Have you ever had a dream you didn’t know how to bring into reality?

Have you ever had a dream you didn’t know how to bring into reality?

Maybe it seemed “too big” or you didn’t know how to bridge the gap between the vision itself and the steps to make this vision come to life?

Or do you ever find yourself forcing/pushing to “make something happen” only to come out on the other side burnt out and disappointed with the result?


Do you ever wonder if there’s an easier way to go about creating what you want?

A few years ago that was me: the unstoppable entrepreneur who would do anything that it took to make my business ambitions a reality.

The only problem?

I was constantly operating from a sense of urgency, fear that my project was going to fail and I was putting an immense amount of pressure on myself to succeed.

Did I burn out?


But I twisted my back moving some furniture in one of my retail stores and ended up with a herniated disk and sciatica in my left leg.

I was forced to slow down, in fact, I was stuck at home for 2 months.  Couldn’t walk.

Most painful moment of my life.

It was pretty much around the same time that I had the thought that operating from an urgent-get-out-of-my-way-go-go-go state of mind wasn’t really working. 

I knew there had to be a better way to reach my goals.  One that didn’t include a herniated disk or overwhelm.


About a year later, I came across an understanding that invited me consider an entirely new paradigm shift.

A new way to see the world that would change everything, not just for me but for everyone on the planet.

That’s when I learned about the Three Principles and they not only changed my business; they changed my whole outlook on life.

Thanks to this “inside-out” understanding, I now create more effortlessly and I do so without stress, urgency, overwhelm or anxiety.

I don’t buy into fearful thinking anymore (or not for long anyway), and I feel freer than I’ve been in my life.

And that feeling of freedom?

It enables us to…

…take risks

…try things out

…be more daring

…have more fun

…not take ourselves so seriously…which feels so damn nice!

It also tends to create results (usually) quicker, make us WAY more productive, and enable us to shift, change, re-direct, re-adjust, and pivot waaaaay more quickly—which means getting “stuck” is a thing of the past.

I also noticed that others who understood these Principles were manifesting dreams that had seemed TOTALLY impossible before—like meeting their soul mate within weeks, creating multiple thousands of dollars for business ventures (seemingly out of thin air), and even getting rid of nasty old habits such as overeating and, instead, easing into a healthy lifestyle.

Now, let me ask you…

What if you were able to operate—more of the time—from a clear state of mind, unclouded by fears, judgements, anxiety or overwhelm? 

How would that impact your life? Your relationships? Your business? Your career? Your health?

And what if the creation process—of anything, really—was much simpler (and easier) than you thought?

That’s exactly what I’m inviting you to explore with me this summer.

Starting Sunday June 26th, a small group of women will work with me to explore The Principles of Creation.

I call this program The Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential because that’s what the understanding of the Three Principles does: it ignites the pure potentiality within you and well, Goddess knows what’s next when that happens…

(Velocity? Prosperity? Synchronicity? “Magical” occurrences? Momentum?)

Have a dreamy project you’d like to birth into the world or take to the next level this summer?

Come and play in the space where miracles happen.

Caroline, XO

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