So many coaches teach systems, funnels and marketing techniques to create clients, and some of those systems are definitely very valuable.

But most systems take time to implement (I know, I tried them) or require that you do a tonne of free discovery calls. (If it was up to me, free “Discovery Calls” would be banned from the interwebs.)

But what if you need clients like… NOW?

After 3 years as a successful online business coach (and 10+ years as an entrepreneur online and offline) I’ve come to see that there’s a MUCH FASTER and easier way to create clients, one that doesn’t involve hours and hours of work.

Watch this video below for a very simple + intuitive way to *see* the potential clients that are ALREADY around you, READY to work with you, right now. Yum.


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Hi! Caroline Frenette here.

This is Day 3 of my personal video challenge where I’m going to be sharing with you tips and tools so that you can develop your business intuition, wake up your inner CEO, and create magnificent results in your business.

Today, I want to talk about how you can tap your business intuition to create clients.

Now, why don’t we do that? It’s soooooooo much easier!

I’m going to explain my process by giving you a clear example.

A while back, around last summer, I was talking to my intuitive coach and I was sharing with her that it was time for me to create new, yummy, delicious clients.

She asked me, “Did you check in with your intuition?” and I hadn’t.

So together, we dropped into the space where you find quiet, calm, and inner knowing, that space within you that is always there for you to access.

And the first thing that came to mind is the name of a client that actually worked with me for almost a year.

Here’s a thing: as soon as this client popped up in my head, my logic took over and said, “No, she can’t be a client again. You just wrapped up with her! She just worked almost a full year with you. It doesn’t make any sense.”

My logical was having none of it.

My coach however, very kindly reminded me to trust my intuition, that sometimes it’s not going to make sense.

So again, our job, your job, my job is to listen to this guidance.

So I did. I followed through, I took action, I reached out to this client and said, “Hey, by the way, you’ve been popping into my head. I’m creating a special one-day intensive. Would you like to jump in?” 

And what do you know? She said yes. My intuition was right!

How do you tap into your intuition?

You drop into that space of quiet, which is dropping away from your head, dropping into that center space within you that is clear and quiet. Most likely, the first thing that will come to mind is the right thing so follow that. If you need more clarity, if you don’t have a lot of experience, you haven’t worked on this beautiful friendship with your inner CEO (your inner Goddess), it’s likely that you’re going to have to build this connection. So ask more questions. Keep asking. “What do I need to know and do today to create some clients?” First thing that comes to mind and your job is to take action!

I would love to hear from you! Tell me, have you done this exercise? Can you ask your business intuition, your inner CEO what she would love to do next? Who would she love to work with next? You can also ask her, “Where is my next client?” See what might pop up. You might see an image of a person coming to mind. Maybe you’re going to need to do a phone call…

Ask the questions. Be playful. Have fun with it.

If you love the type of things I talk about in these videos sign-up for the intuitive playshops. I host them once a month. We talk about creating business from the inside out and how to unleash your full potential. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 4!


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