The Energetic Seasons of Your Business

Is it possible for a business to go through energetic seasons?

That’s a question I was invited to ponder seriously last year as my business went through changes that were not part of what I had planned….

I started to feel this energetic shift in the summer, like a magnetic pull beckoning me to look at (and change) how I work, who I work with and what that would look like in terms of offerings in the future. Should I move away from one-on-one clients and cater only to businesses? Launch only one, very high-level mastermind and host exclusive retreats for women leaders? Dedicate more of my time to book writing and speaking?

One thing’s for sure: there was a deep inner calling to up-level not just my business but every area of my life. (In this video I share an insight that enabled me to change my eating habits, lose 8 lbs effortlessly and start a new exercise routine that’s whipping my booty into shape. A BIG up-leveling in the area of health + lifestyle, if you ask me.)

As I allowed myself to gracefully navigate the seasonal changes in my business and personal life, I was invited to truly let go of my attachment to HOW I wanted these changes to look and WHEN they needed to happen.

Instead, I consciously turned my attention inward, practiced Empty Presence, opened up to receiving intuitive guidance and followed up with inspired action.

The underlying theme of this wintery season was one of mindfulness, an invitation to  spend my time and energy in a way so that I can be fully rejuvenated.

The cool thing about understanding the different energetic seasons in your business is that it enables you to go with the flow, work better & smarter, and know when to be productive and when to rest, when to launch a new product or go on vacation.

Here’s what the energetic seasons look like to me:

The Spring season is where inspiration and creativity abound. At this point in the cycle, ideas come easily, and we get to work with a sense of clarity and enthusiasm. No procrastination here. We feel productive and clear on the outcome we want to create, and we go for it! Clients, money and new opportunities come our way seemingly out of nowhere. The air is fresh with an energy of potentiality. We feel energized and unstoppable.

In a Summer season, the energy shifts into a slower pace. Good seeds have been planted, and now is the perfect time to nurture our garden of creations. We continue to develop creative projects and nurture relationships. There’s plenty of time to enjoy dinner al fresco with friends, naps in the hammock and a little Bossa Nova.

The Autumn cycle overflows with abundance. It’s the harvest season, a time of reaping the rewards of your hard work and celebrating your achievements. Projects have bloomed and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Smart entrepreneurs know that this is a good time to save money, wrap up projects and tie up loose ends in preparation for the winter.

Then comes the Winter cycle when projects seem “frozen,” and there’s a feeling of time standing still. This season is not a good time to launch or expect heightened productivity; the energy calls for hibernation, not massive action. This is a time of turning inwards, pausing, reflecting, observing and planning. Entrepreneurs who are unprepared for (and unaware of) the energetic Winter season tend to get impatient and worried during this cycle. Yet there’s nothing to fear – this cycle will pass, and Spring will soon be knocking on your door, which is why you must use this time for self-care and rejuvenation so you can be re-energized when the energy shifts into Spring again.


When you understand that your business will naturally go through different cycles and seasons, you stop wasting time and energy; you become more discerning.

You don’t buy into fearful thinking (because you understand that your circumstances don’t dictate how you feel; your thinking does), and, instead, you become a master at going with the divine flow.

Divine intelligence becomes your guide, and you stop fearing uncertainty; the unknown becomes your best friend.

You become a conscious creator.

Here’s how you can become one too:

  1. Learn to spot the seasons in your business and allow yourself to stop fighting them and, instead, go with the flow
  2. Let go of attachment – especially trying to control the timing of things – and, instead, allow for divine timing and synchronicity to work on your behalf
  3. Learn to listen to AND TRUST your intuition so you can navigate the currents of entrepreneurship more gracefully
  4. Be the CEO of your business, take lots of inspired action when the time calls for it, AND promote divine intelligence as the Chief Operating Officer so that she can work her magic for you

And, if you do, you’ll navigate the energetic seasons confidently, knowing deep down that all is well and that you have everything you need – within you – to create magnificent success more effortlessly than you ever thought possible.

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