The Entrepreneur’s Journey:
Behind The Scenes Of How My Client Created A Successful Styling Business.

There’s a few key things that REALLY stand out from my video interview with Brigitte Corbeil, creator of Soul Styling™ about her journey to awakening her Inner CEO and create a one of a kind business:

#1 You gotta have GUTS to pair with your PASSION

A good idea will NOT automatically turn into a profitable business. You have to be willing to follow your guts and take (sometimes massive) INSPIRED ACTION.

#2 Be willing to go the distance

SO MANY (wannabe) entrepreneurs give up too soon, they’re not in for the long run. Creating a successful business takes time.
Stop buying the hype that promises that you’ll make 6 or 7 figures overnight.

Be willing to go the distance. You’ll reap the fruits of your labor if you fertilize the land, plant good seeds, water + care for your garden and stick around long enough to harvest. <= This is a full year cycle, it doesn’t happen overnight.

#3 Don’t be a follower, be a Leader

When Brigitte was told that she could not share the styling tools she had learned in school she QUICKLY turned around and asked: “What can I learn from this?” What she CLEARLY saw, thanks to a quick consult with her inner CEO, was that she’s a leader, not a follower.

In that same intuitive coaching session she saw that she was meant to CHANGE the world of styling by creating her OWN trademarked process.

That day, Soul Styling™ was born and a new POWERFUL direction emerged in her business.

Her new book on Soul Styling™ is coming out in December and in the new year, she’ll be flying around the world (that’s right, she’s also a PILOT) to speak about beauty & style, the Soul Styling™way.

Watch the video to get the behind the scenes of my client’s -very real- entrepreneurial journey.

Caroline, XO

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{VIDEO Transcript}  The Transformative Coaching Journey of an Entrepreneur

Brigitte: Hello!!!

Caroline: And that’s how we start: by laughing.

Brigitte: A good laugh!!


Caroline: Okay. So thank you Brigitte for this interview “slash” overview of your coaching journey and I want to start by saying that it’s been such a pleasure to see you grow and evolve. But let’s start from the beginning…

Brigitte: Okay!

Caroline: So tell me where were you in your life when we started coaching last year?

Brigitte: Yeah, it’s been a year already.

Caroline: Almost a year. Yeah.

Brigitte: In my professional life, I was nowhere. I had ideas. I was not an entrepreneur. I didn’t know where to start and how to do it. But I knew that I didn’t want to follow the usual path of the entrepreneurs, that I wanted something different.

Then, you came into my life and I was like “Yeah! This is it. This is the kind of coaching I want. I want something with a different outlook and a different way to do things.

You just came into my life at the right time.”

Caroline: So when I met you, you had finished a styling training.

Brigitte: Yup.

Caroline: And you knew you wanted to be a stylist and again you knew you wanted to do it in a different way?

Brigitte: Yes. I just had all the tools. I had the diploma. I knew how to work. I just didn’t know how to start my business with my ideas and my vision. I needed some coaching because I was a stay at mom for a 20 years and I was just coming into the business world so I had no idea how to do things. I wanted a business coach but I wanted something different and that’s what you offered.

Caroline: Yeah! So you wanted to start your business and to do it in a different way. I want to jump a little bit ahead in terms of the coaching journey to a moment in the summer when you realized that you are going to be really good in teaching and videos. You started shooting these videos where you were teaching people different styling tips.

One particular video you were telling them “How to Pack your Luggage Effectively” and that video ended up being seen by people you had learned to trade from and that, basically, they had told you that you can’t do that. You can’t teach what you’ve learned.

Brigitte: No. Apparently, I cannot use the tools that I’ve learned and give it to others. So I thought “I just have to invent my own tools now!”


Caroline: And that’s what happened! I just wanted to jump ahead of this because…

Brigitte: Yeah. It was a turning point for me. Like “Okay. I don’t want to do traditional styling and that was just the moment when I knew that my idea of doing something different was going to take flight and I needed to implement it and go out into the world with that because I could not use what I’ve learned in school. I needed to find a way to teach what I wanted to teach.

Caroline: So I wanted to jump to that because I think it was a turning point for you.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people, whether they’re coaches or consultants or service based entrepreneurs, there will come a time when teaching the things that you’ve learned, in the same old voice, is either going to become boring for everyone.   It just becomes more of the same recycled information.   It’s not truly unique (even though you had a unique way of teaching and doing the videos and sharing what you learned), it would still be recycled information from the styling world.

That’s where awakening your CEO becomes so KEY in creating long term success.

You’re going to have a bigger impact because you want to see, from deep within yourself “What do I really have to bring here?”   “What’s my unique talent, the unique twist that I can bring to things?” And on top of that, “what am I seeing that’s different that will take this conversation to the next level?”

You had an insight and you took the styling conversation in a brand new direction.   Now, can you share with us what that insight was? Do you remember?

Brigitte: Yeah! I remember. That’s how I found the name of the new method of the styling that I’ve created. My insight was I wanted to use the styling from within, from inside out.   That’s what I’ve been learning with you.  So I said, “I wanted to create from the soul. I want to create from the inside out.” So I’ve changed my name to “Soul Styling”, using your clothing every morning to feel good about yourself, to elevate your energy and you feel like your inner goddess is “out there in the world with you”.

This is when I thought “I don’t know how I am going to work as a stylist if I can’t teach what I’ve learned the way I was thinking of teaching and giving all the tools. I can’t do it like that.

That’s when “Soul Styling” popped up.   I started doing Soul Styling and really refining what I want to do with the clients and how to use the wardrobe efficiently.   So I’ve been working on creating a more detailed method of getting dressed and incorporating all kinds of energy modalities like the colors, the fibers, and of course, your goddess shape because everybody is a goddess so from that point it kind of.. ”

Caroline: Yeah, because this is kind of a big thing. You took something from the world of styling that you thought was a little boring. Time for a change and instead of calling people fruits, pears and celery. Now who wants to be a celery?


Brigitte: Who wants to be called a pear?

Caroline: Yeah. I don’t want to be called a pear.

Brigitte: No!


Caroline: Or the letters, the X and the A.

Brigitte: Yeah! I flipped it around and I invented something new and fresh. Not invented, because I believe we’re all goddesses, everybody has their own essence…   But instead of using pear- shaped and apple- shaped and letter- shaped, I researched goddesses and gave a new name that goes with it. I kept the letters because it’s a good visual for the stylist but I did find goddess name that would actually go with the personality or the shape so the A shape becomes Athena and the H becomes the goddess Hera and so on.

Caroline: Okay. Yeah! So you came across something bigger. So which goddess am I?

Brigitte: You’re an Athena.

Caroline: I’m an Athena. Hey!


Brigitte: Yeah. She’s a peaceful warrior. She’s the goddess of strength and inner wisdom. And the Athena shape is like the volume is more at the bottom of your body because you need to have that strength at the two feet on the ground so you can be that warrior and have that strength.

Caroline: Yeah. It makes total sense. I love that. Yeah and I can see myself in that as well in that description, the inner wisdom and the peaceful warrior. Definitely, I have that warrior energy.   So this is a couple of months in your coaching journey and you have this insight that shifted everything, because that insight of “Wow! I really want to do Soul styling”, it came from within you, you really SAW it, you felt it; it shifted your energy, your consciousness and opened up this brand new path that wasn’t there with you before.

Brigitte: Yeah. It did. It opened a new way of seeing what my business could be and I really feel like I’m not working. I’m just having a blast. I just love creating. I wrote a book. It’s going to be published. It’s all about the basics of Soul Styling.   I’m just really looking at all the different avenues and doors. It doesn’t have to be traditional business. When you really connect to what you want to do and you got a fresh business outlook anything is possible.

Caroline: So again in your journey as an entrepreneur, each time you have an insight, you kept clarifying your vision and then implementing. That’s one thing that I really like about you. When you have an idea, you take it and you run with it. You move very fast with your business. You don’t sit there waiting. You take action.   So you got an idea for the book. You’re getting the book published by Balboa Press and it’s probably coming out anytime now.

Brigitte: It should be out by Christmas.

Caroline: Perfect!

Brigitte: Great for Christmas presents!

Caroline: That’s beautiful. It’s important also to share that in the entrepreneur journey there are different steps that needs to happen and you want to build the foundation, magic doesn’t happen in a week, it doesn’t really happen like that.   You have to be consistent. You have to do your work. You have to keep building your entrepreneurial spirit, awakening your inner CEO so that you have that strength and that wisdom, the confidence so that you can act confidently!

If you look at a year period, now that idea from the book came somewhere in spring, you started writing it in summer and now, it’s coming out in Christmas.

Brigitte: Yes.

Caroline: And in there,also, the other things that started to come together for you was how can I work with clients one on one right now to bring in money now and create other opportunities like conferences.  You just wrap up a conference that was very successful…

Brigitte: Yes.

Caroline: Yeah and you booked a lot of clients in there too.

Brigitte: I did. Yes.

Caroline: Then a couple of weeks ago, we did a one day intensive, and we looked at your big vision. Your clear vision, where you are at now, where you want to go and  what you need to do to create that vision.   What you saw today in our coaching session was the idea of having a magazine that would also support your vision of Soul Styling which by the way, is SO smart.   Legally you trademarked Soul Styling, right?

Brigitte: Yes, I did. So own the trademark. It’s my method. I created it and it’s going to be trademark in Canada and one year in the United States too.   Because one of my vision is for other stylists to be trained as Soul Stylists and they’ll use my method with their clients.  I’m not going to tell them not to use my tools. (!!!)   I want everybody to use my tools.   So that’s the big vision and from your coaching, every time I have a decision to make in my business, I’m thinking, “Okay, what wants to happen next? Am I pursuing the right path?”   Something always come up and something you told me was like “Sometimes you just have to sit down and wait and see what wants to happen next. Slow down a bit.”

So that’s my philosophy now. Okay. This is my idea. This is what I’m going to do. What wants to happen next, and usually I get my answer right away (from my intuition).

Caroline: Yeah. So thank you for sharing that because that brings us to the deeper inner transformation that happened through the coaching journey as an entrepreneur. I want to talk a little bit about this because you have slowed down tremendously in your energy but can you tell me how do you feel differently from a year ago?

Brigitte: Well, I feel different compared to last year. I’m more peaceful and I’m more quiet inside.   I used to be full of energy + anxiety, full of projects. It was one after the other and I wanted to try every avenue possible and I would kind of lose myself and get overwhelmed.   Now my life is exciting but I’m quiet & calm.  

I’m peaceful and I know everything will come. I’m more patient too. You know me, I have a bubbly personality and now I’m just really peaceful.   I’m still running a hundred miles an hour but really peaceful to!

Caroline: That’s interesting. So one thing that I know that you did mention but I just want to bring it here is that when you talk about feeling more at peace, that’s a grounding within ourselves which means we can do a lot, like you said, you’re going a hundred miles an hour but you’re still grounded and you’re not stressed as much.

I remember you sharing also that you don’t have as many fears and doubts if you’re going to be successful.

Brigitte: Yeah. Those fears have disappeared. I’m not afraid of not making it and having a business that’s not booming.   I’m just going with who I am and what I want to do. I know the result will come.   When you don’t have fears or you’re not waiting for the end results, and you just let go of the future, it’s peaceful.

You’re not running after something all the time. You can actually be in the moment, in the present moment.

Caroline: That’s amazing because not all people can say that. As entrepreneurs you need to know how create from the inside out, from that quiet within, from that grounding, from that inner confidence.  You have that inner trust, that inner knowing and that’s your essence, it’s who you really are at core.

When you create from that space, what you create has a completely different energy and your life, your well- being has a completely different quality to it and I’m wondering if that’s also an ingredient that really works for your success because again, I was looking at our time together, almost a year and your entrepreneurial journey from the beginning, from no business to where you’re at now.  

The book is coming out, the trademark has been bought, the courses are being written, the conferences are being given, you’re serving your clients as you’re getting clear about what Soul Styling is.

Now we got the idea for your magazine today and how it’s going to support your business so you know that and you have this grounding and this presence that enables you to create that and go with the flow.  And that’s such a beautiful place to create from.  

Because if you don’t have the fear, the worry, the stress or more importantly if you understand how stress is created from your thinking then you can quickly get back into presence. You’re more aware, you’re more full present and to me that is also an ingredient that’s a key to success that will enable you to be consistent.

So I really want to be clear and bring this into the light that an entrepreneurial journey is a journey that you want to be consistent, you want to keep going and if you keep going then you will create result, you will create success.   If you understand how state of mind is created, you’ll be able to have a more clear state of mind so you can hear your inner wisdom and take the right action and you keep going.

For you, specifically, because some of the insights you had, you were able to shift because that’s one of your qualities. Once you see something, you’re done with the old.

Brigitte: Yes, I am. Finished. Moved on.


Caroline: Yeah and you’re going towards the future. You saw, you have that insight about Soul Styling and that idea had so much life energy to it that within that idea you have an instructional manual. Now you’re implementing, you’re putting things into place and taking action and so here we are!

Brigitte: Yeah. That’s what I’ve learned with the coaching with you, Caroline. I learned how to create from the inside out, how to recognize insights and to always be in a state of mind where you are actually conscious and connected.

So when I do lose it, when stress come in, when fears come in, when things are maybe not going my way, you showed me like “Oh! Wait a minute, that’s not a good state of mind, that’s not what I want” and I really shift back really fast, I don’t stay in that state of mind.

Caroline: Absolutely. That’s why I think transformative coaching is so different from the other coaching out there. I come from a premise that you have FULL  Goddess potential and you have everything you need within you and my job is to remove some of the stuffs we need to remove or understand how “noise” is created so that we have an unclear state of mind and listen to our inner wisdom.

Brigitte: I never thought I would be where I am right now because a year ago I was fearful and I didn’t know how to deal with my fears.   I’m looking forward to next year to where I want to be so it’s just a nice process. I learned so much.

Caroline: And last thing I want to bring is that, it’s so beautiful. How many years that you’re a pilot in Air Canada?

Brigitte: 19 years ago I was a pilot for Air Canada Jazz. I was there for eight years and I stop everything to raise my children.   Caroline: And you were one of the few female pilots at that time. I just wanted to bring that because within the explorations that you’ve done in the past few months, you have also the idea to go back and to do your license again and be a private pilot.   Brigitte: Yeah. It’s done. I’m a private pilot again.

Caroline: There you go. Well, I’m not surprise.

Brigitte: Yep.


Caroline: And within the vision for your business, not so much the practical vision, but the essence of your vision, your desire for freedom, your desire for travelling, and your desire for beautiful things. “Why not take women shopping in my own plane?” !!!   And then you go you got your license as a pilot.   I

t’s amazing how in the bigger scheme of things, things will come together if we open up to our full potential because that was the part of you that you didn’t want to ignore. It’s there. “I’m a freaking pilot”.

Brigitte: Yeah. I flew planes for living. Then I became a mom. It’s a great thing to be a mom at home and I don’t regret any minute of it but I have thought “ Why not go and get it back? “

That’s part of my vision of Soul Styling; we’ll have a soul styling shopping adventure. If you want to go to New York, I’ll fly us there, let’s go shopping. Let’s do a weekend of transformation and fun. This is styling at its best, I think.

Caroline: Absolutely, the Soul Styling way!   So let’s wrap up.   This takes us to what’s next for you.   So we know that you have this vision and I don’t know how much you want to say so I’m going to let you say it, what’s the next part of the vision?

Brigitte: Well, the next part of my vision, I would love to have my own Soul Styling Agency. I will have other stylists work for me. I would have all the other different professionals from life coach or health coach, nutritionist so that when you come into Soul Styling Agency, you come to a full transformation from the inside out and my part would be when you’re ready to do the out, I’ll be the out with a wardrobe but it will be a full transformation.

Now I’m concentrating on women but I want that for men as well because men have the right to be Adonis too!   So my vision is to have an agency where I’ll have different people working with me so that when the clients come in, they have a full transformation from the inside out so that’s the big goal.

Caroline: Yeah and a magazine to support it.

Brigitte: Yes.

Caroline: Then eventually a “real” magazine.

Brigitte: A Youtube channels with videos and lots of things that would support the agency. I want Soul Styling to become well known and in a couple of years in the styling and fashion industry; I want Soul Styling to be on the lips of the stylists, like saying “Okay. This is the way to look at wardrobe”.   So that’s the big vision.

Caroline: Ultimately, what we talked about earlier also is how the need of this planet at this time for women to love themselves more and Soul styling will come and nourish and help women understand about beauty from the inside out and I see a bigger vision for you, for Soul Styling is, this work that you’re doing will impact the world in a way that I think women are really ready.

You know that ad that’s all over the TV now? I’m not sure if it’s Dove or…

Brigitte: Was it the Kellogg one? Yeah that’s amazing. I love that ad.

Caroline: They’re all unhappy and they’re looking at their body.

Brigitte: Yeah 99% of women have negative self talk about their bodies and it’s time to stop that and to feel beautiful. Here we are. So that’s the vision of Soul Styling.

Caroline: Soul Styling is going to help do that and that’s the importance, I want to wrap up to that, that’s the deeper importance of your work, of my work, of the work of women leaders and I call you leaders because you are on the leading edge, leading from a new way of being, new way of teaching, new way of creating and you’re going to be illuminating and inspiring women to join in this movement of bringing their work out to the world in a bigger way without fears.

Brigitte: Yeah. That’s the goal. Caroline: So thank you so much. I want to tell people that if they want to go see your beautiful website, it’s

Brigitte: Yes, it is!

Caroline: So go check out Brigitte’s website. I know you’re going to shoot videos, doing Periscopes and sharing tips and stuffs. I think it might be a good idea if you love fashion and you love creating beauty from the inside out to go jump in her email list and know when her book is coming out and when her conferences is going to happen so that you guys can jump in and go meet Brigitte. So thank you!

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