Here’s the thing: you know that you have gifts/talent/skills that could impact your clients, your community and the world.

But your “fears of visibility” keep you hiding behind your computer (or behind busy-ness) and you’re not taking the BOLD actions you need to take so that your business can to REALLY take-off.

Let’s take care of that, shall we?

In today’s video where I show you exactly HOW to stop hiding, get rid of your “fears of visibility” and SHOW UP FULLY to be of service to those who NEED YOU.

In the comments I wanna know: Which BOLD action are you going to take TODAY?

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Hey! Caroline Frenette here of and this is Day 4 of my personal video challenge where everyday I share with you tips and tools to help you develop your business intuition, wake up your inner CEO, and create magnificent results in your business and in your life.

Today, I wanna talk about something that a lot of my clients struggle with: the fear of visibility and how you can get rid of it.

Here’s my perspective on this. Often, I see entrepreneurs struggling to get their work out into the world, to launch programs, shoot videos, write the blogs and hit the publish button, reach out to people, reach out to their network, make client proposals, and all these things that you need to do and put out there in order to get a return on investment (ROI) in order to be visible so that people can SEE that you exist.

Having a website is NOT ENOUGH to have a successful online business. You need to put yourself out there consistently.

So if you have a fear of visibility, how do you deal with it?

Here’s how: Stop making it about you.

It’s not about you!

It’s about who you want to impact, the changes you want to make into the world. It’s about realizing that within you, you have these treasures, gifts, and talents that you’re meant to share with the world. Your purpose is to be you, to be fully you and unleash your creative potential so that you can bring that gift into the world. Your presence and light is needed; you have to shine it.

If you don’t shine your light, if you’re not visible, if you don’t line up and share who you are and what you do with the world, you don’t make an impact.

I believe you are here to make an impact no matter what it is that you do.

So, don’t make it about you; it’s not.

Here’s another thing I want you to know: any criticism that you’re afraid of, any fears that you have of what people are going to think like, “Who does she think she is in these videos?”

I don’t care. Why? Because it’s not about me but the impact that I’m making. I know that in any given moment I can have a lot of thinking about things. I can have a lot of thinking as to what people think of me.

Well, what other people think of me, and of you, is none of our/your business.

You have absolutely zero control over what other people think, say, or do. Might as well just let go of that and do your own thing because people always have opinions. Sometimes, they are going to love what you do and sometimes, they won’t. You need to be okay with that. When you’re okay with that and decide to share your work with the world, you’re going to inspire other people to do the same.

The people that you’re most afraid of that will judge you, they might be inspired or triggered by you. You don’t know, you might inspire a shift in them then they might have an insight as to how THEY can also be more visible into the world!

If you want to dig deeper into that and be in the conversation with me, feel free to go to and have a free 5-day challenge there that is packed with videos, mp3s, guided visualizations where you get to wake up your inner CEO, develop your business intuition, and ultimately get rid of those fears so that you can shine your light into the world.

Thank you for your time! I am deeply appreciative and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 5.


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