Ever had to say no to someone or an opportunity only to have the other party insisting and not respecting your “no”?  You might have been a little unsure about your own decision, you might have been afraid to hurt the other person or you just didn’t own you power enough to stand in you “no”.

Don’t despair, this can easily be remedied.

When you stand in your own power, people will feel it.  It makes it therefore a little easier to say “no” and having a sense that the other person will respect your boundaries.

This is a short, guided meditation that will help you :

1.) clear your energetic field (yes, you have one of those 😉 of energies that are sticking to you or clear out people’s “grasp” on you.

2.) create healthy boundaries

3.) stand in your own luminous superstar power

It’s all in the intention so follow along as I guide you through this simple process.

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