One of the things I find the most challenging as an entrepreneur is to totally disconnect from my business at the end of the day (or even on weekends).

It seems that I always have something on my mind (or something that needs to be done) related to my business. So on any given day, I’ll be walking around with my head full of ideas and sometimes it feels like I’m going to explode!

It’s also not uncommon for an idea to pop up during meditation, and when it does, I just HAVE TO write it down. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the point of meditating IS to clear the mind…

One of the surprising yet extremely effective ways I found to create space in my mind was to create “white space” in my schedule. It’s had a huge impact on my well-being, my creativity and ultimately on my productivity.

What is White Space?

White space is scheduled time for yourself for the sole purpose of doing whatever you want do that makes you feel good.

White space is time to nurture your
body, mind & Soul.

It’s a block of time where you get to indulge in absolutely anything you want.

The only “rule”?

What you’re going to do (or not do) during white space can’t be planned ahead. It has to be absolutely agenda free.

For example…

You block 2 hours on your calendar for white space but you already know that during this time you’ll Facebook, twitter, or answer emails, catch up on your reading, go for a massage or watch a movie: that’s not white space because you’ve already planned ahead.

Allowing yourself time for white space means that you let inspiration guide you to do (or not do) anything in the present moment.

Since you never know how you’ll show up to white space, the key is to allow for anything to emerge, to let your body, mind & Soul tell you what it needs to feel alive, nurtured or loved in that moment.

So a good way to enter white space is to ask: “What would I most looooooove to do right now?” and you do THAT.

You might feel like an impromptu hot bath with soothing music, dancing (naked?) in the rain, you might be inspired to draw, paint or write, or you might feel drawn to taking a nap and cuddling up with your favorite animal (stuffed or real). Heck you might even feel inspired to do some accounting or book keeping!

It really doesn’t matter what you do when you’re in white space. The idea is that when we allow ourselves to be in white space we create the possibility for spaciousness.

White space is the true definition of going with the flow.

White Space is…

…pure potentiality
…access to infinite creativity
…freedom to do anything your heart desires
…allowing, receiving, replenishing, rejuvenating

When do you need White Space?

You’ll definitely know that you need white space when:

–> you’re overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, snappish, moody, impatient and tired
–> when you can’t seem to find a solution to a (simple) problem or can’t make a (simple) decision
–> when you’ve lost your inspiration or your creativity
–> when your husband/partner/kids/friends wonder where you’ve gone (lights are on but nobody home?) from that blank look on your face that says you’ve been working waaaaaaaaay too much

Why do you need White Space?

Because when you allow yourself white space you’ll be able to disconnect, reconnect, check in, ground, centre, refuel, recharge, rejuvenate, reboot & revive.

One of the biggest impacts of White space?

It allows you to create spaciousness. And from spaciousness new thoughts, brilliant ideas, fresh insight and creative solutions can arise.

What happens as a result of white space?

That really depends…

White space is not meant to be results driven. Like, I don’t want you going into white space in order to get more things done when you come out. Not that you would do that. (That’s having an agenda. Go back to the first paragraph, Luv.) Or go into white space so that you tap into your creative genius because you really need to finish that book that’s on a tight deadline, or in order to get that million dollar idea that’s gonna change your life (and buy those Marc Jacobs’ boots).

So really, white space is not result driven (Type A personality & over achievers please breathe deeply here :-).

Here’s what I’ve seen come forth from white space:

:: Big, bold, original, delicious, genius ideas come out when we give ourselves a little space to nurture our Soul.

:: Solutions to unresolved problems emerge seemingly out of nowhere.

:: The fog dissipates and we clearly see the path ahead.

:: We slow down and enjoy life a heck of a whole lot more.

:: Creativity emerges effortlessly and the book gets written within the deadline.

:: A great idea for a fun project crystallizes and we’re inspired to take action.

:: We feel more relaxed, calm & grounded and become more productive as a result.

:: Creative self expression flows through and a masterpiece is born in the form of great art, a thought provoking workshop, or a never before seen online program that truly is on the leading edge, the coolest live event that brings people together to change the world…

With Love (And Spaciousness)

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