{Video Day 10} How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

This is a question I hear a lot from my clients and in group programs: “How do you get out of your head and into your heart to make a decision?”

In this video I share with you a *very important* distinction between using logic, tapping into the emotional heart or listening to your inner wisdom to make an important decision. (HINT: it’s VERY different.)

Learning the difference between the 3 will help you navigate challenges and make decisions soooooo much more easily.

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Caroline, XO


[VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart To Make A Decision]

Hi! Caroline Frenette of carolinefrenette.com and this is Day 10 (Video #10) of my personal 30-day video challenge where every day I share with you my favorite tips and tools to help you develop your business intuition and WAKE your inner CEO so you can create a kick-ass business.

In today’s video I tackle a few questions I hear a lot:

“How do you get out of your head and drop into your heart to make decisions?”

“How do you get out of that limited fearful thinking mind when you know deep down that you wanna jump in, and your heart is calling you to something, but your mind is just completely in the way?”

Now, I want to bring just a small distinction and that’s the fact that I don’t tap into my heart to make decisions: I tap into my inner wisdom. To me, those are 2 different places to make a decision from and let me just tell you a little bit as to why it’s important to know the difference…

Oftentimes, people will say that they want to follow their heart and they say that while the heart is filled with specific emotions; it could be passion, a sense of urgency, anger, boredom, fears…but if you make a decision from your emotional heart, then you better watch out! (LOL) You might pay the price later.

I have certainly made decisions in the past based completely on my heart, my passion and my ambition, my drive and wanting to “go, go, go” and feeling unstoppable. But there was also a lot of urgency to that and when there’s a lot of urgency, you don’t pay attention to red flags and you can pay the price later. (Which I have.)

Here’s the difference between an emotional heart and the logical mind:

The logical mind taps into what it already knows, past memories, past experiences, conditioning, beliefs. It’s limited in what it can see because it draws on what it CAN see or what it already knows. So unless you’re skilled at constantly re-directing your mind towards the unknown or constantly learning new skills, your brain will automatically draw on what it knows. (BORING.)

So, if you’re gonna create something great and amazing in your life, you actually want to bypass the limitations of the mind and you want instead to turn within… towards your full potential, your inner wisdom.

Now, you could call it your intuitive heart if you’d like but this space that I want you to look for within you is a space of neutrality, clarity, calm, a sense of being really centered and maybe even a grounding; a deep connectedness to this feeling like you’re home, your confidence comes from that place.

So take a moment and feel what this feels like.

Look for a sense of clarity, neutrality, and truth because inner knowing will have a feeling of deeper truth.

Can you see or feel the difference?

Your logical mind might tell you “don’t do this thing, don’t invest in this thing, don’t jump in to this opportunity” from a place of contraction or fear. It might tell you all kinds of reasons as to why you don’t want to do this or why you should be doing this; that’s the logical mind.

Your intuition, on the other hand, will point you into a direction that will feel expansive and it doesn’t mean that sometimes it won’t feel scary, sometimes your intuition will nudge you in a direction that will feel a little scary because it’s gonna get you out of your comfort zone.

That’s ok. Breathe in your courage, you got this!

So I want to leave you with this exploration: if you have a specific decision you want to wanna make in your life and business today:

#1 Tap into your head as you ask the question

#2 Tap into your emotional heart, ask the question again

#3 Tap into your inner Goddess and ask the question.

Are you getting the same answer, something a little different or COMPLETELY different?  What is the deeper feeling between each answers?

As you play with this in your everyday life you’ll build your intuitive muscles and you’ll be able to use it (and trust it) for bigger decisions.

Caroline, XO

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