I’m going to be in Edinburgh and London next month and wanted to invite you to work with me…in person!

Everything you need to know about my One Day Intuitive Business Strategy Intensive is right here on this page, but if I could sum up what you can expect from this luxurious experience I would say that it will…

…open you up to possibilities you never thought existed for yourself & your biz

…help you uncover opportunities that are right under your nose so you can bring in revenue and clients in your business right away

…unleash your full creative potential and re-connect you to your inner CEO so that you feel unstoppable and ready to take BOLD actions (and have fun doing it!)

This one-of-a-kind, one-on-one experience is a blend of transformative + intuitive coaching & business strategy. 

Depending on what your current business needs are we can:

  • Create a short-, mid- and long-term revenue plan so that you know exactly where the money is going to come from throughout the year
  • Identify the systems you need to have in place so you can free yourself to work on dream projects or write your new best-selling book
  • Create cash projects to bring in money FAST
  • Strengthen your connection to your business intuition so that you always know the best course of action or the right decision to make
  • Clarify who your ideal client is and pinpoint which services will serve him/her best AND sell the most
  • Move past limiting beliefs & fears that are keeping you from creating at the level you’re truly capable of
  • And most importantly, clarify and expand your vision of what you think is possible for you to create in 2016 and design a strategic plan (I call it your success map) to ensure that you reach your beautiful bodacious goals

Current available dates for Edinburgh are May 4th, 5th or 6th and London May 9th, 10th or 11th.

Can’t make those dates?  Book a virtual intensive.

Got questions? Send an e-mail to allo(at)carolinefrenette(dot)com.

Caroline, XO


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