In today’s video we dive deeper into how you can design a vision for your life & business.

Now WHYYYYY do you need a vision? Very simple: a magnetic vision will puuuuull you towards your dreams and you’re less likely to get “lost” in overwhelm, busy-ness and procrastination if you have a strong sense of what you want to accomplish. It has a magnetic force that will pull you towards it.

One of the nice side effects of having a clear vision is that you become more focused, a real good thing for entrepreneurs, wouldn’t you say?

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Hey! Caroline Frenette of and today is Day 7 of my personal 30-day video challenge where every day I share with you my favorite tips so that you can WAKE UP your inner CEO and create a thriving business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

Yesterday, we talked about 3 components that you want to keep in mind as you’re designing your business this year.

These 3 components are vision, strategy, and state of mind.

Today, I want to dive a little deeper into vision and what makes a good vision.

What does it look like and why is it important to have a vision? Since we’re doing this intuitive work and we’re awakening our inner CEO, a good vision is going to be created from within, it’s going to be revealed from within.

There’s an actual intuitive process that I’ve created that instead of doing right now on the short video, I’ve created a 75-minute intuitive playshop called “Creating a Magnetic Vision” and I’m going to include the link in this post and at the end of this video. I’m going to be inviting you to jump in and do this. I’m offering this playshop for free. I usually sell them on my shop but this is going to enable you to really take some time to allow this vision to be revealed.

Let me tell you a little bit more about this intuitive process. The idea is to have this vision be defined by your intuition or inner wisdom.

Again, this is important because if you are going to make 2016 the most amazing year, allowing your limited thinking or logical mind might result to something a little boring. It might be same old, same old. God forbid, your logical mind most likely would tell you, “Remember those goals from the last year, you’re going to do it this year.” We’re not going to do that.

What you’re going to do instead is you’re going to tap into your inner Goddess, your inner CEO, that expansive place within you that has boundless potential. That is the force and wisdom that will create your vision for 2016.

How about that? Doesn’t that sound better?

Be prepared to be surprised! Be prepared to be amazed because actually, you’ll know you’re on the right track and that your intuition is speaking to you in two ways:

First, it might feel that you’ve always known deep inside you that you were meant to do this thing. Your heart is going to feel excited at this.

And second, it’s possible that your intuition is going to show you something that’s so weird, wild, and different that your logical mind is going to say, “Well, that’s not possible.” But your intuition wants to show you this because there’s a message in there; something that you need to know about this that will help you create your great vision.

Now, let me give you an example.

On a group call, I was sharing that I was feeling called to work with women entrepreneurs from around the world but also work with, specifically, women leaders in Africa. This vision appears to me and my mind’s eye; it’s so vivid and it pulls me. It has an energy that’s magnetic. I see myself sitting at a big round wooden table and around this table are women leaders from different communities in Africa and they’re all dressed so colorfully. We’re having very powerful conversations about leadership .

Interestingly enough, the second time I did this process also on a group coaching call that I was hosting, one of the person that kept popping in my mind was our new Prime Minister of Canada; his name is Justin Trudeau and you’ve probably seen him because he’s kinda hot. 🙂

When he showed up in my vision, the first thing that I thought is a sense of recognition that we’re wanting to do similar work that my calling to bring empowerment in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship fits very much with this philosophy of our new government. Especially, his wife Sophie Grégoire, who is very much an activist, a yoga teacher, and a beautiful human being that is going to open up the way for a lot of work for women in Canada and around the world.

So, do you see how it all makes sense? How it all comes together? When he showed up in my vision the first time, I thought, “Well, hello you!” and then I thought …yes it makes sense.

Now, my logical mind said, “Well, you don’t know Justin Trudeau. He’s the Prime Minister of Canada. How are you going to get him on the phone?”

Interestingly enough, I’m one degree away from him because I remember that somebody that I know is friends with him. So, hello intuition!

This is something that I want you to look at as this vision is being revealed for you, open to receiving it with an open heart. Open to receive the guidance from your intuition. Open to receive its messages and trust it. Then, your job is to take lots of inspired actions because it’s not enough to have a beautiful magical vision. You want to take action to create it!

Last thing I want to say about a great vision is that you want to have something in there. You want to have juicy goal. Now, in order to figure out what this juicy goal is, I want you to go perhaps three years into the future and imagine what does your amazing dream business look like? What does your ideal lifestyle look like? You go three years in the future then you kind of break it down; that’s the strategy part. That’s what we’re going to do in the next video.

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