In the past 2 years I’ve invested over $60,000 in my business.

For a start-up business, this can seem like a shit-load of cash.

But here’s what I believe: you gotta spend money (right) to make money (right).

I used to feel resistance at the thought of about spending money for my business. I’d find a boat-load of reasons not to invest in tools, training, coaching, marketing, and my business suffered from it. It lagged behind, dragging it’s sorry ass, never making any real progress.

Now? I ‘m surrendering my resistance and I’m learning to spend money on the right things. Which doesn’t means shoes or expensive bags, unfortunately.

Because when you spend money the right way, what you’re really saying is “I believe in myself.”

You’re placing all the bets on yourself.

Investing money in myself and my biz also means that I have to up my game. That I’m declaring myself ready to step up and play in the big leagues.

My dad use to say “give it your all and finish what you start”. And he was right.

In a world full of noise, distractions, social media, bajillions of blogs, programs , services, offerings, the next shiny object is always there, taking your focus away from what truly needs your undivided attention.

The key then becomes dedicating 100% of your energy to one thing, and to finishing it.

Finish the course, the program, the book, the training, the coaching package. Don’t stop now, you’re almost there.

(Need accountability or a gentle kick in the ass? I’m here.)

Of course, enjoying the journey is key because there’s no point in doing anything unless it includes a lot of laughing and a little self-discovery.

So give it your best, finish strong and YOU WILL see results.

And your investments? They’ll pay off.


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