Have you ever noticed how people proclaim things or hold on to beliefs that don’t actually serve them or, worse, aren’t even TRUE?

Let me give you a concrete example.

An email just landed in my inbox with a subject line that read, “Avoid the summer slowdown – generate more business now.”

It’s an interesting statement for 2 reasons:

#1 You can’t generate business from the state of mind that sees a slowdown. It’s impossible.

To “generate business” you have to be in a “generating business” state of mind, and that state of mind is not one of lack; it’s a state of mind that sees and creates possibilities.


#2 To state that there’s a “summer slowdown” is not only unhelpful in creating magnificent abundance; it’s not even true.

I’ve had some of my biggest months in summer and I’ve also seen my clients THRIVE in the summer.

What I’m trying to point at here, is that when we look at our circumstance and we decide to make it into a thing, like “the summer slowdown”, we create a problem that didn’t exist in the first place.

In working with clients, I see this over and over again: They want to generate more revenue, create clients, launch a product/program/service successfully, write a best-selling book…but they are stuck in a state of mind that doesn’t hold the seed for that possibility to be manifested.

You can’t birth a creation in the world unless you hold it’s potentiality within your consciousness.

An idea, project or business MUST hold within them the energy of possibility AND must hold their own energetic instructional manuals – their own energetic action plans.

If you’re thinking, “What the heck is she talking about?” – let me ask you this:

Have you ever had an idea that seemed like a good idea, but you never did anything with it?

Maybe the path to executing that idea wasn’t clear, maybe you thought reeeeeeal hard as to HOW you were going to make IT happen, or maybe you got discouraged or confused yourself in the over-thinking process until the idea…died.

That, my friend, is an idea that doesn’t hold it’s own instructional manual. Too much work, wrong timing and an unclear state of mind = the idea dies.

On the other hand, have you ever had an idea pop into your mind, an idea so crystal clear that you knew EXACTLY how you were going to create it?

You felt inspired, in the flow, energised, and suddenly you found yourself immersed in the execution, taking action after action after action until…TADAAAAA!

It was done. A thing of beauty for all to see.

THAT, my friend, is an idea that came with its own instructional manual. It was executed quickly because the state of mind was clear, and you were tapped into the creative flow.

See what I mean?

Here are the 2 main things I want you to explore:

1. What is the state of mind you are operating from?

In other words, if you have an idea, a dream, a goal you’d like to see come to reality, what is the state of mind behind it?

Is it fertile ground for this idea to bloom?

Is it a mix of fertilized soil and a few weeds here and there?

Or is it pretty much ALL WEEDS (read: crappy state of mind)?

Pay attention to this:

Your state of mind WILL determine whether or not your idea can succeed.

2. What is the energy behind your idea, goal or dream?

Is it life-giving – or, EVEN BETTER, does it have a life of its own? If so, it’ll hold that instructional manual, the step-by-step plan you need to successfully execute your idea.

Ultimately, I’m proposing that you don’t buy into your own made up thinking (and certainly not into the limited thinking of others) and that instead, you learn to recognize that your ENTIRE reality is made up of thought.

When you see that, jumping between realities will be a GAME you’ll enjoy playing and you’ll be able to effortlessly step into a new reality that holds the potential for your creations to manifest.

We’re going to talk A LOT about the inside-out creation process in The Principles of Creation starting this Sunday.

If this kind of conversation appeals to you, and you want to become a powerful creator, come and play with us in the field of infinite possibilities.

Registration closes Monday June 27th 11am EST.


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