Last week, you might have seen my invitation to book a call with me so that we could talk about a project or business you’re passionate about.

I had opened up 10 spots, and they all booked up pretty much instantly.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying incredible conversations with women who are creating some pretty cool things in the world.

The intention for these calls is to hear about their projects and to explore the art of creating from the inside out – a conversation that can spark insights and, as a result, enable these women to move forward with more ease, clarity and joy.

I’ve come to see is that the ONLY THING we come up against as creators is our own thinking.

When we TRULY see the power – or the ILLUSION – of thought, we’re INSTANTLY free from our own limited thinking, and just like that (snaps fingers) we expand beyond what was possible and step into brand new possibilities (which, by the way, were there all along waiting for us to grab ‘em…). That’s what a shift in consciousness does: what was invisible becomes visible.

If you’d like to see how the inside-out understanding applies to your life, project or business and how it can help you leap forward, I’ve opened up 10 more spots to talk to you.

These 30-minute conversations are dedicated to exploring the Principles of Creation as they apply to ANY subjects that are near and dear to your heart. This could be a creative project, a relationship, your health, a business, money, a career change…

My intention for these sessions is to highlight the inside-out creative process, probably in a way unlike you’ve ever seen before.

That’s because very few people know about the Three Principles, and frankly, I’m here to change that.

Knowing about those Principles enabled me to get rid of 99.9% of my fears, stress and overwhelm and to create more freely than I ever had in my life.

The result is a business and a life that’s waaaaaaay more enjoyable and waaaaaay more successful. #whoknew

If you’d like to jump on the phone or Skype with me, I’m extending this offer to you.

I won’t be doing any other complimentary calls for the rest of the summer, so grab a spot while you can.

There are 10 spots open, and last week, they filled out in a few hours.

Click here to book your 30-minute session.

Caroline, xo

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