought is the energy of life into form. It’s the formless that has become form. It has become thought. Once it is thought, you can see it.

We can’t control thought. It’s not possible to control thought and when I’m talking about the Principles and all the conversations that we’re going to be having together, I’m also not saying that we are going to change our thinking or control our thinking. With the understanding of the Principles, what we’re looking at is the nature of thought. What is the real nature of thought? In that understanding lies the treasure. So it’s been also so liberating because I come from a background of spiritual development and I’ve done many certifications in coaching and intuitive development and personal growth and a lot of it is packed with tools and techniques so that you either master the outside world or master your inner world or master how you relate and react to the world. All of it is very interesting. It can also be a lot of work. It is not a 100%, therefore it is not a truth or principle.

So one of my biggest surprise in the past year was that in looking in the nature of thought, there wasn’t really a lot to do or to try to control. It’s more in the understanding of the nature of it that the treasure lies or that the power lies. A concrete example. When I had my biggest insight about the nature of thought was in a conversation with one of my coaches and I was sharing how I was feeling very overwhelmed with my schedule. Overwhelmed to the point that I felt it in my body and I kept telling my coach, “I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I’m feeling so overwhelmed.” And my coach kept saying, “Yes, you’re having thoughts of overwhelm. You’re having thoughts that are creating overwhelm.” And I didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about and he kept repeating, “Human beings create their experience via thought. What we are feeling, our internal world is dictated by our thinking not by the outside world.”

Somehow I heard something. Somehow I heard something about my thoughts about my schedule creating overwhelm within my body and as soon as I had the insight, it’s as if I raised above my consciousness rose and I could see how I was creating my experience of overwhelm through my thinking. So what happened automatically is that the overwhelm left and I was free and my inner well-being just bubbled right back up to the surface because the inner world being is always there but sometimes it’s just pushed down through all of our thinking which creates all kinds of emotion and then it becomes a whirlwind until it becomes our current reality. This is how our reality is created via our thinking.

So that was my first insight into the nature of thought and again, as a result, what happened was that the overwhelm went away and I was free. I was free from overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and here’s the thing, my schedule did not change. My schedule stayed the same. But with the overwhelm gone and a clear state of mind, feeling more grounded, stronger, more serene, more clear, I got to do everything on my schedule, easy peasy. That was huge for me and ever since, I have to say that I’ve been pretty much free of this overwhelm and anxiety and worry, I would say 95% of the time.

So here’s the thing, the nature of thought means that we’re always going to be thinking. As human beings, we’re always going to be thinking. We are thinking machine. It is a gift and a curse. So now what happens is that sometimes I do have thoughts of overwhelm. Often it still has to do with my schedule or too much to do which is entirely created by me. But now, thanks to my previous insight, and that’s the beauty of an insight, you never forget it. Once your consciousness raises, it just — you don’t go back. It just keeps being a little more elevated and you keep seeing it more and more. So now I see the overwhelm a lot more quickly and it doesn’t stick around for more than 10, 15, 20 minutes, maybe half an hour until I’m like, “Oh, I’m having thoughts of overwhelm. Well, I don’t have to do that. I don’t have to think that way and I don’t have to run my business that way.” And from that place, I’m instantly back into inner connection with my divine inner guidance. I feel more grounded and I get to do everything that’s on my schedule. I feel more productive and I get more done just because I’m free from all that crap in my mind most of the time, not all of the time.

I want you to be really mindful here. As I’m sharing my experience, I am not sharing a technique. I’m just sharing what I saw for myself. This might not work for you. You will get to have your own insights into the nature of thought and when you do, you will feel a shift of energy, you’re going to feel a shift in consciousness and you’re going to see more clearly how you create in your life, how you create your goal and your dream.

Again, this is an on-going conversation. There’s a lot more to say about this but I just wanted to have this quick introduction about the nature of thought. Feel free to jump in on the call and ask anything and share your insights about what you see into the nature of thought. Thank you.



Consciousness is very powerful. It is what brings everything to life for human beings. So here’s the thing, this is a great thing to look into the nature of consciousness because the more we understand the nature of consciousness and its role in creating the human experience, the more we understand that we really live in a world that is made up and that looks real because of consciousness. If we didn’t have consciousness, nothing would stick. It just wouldn’t stick at all.

So the power of consciousness, so the nature of consciousness is basically what is making our thoughts look real. So concrete example of this, I was talking earlier about my past feeling of overwhelm and anxiety when I looked into my schedule. The fact that my thought was really sticking and that the overwhelm really felt real and I did feel it for real, right, I’m not denying that I didn’t feel the overwhelm. But all of that was made possible from consciousness. What also lies within consciousness is the possibility for a shift in how we perceive things, how we perceive thought and consciousness and mind and all of life. And in that shift of perception comes a different level of consciousness, almost as if we can rise above.

So let me give you a specific example again. In my past business when I had a retail store and a yoga studio, at some point the economy from the outside, my misunderstanding of how life created made me believe that the economy was impacting my business and I started to see things from a lens of struggling and working really hard and having to make it happen and the whole economy and the whole retail business and how it is started to look really real to me. I started gathering evidence. Other retailers on the street started to share that it was a challenging time and that, you know, everybody had their own beliefs and everybody were very clear as to what reality was. That’s the power of consciousness, it makes our thinking look real.

But if everything is created from the inside out, and that’s my invitation too, you don’t have believe anything I say, I’m inviting you to look into this and to see the truth for it, for yourself. You can have your own insights about it, but here’s what I saw. If everything is created from the inside out, if my experience of the world is created from the inside out including my overwhelm, including my struggling, including so much effort and not seeing clearly and just seeing the problem, then I’m looking in the wrong place. If I want to get out of it, if I want to create something new, I need to stop looking into this and stop buying into the illusion which is made real by consciousness. Seeing that freed me and elevated me so that I could see new possibility for my business, a new possibility, a new direction, a new possible reality, a new possible outcome.

Shifting away from what is what we believe from what looks really real made real by consciousness, a higher state of mind, new shift so that something new could be born. Somehow I had an insight and I saw that that whole business didn’t make sense, the way that I was running it didn’t make sense, I saw something new and I took a different path, a different direction and my business took off to a different level at that time and moved into a new location, hired new employees and just work at a completely different level.

Again, I hope this makes sense. This is just a brief introduction and a brief explanation into the nature of consciousness. Feel free to explore this for yourself. Be open to hearing something new and to hear something for yourself, a new insight and feel free to jump on the line on the live call so that we can talk about this and apply it to your own life, your goal and your dream.

More on (Syd Banks’) The Three Principles in the next video.



So the third principle is my favorite because it is the principle of mind, universal mind. You can also call it God or goddess. Again, everything I talk about has no religious connotation and actually, the Principles apply to every human being on the planet regardless of the religion. The Three Principles apply to every human being whether they know about it or not because the Three Principles only point to human experience and how life is really created.

So back to the Principle of Mind, my favorite and the one where I’m most going to invite us to play in the next eight weeks as we create is going to be by I should say tapping into mind or looking in the direction of universal mind. I’m going to share a very personal experience as to how I really first saw the power of mind for myself.

And that was last spring in London for my intensive training at the Super Coach Academy where we looked at The Three Principles for a whole full year and that weekend, I’m sharing a very personal experience with you, but that weekend I got coached in front of the group, live, big group, 70 people, and I was sharing with them actually how I was launching the Intuitive Leadership Academy and how I was so busy with doing everything and how I felt that I still was playing at a fairly small level in my business and in my life. And in my conversation with my coach, my transformative coach, he allowed the space for us to look into mind, look into something new because if I felt that I was playing small or creating small steps or making small leaps, I felt that I was looking at the same place to create. The invitation is to look into mind, into the unknown.

I can’t even remember exactly what it is that he said that created this insight where I saw that, I’m going to try not to cry, that my best friend was the unknown. For the first time in my life, 44 years on this planet, I had never felt that the unknown could be my best friend at such a deep level and I keep pointing here because in my mind’s eye, I see the unknown is on the right-hand side. It’s the side of the moon, of the intuition, of the goddess, of the Shakti energy and it is the universe. It is black filled with stars and moons and galaxies. And the contrast for me is that on the right-hand side is the world of form, the world as I know it, the world of what I already know, my knowledge, the playing small is on this side doing the same thing over and over again is also on this side of the logical mind, the logical brain. Looking in this part of your brain where it’s the same information.

So I have the unknown on this side that became my best friend on this magical weekend in London and ever since then what has shifted for me is this huge trust in the divine and that it’s really there to support me and that I can — all I have to do is reach into this unknown in silence and in not knowing the information, it doesn’t really come there. Here for me, in the unknown it is quiet, it is pure potentiality, it has not formed yet. And somehow when I reached there and I just bask in the spaciousness, the space between thoughts and the silence, something will occur. Sometimes, usually, it doesn’t happen when I’m there. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s just a feeling of having it as my best friend.

Allowing for the space to exist, this universal mind has enabled me to create more space for new things to be birth, new creation to come forth, new ideas to come and they come from me touching into this space and they come through the power of thought. I see it through thought. I see the intuition through thought and then I take action and I create the Adventure Mastermind and I create different programs and I create travels and adventures. This is what the process looks like for me. This is what it looks like for me right now when I look into the nature of universal mind.

So my invitation to you is to think about this or meditate on this just jump on the call again and let’s have a conversation as to what does it look like for you this universal mind, how does it show up for you, how have you been creating from mind and how do you see yourself tapping into mind to create your big and bodacious, crazy, amazing goal. And the last question is what do you think that you can create in terms of possibilities for yourself, for your business or your career or your life, what do you think is possible to create if you were to allow mind to be your best friend.

I hope that this video was helpful in giving you a glimpse of The Three Principles and 3P Coaching.

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