Today I’d like to teach you a quick exercise that will show you how to tap into the qualities of the intuitive leader within yourself, and use those qualities to your advantage.

Tapping into the qualities of an Intuitive Leader can be a wonderful way to prepare BEFORE you take action towards a dream, a goal, or a creative project. It’s kinda like infusing your energy with superpowers 🙂

The Intuitive Leader is courageous – purposefully creating a life that she loves.

Here’s the good news: Your Inner Genius already knows how to create a life you adore and I’m going to show you how.

You can learn to tap into the Intuitive Leader within by following this simple exercise:

Step 1: Think of three people that you truly admire.
Choose someone that REALLY inspires you. Someone that has all the qualities of a beautiful leader.

Step 2: For each person, write a list of the qualities that you admire in them.

For example, let’s say that Oprah is on your list and that you admire her because she’s super successful and mega rich. (Hopefully, you like her for her compassion and for her good work too! But I’ll leave that part up to you:).

When trying to list what qualities you admire, you may find you get stuck on terms like success or achievement, but I encourage you to go as deep as possible.

Dig in and uncover the core qualities that really set the person you admire apart.

What has enabled them to create the success, the legacy, and the impact they’ve had on the world. You may have to use your imagination, because you don’t necessarily know them personally (like Oprah!), so tap into your heart and find the answers to why they inspire you. Eventually you’ll uncover core qualities like courage, wisdom, compassion and inner strength.

Step 3: Pick the top three qualities that you are most drawn to.
Looking over the list of qualities for all three leaders, choose the ones that stand out the most. Which ones jump off the page and get you excited?

Here’s the magic key…

Those qualities already exist within yourself. This is why you are drawn to these people and are inspired by them.

Perhaps you feel resistance around this idea? Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you couldn’t possibly have these amazing qualities too? If so, this is a call to step into your power, my intuitive beauty. Tap into your potential as an Intuitive Leader and let these qualities shine.

Step 4: Embody the qualities of the Intuitive Leader

–> Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

–> Think of your top 3 qualities and begin to embody them.

–> See what they feel like in your body. Where does the feeling sit, what is the vibration of it? Get to know them and get comfortable.

–> Then, one by one, begin to crank up the volume on each of these qualities.

–> Let their vibration expand outwards with each breath you take.

–> The goal is to expand these qualities so that you feel it throughout your body, inside your heart and expanding out into the space around you.

–> Once you’ve turned the dial all the way up, and you feel as though you’ve gotten the volume up to a 10, then just sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling.

Do this short exercise often. Embody these qualities before you start your day, or anytime you are faced with a situation that requires a little extra courage or strength.

The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the faster you’ll become aligned with the power of your Intuitive Leadership abilities.

The benefits?

Tweetable! When you allow your inner guidance to shine, everything become easier.

❤ Circumstances that were once challenging become effortless.

❤ Manifesting in alignment with your inner goddess becomes easier.

❤ You magnetically attract things and experiences that are in harmony with these beautiful qualities.

Imagine… what would be possible if you allowed your Intuitive Leader to take centre stage?

Does your Intuitive Leader need a little coaxing to step out of the shadows? Let’s work a little magic and help you shine.


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