So you have doubts.

You have doubts about starting a new business, and if you were totally honest, you’d say you’re a little scared to get your work out into the world. What will people think? What if you fail?

Maybe you doubt that your existing business will ever succeed or you doubt that you’ll ever make enough money to pay the bills.

Maybe you have doubts about spending money on this 8 week coaching program everyone’s talking about. You’re not sure if it’s going to be worth it, if you are worth it or if your business even needs it.

Yet, you know that if you don’t do something, if you don’t try something new (very soon), nothing’s gonna change. You’re gonna stay stuck in the same old vicious cycle.

So this moment becomes pretty freakin’ pivotal.

This is where you get to be a keen decipherer my friend.

Because chances are, the doubts you’re having are not coming from your inner guidance but from a well known trickster called the inner critic.

Why is the inner critic even showing up right now?

Because you’re about to make a life changing decision that will dramatically affect your future. And that’s how the trickster operates: it tries to sabotage your growth, keep you from evolving-growing-changing because change is scary.

(Or so the trickster wants you to believe.)

The trickster says “you won’t learn anything new, you already know everything there is to know” and “you don’t need some program (or even coaching for that matter) to make your dream life & business a reality.”

The trickster is reeeeeeally good at making excuses. He’s also a master at procrastinating and creating drama in your life. And if you believe what he says, you’re going to prove him right. Every. Single. Time.

So now this is your chance to decipher if those doubts are valid or if they’re trickster talk.

You have a choice.

You get to choose to believe the same old excuses that keep you stuck OR you courageously take one step forward into the life you’ve been dreaming about and start taking action to make it happen.

So now what?

Now you get to choose.

Try this…

Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to become quiet. (Keyword allow. Don’t force it, it won’t work.)

Let the mindless chatter dissipate… slowly.

When you feel connected to your centre, to your inner Goddess, to your infinite divine intelligence (the one that speaks through your heart, not the mind) you ask:

“Am I ready to let go of the doubts that are keeping me stuck, and to step into my new life?”

“Is this choice I’m about to make, the right choice for me right now?”

Listen for the answer…
How does the answer feel: expansive? Light? Joyous? Exhilarating?
Or contracting, stressful, heavy?

Breathe and pay attention…

And when you know?

When you get a yes?

You jump in.

And the little trickster will have no other choice but to bow down to the inner Goddess and to become your faithful servant as you journey on the path to creating your dream life & business.

Cheers to your infinite potential and to your courage to take your work out into the world,


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