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Accessing inner guidance is easier than we think.

Getting in touch with our innate wisdom isn’t about mastering fancy techniques, getting into a deep hypnotic state or accessing the unconscious mind through transcendental meditation.

Techniques can certainly be fun and bring momentary clarity, however, accessing inner guidance doesn’t require all that work.


Imagine that the answer to a burning question or a lifelong dilemma lies at the bottom of a pool. This pool however, is blurred by waves, so you can’t see the message at the bottom.

So you have 2 choices:

1.) you can dive to the bottom to read the message, but if you get too close, you won’t be able to read it.

2.) you can wait for the waves to settle, for the water of the pool to become clear again and for the message to be revealed.

Accessing our inner guidance then simply becomes about… stillness.

How do you experience stillness you ask?

The simplest way is to just become aware that your head is buzzing with too much thinking. This awareness will instantly bring you back to the present moment.

(Presence is a really good friend of stillness, did you know?)

By gently allowing our mind to become still, our thoughts will naturally quiet and we’ll instantly be reconnected to our inner guidance.

So what does that mean for your business?

Your career?

Your relationships?

When you make space for stillness, that creative solution you’ve been searching for can spontaneously emerge, the dormant genius within awakens, fresh new insights arise.

And exciting new possibilities appear on the horizon…


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