When I was a kid I used to play with my intuition all the time. I would get images & feelings about people or events and I would play detective to see if what I had seen or felt was accurate.

As I got better at the intuition game, I started to trust my inner guidance more. But as I got older, I started to feel the struggle between logic and intuition. I was convinced however, that both intuition & logic had value and I was determined to find a way to harness the power of my intuition and then act on it in a more logical or linear fashion.

So I came up with these 5 steps to connect to my intuitive guidance, to collect the data (just like a detective) while making it easy & playful.

Step 1 : Quiet the Mind

To be able to hear intuitive messages you must first quiet the mind and get centered. Intuition can’t come through with all the noise created by excessive thoughts so quieting the mind and getting centered is super helpful. The best way I know to do this is through a short meditation. Focusing on your breathing or a meditative exercise such as yoga also works wonders to quiet the mind so chose what works best for you. A good hint that you’re centered is a general sense of feeling neutral & calm.

When you get really good at deciphering your intuition, you won’t need to get in a meditative state to receive intuitive information. Some people feel their intuition in their body like a tightening in the chest for a “no”, a knot in their stomach for a warning or a feeling of expansiveness in the heart for a “hell yes!”.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
— Einstein
Albert Einstein

Step 2 : Ask a Specific Question

Asking the right question is an art (and I will write more on this in a future post) but for now just know that asking a specific & clear question is key. The more specific the question, the clearer your intuition will answer. Focus on one question at a time so that you don’t get confused about the intuitive information you receive. So keep it simple: one specific question at a time.

Step 3 : Note your first impressions

As soon as you have asked your clear & specific question notice your impressions without analyzing. Write down the impressions, feelings, words or images you get even if they seem weird or don’t make sense. You will analyze this data later but for now just pay attention. Be open and curious.

Step 4 : Interpret your impressions

Go back and read the notes on your initial impressions. Let the answer to your question be revealed as if you were reading a story. Don’t force a meaning or an interpretation however. You’ll know when the message or the answer is clear because it will feel right to you. A good follow up question would be : does this feel true to me?

Step 5 : Verify the intuitive data

Verifying the intuitive data you’ve received and drawing clear, measurable conclusions is a great way to build confidence and trust in this powerful tool called intuition. See if you can verify the information you’ve received, get proof and measure your results just like a scientist would in an experiment.

Patience my love, patience.

“Intuitive information is always accurate, however, we can make mistakes in the interpretation.” It’s a TWEETABLE!

Learning to decipher intuitive information takes practice and a bit of patience quite frankly. If listening to your intuition is new to you, bring a playful attitude until discerning & translating your impressions into concrete answers gets easier.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself when you misinterpret (or don’t listen too) your intuition. and keep playing at the intuition game!

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