So, you’ve been following one (or a few) of the “thought leaders” in the spotlight right now. You know the ones. They’re the “experts” and they know “better” than you.

These so-called “experts” looove talking about themselves how they run their über successful (at least 7 figure) businesses and they especially love to tell you how to run yours.

They’re selling step by step fail-proof systems where everything’s already done for you from sales pages to web copy to email communications to all the templates you could ever need. No need to think, just copy and paste.

These ‘experts’ swear by their ‘proven formulas’, trademarked processes and copyrighted techniques and promise that if you purchase (and do as you’re told), you, too, will have a 6 or even 7 figure business.

They’ll even give you a script telling you exactly what to say – word for word- to close the deal with your clients.

(They’re telling you WHAT TO SAY and how to talk to your peeps, did you realize that? Like you can’t figure out how to talk to another human being.)

But guess what else they’re also doing for you?

They’re making you sound and look like everyone else.

Baaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaa. (That’s the sound of sheep, folks.)

Although these superstars are well meaning (and some of them truly want to help you succeed) they’re cashing in on a lie.

Because it’s a lie to say that a template, a ‘proven formula’, a ‘trademarked process’ or a ‘step by step system’ will guarantee your success.

Their ‘unique trademarked system’ may have worked for them in the past, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.


For a number of reasons…

#1 Their way of marketing, building a business, getting clients or creating revenue doesn’t resonate with you at all. So you don’t implement what you learn, and you’ve wasted your money.

#2 Their “proven formula” is not proven at all. It’s all made up. Let’s get real here; it may have worked for them (most of the time) and maybe it’s even worked for some of their clients (some of the time), but it doesn’t mean it’s the right formula for you.

#3 Their sleazy marketing tactics don’t feel right to you. In fact, their cheesy marketing sales pitch/e-letter/templates/sales page makes you feel sick to your stomach at the thought of having to use it on your clients.

#4 Thanks to these so-called experts, the interwebs are now drowning in a sea of sameness and boringness. And people are catching on… Do you really want to sound like everybody else anyway? You want to sound like yourself, don’t you?

So now what? What are you to do if you can’t trust these so-called experts?

Well, you could start by trusting yourself for once.

And you could start thinking for yourself.

Maybe you could even trust your own wisdom once in a while instead of drowning it under a sea of useless + boring expert advice.

Because you are powerful.
You are beautiful.
And you are unique.

(Scroll down for the dare ladies…)

The dare :

I dare you to get out there and show your true colours.

I dare you to be so freakin’ authentic and fabulous that your peeps love you for who you are.

To be so powerfully confident in your skills that your work speaks for itself.

To be so fully present when in conversation with your clients that they’re wowed by your awesomeness.

I bet that would be pretty amazing.

I’m also willing to bet that if you channelled that creative genius of yours and poured it into your writing, speaking, coaching & teaching (instead of imitating or copying others) you’d do pretty well in your business.

So tell me, what would your inner genius create if you stopped paying attention to the so-called experts and started trusting yourself?

Pretty sure it wouldn’t look like everything else we see around these days… And I’m pretty sure that it would be pretty freakin’ brilliant.

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