I just finished a call with a group of coaches and my mentor, Michael Neill. I shared with them how, lately, I had been feeling slightly unclear as to what the next BIG project could be in my business.

I’m currently working on my book; I’m quietly re-launching my 12-week online program Broke To Blissfully Booked and I’m preparing a new VIP Mastermind for 2016… and yet I could feel that something else wanted to come through… But I wasn’t seeing it clearly yet.

Now in the past, I would have given attention to this nagging little thought, tried to “figure it out” and force it out of me.

But what I’ve come to see as I’m deepening my understanding of the Three Principles, is that my state of mind can shift DRASTICALLY from one moment to the next. And if I don’t get caught up in worrisome thinking (what this means or doesn’t mean, if I’m on the right track or not), I know deep down that my creativity will flow again without me having to force it.


A clear state of mind is just a fresh thought away.  
That’s how our “system” is built.  

And when I trust that system, my life gets a whooooole lot simpler and living in the flow gets a whooooole lot easier.

In this video I share how a powerful insight brought me INSTANTLY back into a powerful creative flow and became the inspiration for my next big project called The Six Figure Club.


{VIDEO Transcript}

If you want to know if you should follow up on a specific idea or inspiration that you’ve had, look at the energy behind that idea.

Let me give you a really specific example, I just wrapped up a call with my mentor coach and a group of coaches and I was sharing with them how just in the past few days, I felt I wasn’t 100% clear in terms of what I should be focusing on in my business, considering that it’s December and I want to prepare my New Year.

I’ve been talking a lot about this with my clients and my mastermind —about the power of having a clear vision and how it can give you a sense of direction in your business and in your life.

But what we also talked about is the underlying understanding that can be really helpful in terms of creating your great vision, is the understanding of state of mind. If you have an unclear state of mind, it’s very difficult to follow up on an idea or create any kind of momentum.

So what I’ve been sharing with this group of coaches and my mentor was that I felt a little unclear as to what I should be focusing on. Not so much motivation or excitement because it’s hard to sustain motivation. It’s a lot easier to follow inspiration and to tune in to that energy, and that’s what I’m feeling called to explore more of the time.

What I’ve come to see, when I’m in an unclear state of mind, what I give myself permission to do, is to just take a break and to step away.

I don’t try to figure it out from that same thinking.

I want to have a new perspective.

I want to have an insight.

I want to have a higher level of consciousness because this is where the true juju or the good energy is into.

I give myself permission to step away.

Over the weekend I went shopping. I was actually buying earphones and I’m listening to music and really loving it. I’m loving the earphones and I’m loving the energy of the place…. and this thought came up very clear like “Wow! I really want to surround myself with more women that want to make good money, that I want to make six figures. I want to surround myself with women who are REALLY successful.”

The next thought that came, “I want to create a six figure club!”

And that thought was so life giving and had so much energy to it, that it instantly energized me.

So I went for a coffee and I started to think about it more, and he idea kept growing because within that thought, within that idea, within that six figure club idea, the energy is so life- giving to me, that it holds the energy for potentiality and that energy of potentiality holds its own instructional manual as to what will be the next steps that I need to take to create that.

I wanted to share with you this example so that you can see for yourself, in your life and in your business, when you have a life giving inspiration and you can feel the energy behind it, it’s filled with potentiality. When the idea is SO CLEAR that you can also see the next step: go for it! Trust it!

That’s the kind of life giving energy that you want to follow up on versus when we try to figure things out or try to make something work or when the energy behind it is not there.

The energy is an indication of the quality of your state of mind regarding an idea, and the quality of your state of mind is the most important factor to look at because it’s going to determine your potentiality for success.

I hope this helpful and I hope it’s going to give you some cues as to what you can look at within yourself when you create a project or anything really…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out either on my Facebook pageInstagram, Twitter and Periscope!

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