The Secret To Creating Your Own Powerful Success Mantra

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Have you ever repeated affirmations and thought “what the heck? I’m lying to myself! I’m NOT rich (my account is totally in the red), my business is NOT thriving (I’m working my ass off and still have no clients) and frankly,  I really don’t love my body right now.”

Affirmations never really jived with me either but that’s because I was going about it the wrong way.

Working with clients I have discovered the secret to creating a truly empowering mantra that resonates with the truth of who you are AND that can support you in creating real success + joyful abundance.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the secret behind crafting a truly POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE mantra to support you in creating real success + joyful abundance in your business & your life.

The secret to creating your own powerful success mantra

Secret #1 : Powerful mantras don’t come from the mind.

A magical, transformative & powerful mantra is created from your Divine Goddess (your inner wisdom).  Start by connecting with your inner guidance to allow any intuitive information to come forth.  Closing your eyes and taking a few deep & delicious breathes is a great way to get connected.  Personally,  I know I’m in my Inner Goddess Space when I feel calm, centered + grounded yet expansive.

Secret #2 : Ask a clear question.

Ask a specific question such as: “What do I need to know today to create new clients in my business?” or “Who do I need to be, what qualities do I need to embody to create a more successful business & life ?”  Let yourself go deep inside the vision your Inner Wise Inner Goddess is showing you.  Then listen.  What images, symbols, feelings or words are coming up for you?   Be open.  Don’t force it.  Allow the answer to come.

Secret #3 : Transformative mantras are a blend of words & feelings.

Words carry a vibration. Sanskrit mantras carry within their sound powerful vibrations that shift your energy & can crack you open to your unlimited potential. As you bask in the vision your Inner Goddess is showing you, allow 3 powerful (yet simple) words to describe what you see & feel.

You’re getting only one word? That’s fine too. Whatever comes up is what is right for you.
You might get words or messages that have nothing to do with money or success.

Success & money comes from a deeper state of well being, a connection to your own abundant All-Knowing Inner Goddess.

Secret # 4 : Keep it simple.

Craft a simple mantra from the words you received from your intuition. It could be as simple as:

“I am peace, I am love, I am whole.”

“I am courage, I am serene, I am free.”

“I open up to my Divine Wisdom.”

“I am enough.”

Breathe it in. Savour the moment. Let the words resonate deep within yourself.

You have created your own secret success mantra. This mantra is infused with the vision given to you by your own Inner Goddess.

And that’s what makes it powerful.

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