I’m back from an AH-MA-ZING week in New York city where I met mega powerhouse Marianne Williamson at a special event hosted by Marie Forleo & Kris Carr at the New York City town hall.

The energy in the room was electric as the women gathered, sushi in one hand, glass of grigio in the other, to meet and greet with the star of the night. Dressed in a gorgeous flowy black skirt, cinched black jacket and sexy high heel boots, Marianne Williamson glowed as she warmly welcomed her guests to the VIP cocktail area.

“Thank you SO MUCH for coming” she said as she grabbed my hand and flashed a huge smile.

Standing only 5 feet tall (with heels no less), Marianne Williamson may be tiny, but she’s definitely a powerhouse. She oozes strength (yet she remains ultra feminine), her demeanor is that of an undeniable leader and her magnetic presence can be felt across the room.

Marianne is an incredible inspiration and someone who definitely walks the talk. But what I love most about her? She’s courageously taking REAL action to change the world of politics by running for congress. And that’s why we all gathered to support her on a cold (even by New York standards) Wednesday night.

That evening, hosts Marie and Kris took to the stage to passionately talk about leadership and share why they’re cheering & supporting Marianne in her BIG vision. If you’re so inclined, you can support Marianne, too, by visiting her website. And feel free to spread the woooooord.

But being an intuitive leader doesn’t mean you have to run for congress, create a mega online business or be a best selling author.

Being an Intuitive Leader means that :

❤ you stand strong in your glorious authentic self and are inspired (not envious) of other leaders

❤ you feel confident in your gifts & talents and generously share them with the world

❤ you honour your value & worth and you create abundance accordingly

you measure your success by the amount of love (and hugs) you have + give in your everyday life, not by the amount of money in your bank account

❤ you speak from the heart -one human being to another- not from a pre-written script given to you by some ‘expert’

❤ you don’t believe in the tacky elevator speech, you prefer letting your inner Goddess speak through you moment by moment

❤ you don’t seek approval from others, you’re confident in your brilliance and you let your work speak for itself

❤ you courageously step into your own spotlight and will dim your light for no one

❤ you’d rather carve out your own adventure-filled path than follow someone else’s

❤ and most of all, you trust & consult with the wisest advisor of all, your own inner guidance, and you take inspired action to create the life of your dreams.

I’ve created an exclusive 8 week coaching experience where you learn to re-establish + strengthen the connection to your inner Goddess to create a thriving business (or a flourishing career) and an extraordinary life.

However, this program is not for everyone.

The Academy is for the bold & courageous woman who is ready to tap into her own genius to design her ideal lifestyle, and take concrete action to reach her goals & create the life of her dreams.

If this is you?

Join The Intuitive Leadership Academy.

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