I’ve been noticing an interesting yet disconcerting trend these days. This trend, initiated by some of my peers, is having a devastating impact on young, impressionable entrepreneurs and I’d like to put a stop to it before it becomes a full blown epidemic.

It goes by different names but lately the most popular one is “getting-on-the no-train”, which basically means saying an emphatic “NO” as a way to avoid creating stress or overwhelm in your business and life.

I find this trend unfortunate. Here’s why…

The problem is that “getting-on-the-no-train” really isn’t the solution to getting rid of stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

When you allow “no” to be your initial response to new projects, new requests and demands on your time, to avoid stress or overwhelm, you’re living from the “outside in”; meaning, you’re letting the outside world dictate how you feel inside.

And that’s a trap.

The outside world does not dictate how you feel, it’s your own thoughts about what’s going on out there that really creates your feelings.

The other problem with the “getting-on-the-no-train” trend is that some people will jump in without checking in first with their most trusted adviser: their inner guidance.

Instead, they choose to follow the” leaders”. Blindly.

But here’s the thing…

Just because some of our beloved online superstars are promoting the “getting-on-the-no-train” doesn’t mean you should do the same, my Luv.

You, ma Chérie, might be at a place in your life where saying “no” is totally the wrong strategy.

Saying no could mean:

✔ staying stuck
✔ not moving forward
✔ not getting the help you need
✔ not gathering your testimonials & building your credibility
✔ not getting paid for your awesomeness
✔ not gaining confidence in your skills
✔ not giving your time to a worthy cause
✔ not helping someone in need
✔ not testing your products
✔ and most of all not creating the space where synchronicity and miracles happen

Getting-on-the-no-train could mean the end of your business before it has even started…

In the past 15 years that I’ve been in business for myself (and for the past 44 years that I’ve walked the planet as a human being) here’s what I’ve noticed:

I’ve noticed that…

Saying “yes” opens doors where more can come in (more money, more clients, more fun, more joy, more laughter…).

Saying “no” closes doors and nothing comes in.

Saying “yes” brings more opportunities my way.
Saying “no” repulses them.

Saying “yes” creates expansion, in my body, my mind, my Soul and makes me feel alive.

Saying “no” creates contraction and makes me feel small. And dull.

Saying “yes” moves me forward, sometimes in quantum leaps.

Saying “no” keeps me stuck.

Saying “yes” attracts powerfully.

Saying “no” blocks powerfully.

Saying “yes” keeps me connected to the space where miracles happen.

Saying “no” sucks the magic out of the room.

Saying “yes” invites me to keep looking in the direction of infinite possibilities.

Saying “no” blinds me to what’s right in front of me.

Saying “yes” inspires me to show up and play bigger. Courageously.

Saying “no” keeps me playing safe and small.

Saying “yes” gives me instant access to The Big Mind (also called Universal or God Mind).

Saying “no” keeps me stuck in my head. And my genius? Does not reside in my head.

Now, I’m not in any way suggesting that I say “yes” to eeeeeeveeeeeryyyyyything that comes my way. I’ve set clear boundaries (that I respect) and I don’t say “yes” to what doesn’t feel good or doesn’t make sense.

What I am saying however, is that when I’m in a “yes energy” I have direct access to my inner Goddess and everything seems to flow easily in my life

So before you jump on the “no train”, check in first with your inner Goddess and see how it feels.

Does adopting a “no” mindset make you feel expanded, light, alive, abundant?

Or does it make you feel just the opposite?

And then?


Do what feels good to you, not what everybody out there is doing.


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