It’s finally summer and for me that means a completely new routine. (Or a complete lack of.)

A complete lack of productivity (no pushing, driving the biz, achieving) and instead giving into the easy flow of summer.

Summer has its own rhythm, one of lazing by the pool reading a fiction novel, early morning yoga, picnic with friends, mid-day naps under the willow trees, sunset walks with the puppies & fiancé, late night bonfires under the stars or greeting fireflies that have come to say good night.

As an entrepreneur with a brand new program launched it’s a challenge to let go of my own agenda to get in synch with the easy, mellow beat of summer.

So I’ve decided to experiment…

For the whoooooooole duration of summer, I will only schedule (and honor) appointments with clients and leave the rest of my calendar compleeeeeeeeeetely open for lazy, enjoyable, going with the flow spontaneity. I will let my inner guidance (in other words, what I’m deeply inspired to do in each moment) lead the way.

This morning it looks like a sudden inspiration to write this blog followed by a refreshing morning SUP yoga on the lake.


We’ll see.

If going with the flow of your inner guidance is a challenge for you here’s a few things to experiment with:

Set an intention

* Before you start your day set a powerful intention. It could be : “I allow a deep connection to my well being and I welcome ease throughout my day” or “Today I open up to joyful, unexpected surprises + miracles and I receive these wonderful gifts with an open heart.”

A pleasurable ritual

* Start your morning with a pleasurable ritual (instead of perhaps taking your emails?)

Reconnect to your intention

* During the day take a moment to reconnect to your morning intention and breathe it in

Grounding to nature

* Step away from your computer (or your office) and take a walk on the grass bare feet: you’ll feel automatically re-grounded to your body and your mind will become more calm

Lightness & playfulness

* Stretch, move, exercise, dance but do at least one thing to get your blood moving and get that stress out. You’ll feel lighter and your inner Goddess is definitely light & playful


Caroline Frenette Intuitive Leadership Coach | Intuitive Business Coach | Intuitive Life Coach | Intuitive Life Strategist

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