Fall 2019 Group Coaching Experience

Momentum Abundance Community

A transformative business coaching experience for Soulpreneurs who want to create momentum, abundance and Sisterhood.


A special invitation to join us this Fall…(Why I created this group coaching experience)



The reality of running an online business and being a solopreneur is that sometimes we crave…community.

Maybe you’re the only entrepreneur in your family; maybe your friends aren’t “getting it” or aren’t supporting your ambitions.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be supported by your spouse and friends, yet, you’d like to have the support of Soulpreneurs that understand the challenges of growing a business.

Maybe you’re like me and you like to “talk things out,” get the ideas out of your head and speak them out so you can see which one feels more luminous, which one you want to take action on….

You thrive when surrounded by a group of like-minded souls who can amplify your ideas and help you stay accountable to take consistent, courageous action.

And, like many solopreneurs, you sometimes lose track of your vision — 
your why — and your energy gets drained by your long list of to-dos until…you lose focus.

(This is normal, I assure you, and it happens to all of us.)

Maybe you feel resistant marketing yourself, selling your services, getting the word out, launching that thing you’ve been wanting to get into the world. Or maybe you’re READY to launch but don’t know where to start….

The great news is that you don’t have to go at it alone. It’s so much more fun to be cheered on by other women who are also in the game —  risking, winning, failing, daring, laughing, not taking it all so seriously.


Which is why I’m creating this group coaching program —  so we can work together, succeed together, fail together, laugh together. You, me and your new entrepreneurial friends.

The Energetic Space of this Group Coaching Program


Intentional, focused (yet fluid), creative (yet strategic), playful, curious, uplifting, inspiring.

I want you to leave each call feeling expansive, energised and like anything is possible.

Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll:


Clarify your goal(s), desires, vision and areas of focus

Feel into what’s next for you, what wants to come forth in your business and your life —  not what you want to force into being, but allow what wants to emerge naturally

Clear and make space for your creations to bloom and grow which might mean letting go of the old, getting rid of what no longer serves you, dispatching (as my sister calls it), letting go of what’s keeping you stuck or hindering your momentum…

Commit to right action vs. doing busy work

Learn to reconnect to your inner GPS and access instant calm when the dark clouds of overwhelm/fear/scarcity show up

Unravel what resistance really means and what to do with it when it shows up

Honor your intuitive nudges and inner callings even when (or especially when…) “it doesn’t make sense”

Set up a strategic plan that will support the execution of your vision/goals/project/business

Look ahead to the coming new year and set up fresh milestones

Explore the inside-out framework and shift how you perceive yourself, what is possible for your business and the world

This coaching experience will be part transformative coaching, part biz strategy and, most of all, a place of gathering where you feel inspired, uplifted, heard and supported  a space where fresh new ideas abound, your creative fire is stoked, and inspired (right) action gets you closer to your beautiful aligned goals.


The container for this group coaching program is a safe and sacred space where you can feel comfortable to share from the heart, be 100% authentic, ask any questions and share your insights.

Gathering Structure

We’ll meet weekly on Mondays at 1pm Eastern on Zoom video for 60 to 75 minutes.

We’ll dedicate the first part of our call to exploring a topic that will ground us for the week. Bring pen and paper and an open heart so you can have an insight that will serve you.

The second part of the call is where you’ll be invited to ask anything related to our topic, about business building, strategy or “state of mind.” If you feel called, share your intentions or actions for the week.

Your voice and wisdom are welcomed and honored.


We start Monday, October 28th and continue meeting weekly at 1pm Eastern on:
November 4, 11, 18, 25
December 2, 9, 16
Total 8 weekly calls

So, that’s every Monday at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific, 7pm London) on Zoom video, starting October 28th.


We’ll meet on Zoom video but you can also dial in by phone.

A link will be sent to you to join the video meeting after registration.

Zoom also provides you with local phone numbers to call into the meeting, so calls are at no extra charge to you.



Session Recordings

Should you be unable to attend a session (or 2…), the calls will be recorded and made available to you, in a downloadable MP3 format, 24 hours after each session.


The Cost

Cost: $275USD (or $360CAN + taxes for Canadian residents) or two payments, one month apart, of $150USD each)


A note on price

Why charge such an affordable price?

Quite frankly, I have become increasingly un-inspired by the inflated prices going around in the coaching industry, prices that are entirely “made up” and based on a “made up” value.

We’ve been told that something only has value if you’re willing to pay a high price, and I’m challenging that.

Sure, my time is valuable and so is yours. Getting access to my 15+ years experience as an entrepreneur and 6+ years as a coach has a price. But right now, I feel called to include as many Soulpreneurs as possible, not exclude with “red velvet rope” prices.

This is in no way a judgement on what other people are doing or charging or how they value their time and expertise.

This is me honoring my inner guidance and doing what feels right in my business at this time.

Reserve your spot

Once you’ve made your payment, please check your inbox, you will receive a welcome note from hello@carolinefrenette.com within 24  hours.Gmail and hotmail users, check your junk or OTHER folder as my welcome email will most likely end up there.

Add six (60-minutes) one-on-one sessions to your group coaching program and save $500

*Prices are in US dollars. If you are Canadian and wish to pay in Canadian dollars, please reach out and an invoice of $360CAN will be sent to you.

**As a Canadian Corporation, I am obligated to charge sales taxes to Canadians. If you live in Canada, the taxes pertaining to your province will be automatically added by Paypal.

***I always ask my clients and students to tune into their intuition before committing to working with me. When you’re in, YOU’RE FULLY IN. For that reason, there are no refunds.

My coaching approach…

As a certified Advanced Transformative Coach, I bring the inside-out understanding of the Three Principles to everything I do, including business, sales, money, life, relationships.… This understanding has been a real game-changer for myself and my clients.

I also bring an intuitive, heart-centered, service-focused and impact-driven approach to business. I believe that there’s no time to waste on this planet right now, that our voices/gifts/talents/ideas/businesses matter, and it’s our “job” to lead powerfully in these very interesting times.

For that reason, I have very little tolerance for victims or excuses.

Although I geek out on funnels (a.k.a. designing a customer journeys that feel good to you and your people), marketing, communication and growth strategies, everything I do and every action I take has to be 100% in alignment with my inner guidance and has to serve a greater purpose.

I believe in abundance and being well resourced. I also stand firmly in giving back.

I also feel it’s time to shift how we market ourselves and our businesses (online, on social media, at networking events) and we’ll definitely touch on that topic in this group coaching program.

So, if you’ve ever felt resistant to market and sell your services (mostly because you don’t like what you currently see online), youl’ll have the opportunity to redefine what marketing means to you and what a powerful transformative tool it can be when used in integrity with your heart’s truth.

You’ve been asking…

I have an idea/website/certification/expertise/book/social media presence but don’t know the next steps to monetize it. Will this group coaching help?


My intention for each call is for you to leave with concrete action steps for the week.

As for monetizing, I’ll teach you a simple framework you can use again and again to create beautiful offers that sell.

We’ll also answer the questions:

“Where do I start?”

“My offers aren’t selling; now what?”

“I’m stuck — I can’t see what’s next!”

Every call, you’ll have the opportunity to voice your ideas, ask questions and get feedback from me as well as learn how to intuitively know “what’s right” and “what’s next” for you.

You’ll also benefit from hearing other women in the group share their ideas and ask questions. (Often, your question will be answered via someone else asking….)

I will occasionally pull someone from the group and design her launch strategy from scratch, live on the call, so that other women can gain insights and ideas on what that could look like for them as well.

Since this is a group call, I won’t design a monetizing or launch strategy for each participant as there just won’t be enough time and it’s not the nature of this program.

If you want me to design an in-depth launch/growth/monetization strategy and get extra one-on-one support, I’ve added an option for you to add 6 sessions to your package. Grab that option if it calls to your heart; this is a special offer for this group, and you’ll save $500 over my usual fee.

What can I expect to get out of this group coaching, Caroline?

On our first call, you’ll set a very clear intention for what you want to see come to life during our time together.

Setting a clear goal or intention is key to measuring success, but it’s not mandatory.

Everyone’s intention is different, and sometimes, transformation and life-changing insights are hard to “measure” concretely.

For some, being in the presence of other women who are sharing their honest entrepreneurial experience and seeing ideas/projects unfold is what you need right now, not massive action. For others, the group accountability and clarity brought on during the calls will trigger new, luminous ideas and inspired action.

This is not a space where I will motivate you with “RAH-RAHs” or push you into action. This is a space where you can relax into your own inner wisdom and trust your inner GPS.

Since this is a group coaching experience and not 1×1, how do I make the best of it?

You’ll bring an open mind and an open heart and practice deep listening.

I will talk about deep listening on the first call as this is crucial to a successful business, beautiful relationships and deepening your connection to your intuitive guidance.

You will also be invited to leave behind all of your assumptions and everything you’ve ever learned about mindset so you can hear and shift into something new. My coaching and teachings are grounded in the inside-out understanding of the Three Principles, which offers a drastically different perspective of “mindset.”

Bottom line: you’ll get out of the coaching experience what you bring to it. The power to create (anything!) is on you. I’m a guide here to remind you of your amazing potential and gently help you steer it.

I can’t make it to some of the calls, will there be recordings available?

Life happens. Should you be unable to attend a session (or 2…), the calls will be recorded and made available to you, in a downloadable MP3 format, 24 hours after each session.

You’ll also be able to submit your question (if you have anything you’d like me to address) via email.

Do you offer refunds?

I always ask my clients, students and group participants to listen to their intuition before committing to working with me. Having one foot in and one foot out is a sure way to sabotage success. For that reason, there are no refunds. When you’re in, YOU’RE IN!

What my clients say…

“Caroline really delivered above and beyond anything I could have imagined!”

Lainey Crawford

Creative Coach & Voice Liberator at laineycrawford.com

I’ve done online classes in the past, yet nothing with the kind of reach that I achieved after taking Launch and Prosper. I’m so grateful that I took the program.

Kathy Jones Williams

Author & Creator Radical Abundance meetkathywilliams.com

“I finally have a business! (And that’s worth the price of your coaching alone.) Thank you SO much for all of your gentle encouragement and powerful coaching Caroline!”

Stacy Rayna

Astrology for Gen Y Women

“Caroline has a very intuitive way of being able to see where you are at in your business and what’s stopping you from truly succeeding. She offers a fun, fast-paced space to learn and be challenged with clear inspired actions coming out of it.

Kate Adey

Leadership and Transformation Coach

“Caroline was fully present with us and laid everything she knew on the table for us to access. I liked the fullness of her giving of her skills, expertise, ideas, and intuition. I’m grateful for her incredible wisdom, expertise, heartfelt encouragement, and playful passion. I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the group program, and really enjoyed every one of the women in our group

Melanie Evans

Mindfulness Coach for Mothers & Children

“An approach to coaching and business that is both intuitive and practical. And being part of group was a fantastic experience.

Karolina Gladych

Transformative Coach & Retreat Leader karolinagladych.com

“Caroline is a true master, I call her the Eric Clapton of business coaching. She has a proven track record, a high level of expertise AND operates for the highest level of integrity. And what she offers is different than most business coaches because of her entrepreneurial background running multiples business both on and offline.”

Theresa Reed

The Tarot Lady, thetarotlady.com

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