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In this week’s podcast episode, I’m very excited to be taking you behind the scenes of Kathy Jones Williams’ online launch for her new program Radical Abundance. Kathy enrolled in my signature program Launch & Prosper in the summer of 2017 and it was a pleasure and honor to work alongside such a creative powerhouse.

As you’ll hear in the podcast episode, Kathy came to the program with strong client work under her belt which enabled her to “take the ball and run with it” for the launch of Radical Abundance. So when you listen, please keep in mind that not everyone can implement launch strategies as fast as Kathy did. You need to have a certain foundation in place —  clarity about your ideal client avatar and your product, and confidence in your expertise and what you want to teach —  before you can implement advanced launch strategies in such a short period of time and with no team whatsoever.

However, if you’re an action-taker like Kathy, having a successful launch in the first round is absolutely possible. You just need the right help, the right set up and to implement the right strategies for your business. Anything is possible after all…

In this podcast we’re sharing:

  • How Kathy got the idea for her program and how she knew it would sell (hint: this is how you test an idea to see if there’s a need in the market and if your potential clients will buy)
  • How she launched with almost no financial investment, no team and no Facebook ads
  • Her visibility and marketing strategy
  • How she stayed in her zone of genius to market her program
  • How she funnelled her potential clients to her list and to her 5 day Radical Abundance Challenge
  • 2 pricing strategy and why they worked
  • The exact numbers of new email lists sign-ups and the final enrolment number in her program
  • The new offer she created for those who didn’t purchase the program (and why that was brilliant!)
  • My growth strategy for Kathy her re-launch of Radical Abundance in the Fall

Enjoy and feel free to share it on social media or to send it to someone you know who would love the strategies shared in this episode!


Check out Kathy’s Radical Abundance Challenge or join her Radical Abundance FB group

Learn more about Launch & Prosper 


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“I love hearing you and your guests talk about business growth and the challenges we face as entrepreneurs. So many topics you cover are my Three Principles blind spots. so it gives me the chance to see and understand the business challenges I face as the state of mind problems they are, rather than something else. That’s empowering -—  it means that nothings is that hard and opportunity is always round the corner. Mentally refreshing and action inspiring.” — Nici B


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