If you’ve been doing business online lately (or are a starting an online business) you most likely came across some of this:

The secrets to creating a multi-million dollar business” or “How to build a 6 (or even 7!) figure business in one year!” or “How to become an overnight success” and “Learn from the top experts in the world!”

Big claims, bold statements and grand promises coming from self proclaimed gurus.

Frankly, I think it’s time to bust some of these myths

About the so-called experts…

Maybe it’s my (rebellious) capricorn personality, but I believe that there’s only one ‘expert’ that really matters: me.

I’m the expert when it comes to trusting what’s best for me and my business. Not some self proclaimed guru.


Because I have access to the wisest advisor of all : my inner Goddess.

(And I’m here to remind you that you too can access this divine inner guidance.)

Does it mean that I don’t seek guidance once in a while?

Absolutely not. I regularly take courses, workshops, trainings and invest in high quality online programs. I also work with coaches, a Tarot master, mentors and amazingly talented people who are excellent at what they do because I believe that investing in myself and in my business is crucial to my success. It’s what enables me to learn, grow, and make leaps in my business.

But ultimately, once I’ve gathered the data, I want to think for myself, follow my intuition and make my own decisions.

Tweet: “You have access the the wisest advisor of all: your inner guidance.”

About the secrets to creating a multi-million dollar business…

There are no secrets. Stop believing that shit.

Calling something a ‘secret’ is a marketing tactic. It’s used to make you believe they (the ‘experts’) know more than you. It’s a hook, and it works.

Yes, there are important things you must know in order to build a successful business. But that’s no secret.

When I look at multi-million dollar businesses & successful entrepreneurs, I don’t see a ‘secret to success’. I see a burning desire to be of service, I see passion, determination, courage, risk taking, unwavering dedication, focus, resilience, creativity and consistent action.

Apply the same dedication to anything you put your mind and heart to, and you will eventually succeed.

If you stick with it long enough, it’ll start paying off and maybe you’ll even make a few millions if that’s your goal.

About building a 6 (or even 7) figure business…

Building a 6 or even 7 figure business from scratch? In one year?

Highly unlikely.



The next time someone makes such a huge promise as “teaching you how to build a 6 or 7 figure business” (in a year no less) look under the hood of their business.

Are they really making the money they’re claiming? Are they generating millions yet still operating in the red or are they actually making profits?

I’ve made over a million dollars with my retail business but I’m not a millionaire. (Not yet.) 😉

Let’s say that these ‘experts’ have built a multi-million dollar business in a year, take a really close look at their past experience; do they have years of prior business or marketing experience? ‘Cause 10 or 15 years of experience under your belt may very well eventually turn into a 6 or 7 figure business.

In other words, it may look like they’ve built a million dollar business in a year but that’s not really the case now, is it?

Which brings me to overnight success…

You know those Superstars that are on everyone’s radar these days?

It may look like they’re enjoying overnight success, but it most likely didn’t happen that way.

Behind that ‘overnight success’ there are countless hours -probably even years- of dedicated work. There’s also resilience and the courage to get back up -over and over again- after the smack downs, the challenges and the failures.

So the next time an expert wants to sell you on a promise that seems a little far-fetched, I’d like to invite you to look deeper

Look deeper into the promise and see how it feels. Look behind the words of what is being said to get a sense of what is true and what isn’t.

But most of all, look deep within yourself.

Because it’s there that you’ll find the most qualified ally in your success. She’s the expert-within who truly knows what’s best for you and she’ll always lead you to your highest good.


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