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In this casual conversation with Helen Hunter Mackenzie, creator of the Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method, Helen shares openly and wholeheartedly her intuitive coaching experience and the impact it had on her life & business.

Besides laughing a lot, in  this video we talk about a few key things:

  • the amazingly accurate intuitive information you can see when guided through specific intuitive techniques
  • meditation is NOT active imagination
  • how an intuitive coaching can help you get clear & specific information to create more success in your business & life
  • active imagination process) enables you to see & experience a new, fresh & more neutral perspective on an emotional issue.  New perspective + shift in mindset = new results and new outcome
  • Intuitive coaching bypasses the thinking mind to get you deep at the core of your Inner Wise Goddess
  • intuitive coaching is not about creating new mindset BUT as a result of it the transformative coaching, you will naturally find yourself thinking in more expansive ways (and create amazing results in your business & life)
  • most types of coaching are linear in their method: I’ll get you to your goals but you won’t necessarily change
  • Helen’s intuitive coaching enabled her to identify an old block (one that she thought wasn’t even active anymore) but that block was holding her back from truly showing up in her business
  • when Helen’s inner-critic (an Over-Protecting Shrek looking creature) was identified, we were able to understand it’s message (“don’t step out into the public eye!  You’re not allowed to shine bright!”) see where the fear first came up for her in her childhood and the fear immediately shifted. As a result, (after only one session) Helen is now more comfortable in front of the camera doing interviews, she feels more confident putting herself out there and doesn’t care as much what people think
  • after her intuitive coaching Helen felt more calm, self-assured, more connected to her Inner Goddess.  She also felt a sense of certainty
  • we ALL have inner-critics but most of us don’t realize they are keeping us from creating an amazing life
  • if you don’t deal with your inner-critics they will run the show and keep sabotaging you
  • most inner-critics live in your subconscious mind so you won’t even recognize your limiting beliefs and how they are stopping you
  • most of us we don’t even realize that we have thoughts & beliefs that are stopping us from creating an amazing thriving successful business & delicious life

And lastly…

  • intuitive coaching is as much for someone who is facing difficult challenges as for the thriver who has a pretty good life but wants to live a life fit for a Goddess

In Helen’s words:

“Caroline has an authoritative yet kind way of drawing someone into the coaching experience:
I felt safe with her. I felt so comfortable in her presence & with her guidance.”

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