Do you have a project that’s been sitting on the back burner?  

You know, the kind of project that you know intuitively you ‘should’ be giving your full attention to, but your mind is getting in the way?

Maybe you have an idea that’s been floating around for a while and you think it could be time to ground it into…action?

Maybe this idea feels a little unrealistic; it would take resources you don’t have and time + energy you don’t think you have either.

Maybe it’s a project that feels a li’l impossible to create, so you don’t dare start.  What’s the point, right? You’re going to fail anyway; why even try?

Maybe it’s the kind of project that you think, “It doesn’t make sense, it’s not logical, and it won’t bring me the results/money/clients I need RIGHT NOW.”

Maybe you have waaaaaaay more important things/issues/problems/priorities to deal with, and it would be totally irresponsible to spend money, time or energy on this idea.

What if all that (noisy) thinking was…untrustworthy thinking?

What if you’re listening to the wrong voice in your head?

How do you even know WHICH voice to listen to? Which thought is trustworthy and which one isn’t?

I get it. This is a challenge for ALL of us.


‘Cause our thinking looks real.

Heck, our thinking feels real, so we think we should listen to it.

If it feels real, it must be true, right?


I’m here to propose that we don’t listen to the noise in our head – that we instead learn to listen to and operate from wisdom 100% of the time. (Ok, more of the time…)

Hi, my name is Caroline, and I’m a recovering over-thinker.

(I’m also a recovering know-it-all and a recovering smart ass, but let’s keep that for another time, shall we?)

I’ve come to see that very few of my thoughts are trustworthy or helpful or brilliant or even true, for that matter.

*bursts out laughing*

I had a phase last summer where I would “see” my thinking, my beliefs, my convictions, thoughts I’d thought to be true, and I “saw” that they were all made up of nothing. Nada.

No, I wasn’t going crazy; in fact, I feel “saner” now than I have in all my life.

Being free of all that stupid thinking is so fucking LIBERATING.

Here’s what happened:

When I “saw” that my thinking wasn’t real or true (and I finished laughing at the thought of how simple it all really is), my energy – my consciousness – shifted, and what I thought was my reality? That shifted too.

A long-held belief (or block or thought-created limitation) INSTANTLY DISAPPEARED. POOF. Disintegrated. Gonzo.

‘Cause that’s what happens when you have an insight: your reality instantly shifts.

(It’s pretty powerful.)

When your reality shifts, a new potential reality FILLED WITH LIGHT is now  REVEALED.

The answer you were looking for? Right there, in front of your eyes.

The problem you were wracking your brain to try and find a solution to? Light bulb moment! You now see it clearly (and probably smack your forehead, it was so obvious).

How to overcome that MOUNTAIN of an obstacle that was blocking your way? A brand new path appears, and the so-called obstacle doesn’t look like Everest anymore; it’s a tiny mole hill.

Another interesting byproduct of less thinking (or taking our thinking less seriously) is that it makes us more…intuitive, more in the flow… Which makes it easier to create, launch, try things out and have way more fun doing it.

Insights are so damn powerful.  

Besides enabling to zap limitations or old beliefs, they enable us to create pretty cool things…

One of my clients had an insight that enabled her to become booked solid for the summer. Seriously. She came to me and asked: ”Where are my clients?”  and she left seeing them all around her. #liftingtheveilofillusions

Another was feeling a ‘lil trapped in her styling business until an insight enabled her to move way beyond what she had learned, to create her own trademark process AND write a book about it! (It’s coming out soon, I’ll be sure to share it with you.), Now she’s getting ready to travel to major cities for speaking gigs and to promote her book.

See the impact of this understanding?

So when I asked you:

Do you have a project that you feel called to create, but there’s a lot of thinking in the way of you starting or moving forward?

That project? That idea? Bring it to the 6-week program called The Principles of Creation.

You’re going to learn aaaaaaaall about State of Mind and how to quickly shift from an unproductive, fearful, doubtful, unclear or untrustworthy state of mind and how to quickly and easily move into creative flow, higher levels of performance and most of all, CLARITY.

You’re going to see and experience first-hand that, when you LISTEN to your inner wisdom and ACT ON IT, you create bigger, better, faster results.

Why? Because you’re playing in the field of infinite potentiality, and that’s where magic happens, not in the limitations of the overthinking mind.

Come play with me (we start June 26th), and learn how to unleash your full creative potential.


PS:Stay tuned for a personal story of how NOT listening to my noisy-thinking-mind and trusting my intuition helped me create $25,000 in revenue in a totally unexpected way. I’ll even tell you about a time I listened to an inner calling (and ignored everyone else’s concerns) and how that enabled me to create a million-dollar retail business…. 


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