Darling, welcome.

If you’ve been feeling called to expand your vision of what is possible for yourself, your business and your community, you’re at the right place.

The Six Figure Club is an exclusive opportunity to…

Design a world-class business around your ideal lifestyle while being supported by like minded Goddess CEOs;

Be mentored to evolve as the greatest version of yourself;

Stand out as a powerful feminine leader who is sought-after for her expertise;

Claim your spotlight on the world stage, and share your work in a bigger way; and

Become a world-class business owner who generously and courageously models what is possible for your life and business.

No more “either/or”, my Darling. This is an invitation to dream BIG and to courageously become the woman who will make her dreams come true.

THIS is an opportunity to make 2016 your LEAP year.

If you’re here, I’m going to make a few incredibly fancy assumptions:

You feel called, from the depth of your Soul, to reeeeaaaally up-level this year – not just in your business, but in ALL areas of your life.

The thought of doubling or tripling (quadrupling?) your revenue feels pretty exciting. But if you were to be totally honest, you’d say that it feels like a bit of a stretch…maybe even impossible. And yet, the thought of a major leap in your financial wealth is just too damn exciting to not go for it.

You know that, when you put your mind to something, you can make it happen. You’re creative, resourceful and determined. (Some might even call you too ambitious.)

You know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have an incredible potential within you and that it’s time to fully unleash it.

You can feel that you’re at a tipping point and that, when everything comes into alignment (divine timing, your efforts, your work, your genius), everything you’ve ever wanted will come pouring in…

You have a strong sense that, if you were to be surrounded by the right people and the right coach who could show you the key to unlocking your full potential, this alignment would happen with ease, and you’d achieve your bodacious goals much faster.

And you’d make your dreams a reality in a much closer future than if you went it alone.

Now imagine this…

We’re now December 31st, 2016. Your home is filled with the delicious aroma of a home-cooked meal, the table is ready, the candles are lit, the champagne is chilling. You’re wearing your favorite outfit, feeling sexy, alive, divine…

And while you’re waiting your friends to arrive, you take a moment to look back on your year.

A smile lights up your face.

You feel incredibly proud of your accomplishments, even amazed at how far you’ve come in the last 10 months.

Not only do you have more money in the bank than you ever thought possible (and more keeps coming in!), but your next six months are fully booked with a waiting list of delicious clients, and your revenue streams are already planned out for the whole year ahead.

You’ll never worry again where the next client or contract will come from; you feel 100% confident in your capacities to create wealth whenever, wherever.

You’ve implemented the structures that your business needed to stand on her own, which leaves you free to take a whole month off, galloping around the world in style while making money in your sleep. The elusive freedom-based lifestyle is now your reality.

And at the stroke of midnight, you close your eyes.

You feel your heart open and, as you raise your glass, send immense gratitude and love to a very special group of women who have been with you every step of the way throughout this incredible adventure: your very own Six Figure Club.

You take a deep breathe, smile, maybe even burst into joyous laughter as you think about the year ahead, filled with excitement and joy. You can’t wait to see what wonderful surprises await you in 2017….

Welcome to the Six Figure Club, Sister.

Why did I create this exclusive 10-month mastermind?

Ever since I started my first business back in 2005, I’ve always sought the mentoring of great leaders and successful business owners.

ELLE COVER-SMALLI remember sitting at a restaurant in Montreal where I was to connect with an influential businessman who had kindly agreed to meet me, an up-and-coming fashion designer seeking some guidance in her startup business.

His biggest advice? “Follow your passion, and get yourself a board of advisors, ’cause it’s gonna be a helluva ride.”

Looking back on my last 10+ years as an entrepreneur with two retail stores, a yoga studio, designing and manufacturing my own ready-to-wear collection (my clothes made it on the cover of Elle and Fashion magazine), and now a thriving online business as an Intuitive Leadership & Business Coach, I’ve learned to gracefully navigate the tumultuous currents of entrepreneurship.

And I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my board of advisors: my coach, mentor, mastermind, and the wisest advisor of all: my inner CEO™.

For the last 3 years, I’ve coached women entrepreneurs from around the world, helping them build a successful business of their own.

I’ve hosted a series of highly successful masterminds dedicated to helping my clients unleash their full potential and take MASSIVE inspired action that propelled them forward in their careers and businesses.

I’ve seen these amazing women shift their business models drastically to create way more income (and way more freedom) but also, most importantly, shift their perception of who they really are and what they are truly capable of.

This March, I’m inviting a select group of women to join me in an exclusive 10-month mastermind experience called The Six Figure Club.

Our focus?

Affluence, Influence & Impact.

The Six Figure Club is an invitation to…

  • increase your capacity to create and receive wealth on a level unlike you’ve ever done before;
  • become a sought-after leader in your industry and make a bigger impact in your community, your clients, and, ultimately, the world;
  • commit to taking the bold actions you need to really up-level your business;
  • learn the tools and strategies you need to become financially wealthy;
  • implement the systems that will support your personal, business, and financial growth;
  • become a world-class business owner who generously and courageously models what is possible for your life and business;
  • evolve as the best version of yourself and stand out as a powerful feminine leader whose voice is valued & respected and whose expertise is highly sought-after;
  • expand the vision of what you think you can create into the vision of what you’re REALLY capable of;
  • claim your spotlight on the world stage and empower others to do the same; and
  • leave the limitations behind and enter the realm of what is truly possible when you unleash your full potential and create from a place of expansion – from your inner Goddess.

This is a call to up-level in all ways:
in your finances and relationships,
achieving higher levels of mastery in your work,
living in optimum health,
achieving high levels of performance….

THIS is an invitation to live your BEST LIFE.

The Six Figure Club is for you if…

You’re committed to taking 100% responsibility for your success (I will bring my A-game – or I should say my inner Goddess – and so will every member of this exclusive club.);

You’re willing to take consistent inspired actions and implement the right strategies to reach your goals;

You’re open to receiving high-level transformative coaching and loving feedback so you can step into your greatness and show up as the Goddess you really are in ALL areas of your life; and

You’re willing to educate yourself, get specialized training, or grow your team so you can reach your next level of success.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll explore during these 10 incredible months:


You’ll clarify and expand your vision for yourself, your career, or your biz. (If you don’t have a clear vision, you don’t have a sense of direction, which means that making progress can be painfully slow. We’re going to take care of that.)

With a crystal clear + EXPANSIVE vision filled with the energy of pure potentiality, you’ll be on your way to creating MASSIVE momentum and spectacular results.

Be prepared for your beautiful vision to be defined (or redefined) in a way unlike ever before.

Part of learning intuitive business design is, of course, inviting your intuition to be your trustworthy guide. By working hand in hand with your inner CEO™, you’ll open up to what is TRULY possible for yourself and your magnificent work.

Your business strategy will emerge from a deep connection to your divine potential as you take consistent, strategic action to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.


At the core of our explorations will be the feminine principles of wealth creation. This is where you’ll learn to master Presence and learn to embody the qualities you need to manifest what you want in the world. (As within, so without.)

You’ll learn to tap into your divine creative power (actually, how to allow it to work through you with no interference from the limited ego mind) and create in a way unlike you’ve ever created before.

(Yes, that means money, clients, opportunities, more joy, more freedom, and more expansiveness.)

You’re also going to explore the principles of State of Mind and how thoughts LITERALLY create your reality. (And no, I’m NOT talking about the law of attraction here. In fact, I bet that you’ve never heard the Power of Thought explained in this way before.)

That understanding alone will leave you feeling clear, expansive, confident, and potentially…FEARLESS – dare I say even UNSTOPPABLE.

And, of course, you’ll learn how to tune into the wisdom of your inner CEO™, master the art of business intuition, and develop clear strategic thinking for maximum impact, profits, and success.

Our Purpose & Mission

The Six Figure Club was born from the need I saw for women to have a safe and sacred space to come together where the feminine principles of leadership are at the core of everything we do and also for a focus on strategies and systems that need to be in place in order for a business to flourish and grow exponentially.

Even though this is the Six Figure Club, and our focus is creating & living a wealthy life, the value of this high-level mastermind experience is not just about reaching – or surpassing – the six-figure mark.

It’s about who you’re going to become in the process of reaching this new level of success: a wealthy, financially independent woman who stands utterly confident in her ability to generate the revenue she wants to live her ideal lifestyle.

About The Six Figure Club

This 10-month program is NOT an online coaching course. (Although you are going to get access to all my playshops and my 12-week online program, From Broke To Blissfully Booked™.)

This exclusive mastermind experience includes personal attention from me through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, small group mastermind sessions, and fun monthly challenges designed to help the you make more money + create more impact.

It is a natural evolution of my own successful businesses and my desire to mentor and coach the next women who will not only create a thriving six-figure (and beyond!) business but also become inspiring and sought-after leaders in their fields.

The intention for the circle is to welcome powerful, dedicated, ambitious, and action-oriented women who want to come together to ignite a fire under their passions and create massive momentum forward while getting the support of like-minded, brilliant Goddess-preneurs.

What’s included:

  • A one-on-one 2-hour intuitive business strategy session each month (10 1x1 sessions total)
  • A 90 minute small group mastermind video call each month (10 group sessions total)
  • Monthly challenges designed to help you create VELOCITY and increase revenue in your biz
  • Weekly check-in group calls during challenges (those calls are typically 30 minutes)
  • On the spot coaching (you’ll text me and we’ll get on the phone for a quick chat) when your stuck or need a fresh perspective FAST



If crossing the six-figure mark or reaching multiple six-figures seems like a bit of a stretch or even impossible for you this year, you’re hitting your own glass ceiling made up of limiting thought.

Making six (or even seven) figures is a choice.

If you’re ready to say yes to your financial wealth and feel called to join this exclusive group of women, click the button below to schedule an appointment with me.

The investment is $10,000USD, you can pay in full or in instalments.

If you’re ready to jump in or you have questions, let’s talk.

Why Work With Me

Here’s what I’m better at than anyone else in the world:

★ Pinpointing exactly where you’re getting stuck in your business and how to overcome the obstacles that are currently in your way and showing you which path is filled with ease, expansion and the prosperous opportunities you’ve been looking for;

★ Moving you away from limiting patterns of thinking and opening your mind to see the possibilities that are right in for of you;

caroline-fenette-six-figure-club★ Helping you awaken the pure potential that lies within you: that place where everything you desire already exists, waiting for you to come and get it;

★ Helping you find creative ways to position yourself in an overcrowded market so you can stand out and claim your spot on the world stage;

★ Lovingly pushing you out of your comfort zone and into your zone of genius;

★ Showing you how to access levels of performance you thought were only accessible to Olympic athletes;

★ Helping you hone your expertise, passions, and creative genius and thread them all together into a clear brand that feels 100% in alignment with your inner Goddess, supports your credibility, and garners the attention that will influence your success;

★ Keeping it real. I’m here to talk about what it REALLY takes to not only create a multiple six-figure business but also KEEP some serious dough in YOUR pocket. I’ve made over a million dollars in a previous business but that doesn’t make me a millionaire. (Yet.) So together, we’re gonna get real and talk honestly about money, the blocks that keep you from truly flourishing and we’re going to change unhealthy habits into wealth building ones.

★ I’m also your gal if you want to laugh, feel deeply supported, and have more fun than you could ever imagine as you create your best year yet.

Ultimately, I will help you BECOME the glorious, unstoppable, fearless creator that you were born to be.

What my clients say…

“When I started coaching with Caroline and joined her mastermind I was just starting my styling business.  I knew that I had a lot of potential in me, but I didn’t know how to turn it into a profitable business!

One of my biggest breakthrough was when my intuition showed me how I could bring my unique voice to styling: that’s when Soul Styling™ was born.

Fast forward to now and my first book “The Goddess Guide To Soul Styling™” is coming out, my website is launched (thanks to a fellow masterminder), I have a steady flow of one-on-one clients and I’m hosting Goddess Styling Workshops. My big vision for Soul Styling is to make it into a lifestyle brand with a magazine and a coaching school to teach the Soul Styling™ process to other women.

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that are going through similar challenges, that are there to support you in your success was key.

Brainstorming ideas and getting the feedback of these women was so incredibly helpful.  I even got the idea for my next book “The Goddess Guide To Shopping” from one of the masterminders!

If you want to step up your game, be accountable to yourself, create serious momentum in your business while being supported by incredible women entrepreneurs; join this mastermind.” —Brigitte Corbeil, Author & Creator of Soul Styling™ soulstyling.ca

“Caroline spoke to me like a sister-friend. She told me right away that before every session her intention is to create a safe & sacred space where judgement has no place. She was there to help me. And help, she did. After the session, my spirit had changed.”— Pagnia Xiong, Singer & Songwriter pagniaxiong.com

“I felt on top of the world after each session!”— Sara J. Sanderson, founder of The Heartist Movement

“Working with Caroline and her mastermind group was a wonderfully rich experience.

Supported by her guidance and surrounded by the other talented and passionate women in the program, each week we were led deeper into what it means to be fully present to each other, our inner wisdom, and our business.

From that place, remarkable changes in confidence, clarity and strategic growth happened for each and every woman in the group. Witnessing that change in others, allowed me to see it more clearly in myself, and I was able to take a huge leap forward in my business as a result.

A leap that would not have been possible on my own. An incredibly valuable experience!”

— Monica Carota,Self-Care Strategist wellnessbymonica.com

“The coaching gave me so much clarity and focus on the online business that I’m launching. I’m now crystal clear on my ideal customer,  language + copy, branding, marketing and structure of my business & website.” — Laura Brandes, Business Strategist for Start Ups athlepreneur.tv

“With Caroline’s guidance, I was able to set strong foundations for my coaching business, create one-on-one clients right away and move towards my dream confidently. I now feel solid.”— Veronique Stevens, Health Coach & Nutrition Expert veroniquestevens.ca


“Being a high achiever and someone who dreams big, I find it hard to find other women who can relate, so being part this mastermind with other high achievers was amazing.

Caroline fills her masterminds with highly inspiring women and continually invites you to step into your greatness.  I love the power and creativity that imbued each session! I haven’t experienced that type of Mastermind anywhere else.

The mastermind sessions helped me stay connected to my vision, take consistent SMART actions and get rid of all the stories (and bullshit) that were getting in the way of my success.

Something magical happens within the group where we support each other, make meaningful connections and even refer clients to one another.

One of my biggest breakthrough moment was when I realized that my business model didn’t hold the potentiality for success and the revenue I really wanted to make.  It was draining me, I was in constant hustle mode not making ends meet. 

When that insight hit me, I shifted gears, changed my business model and clients/money started flowing in instantly. 

The women in the group all witnessed this life changing insight and mirrored back what was really possible for myself and my business.” — Jennifer Young injoybusiness.co

“I was so impressed with Caroline’s intuitive abilities and at how POWERFUL the intuitive coaching is! The advice she gave me was worth millions but most of all? I feel like a million bucks.”— Anastassia Grace, TV personality & Psychic medium anastassiagrace.com


“Meeting regularly with like minded women that are going through similar challenges and are there to SUPPORT you… how great is that!

Being in a vulnerable position financially and in my relationship, the mastermind helped me through this difficult time. Now I’m feeling lighter, more abundant and I’m taking concrete steps to grow business ventures.

In my yoga business I’m teaching a lot more classes and we have a recipe book in the works and farm to table events for the organic saffron biz.

I’m opening myself up to new opportunities and seizing them!”—Anne Kranendonk deliciousnature.com


“I enjoyed the sense of community and solidarity that came with being part of Caroline’s VIP mastermind. There were many opportunities to ask for feedback and accountability from the other members, and the insights and support that I received throughout were meaningful. Sharing with and supporting the other members of the mastermind was a rewarding experience that strongly impacted my understanding of entrepreneurship and the creative process.“— Caroline Leamon


Read more praise here.

About Your Coach

Hi. I’m Caroline Frenette.

I’m the creator of carolinefrenette.com, founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy, The Adventure Mastermind, creator of the 12-week online program From Broke To Blissfully Booked, and author of the upcoming book, “Awakening Your Inner CEO & Creating a Thriving Business & Extraordinary Life.”

As a certified Transformative Coach® (A.K.A. Supercoach) and Master Intuitive Coach®, I’ve worked with women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

I’ve seen my clients flourish, grow, transform, make quantum leaps (and more money), create with ease & joy, and, most importantly, leave behind the stress, the anxiety and the fears.

The Six Figure Club is my latest signature program for women entrepreneurs who want to create wealth on all levels .

The investment is $10,000USD. Enrolment is open and by application only.

Got questions?

Click on the button below to arrange a call with me. *This is not a sales pitch call. I know exactly who I’m looking for to join this group of amazing women and if The Six Figure Club is not for you, both you and I will know.

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