How confident are you that your business will succeed?

30% confident?

50% confident?

80% confident?

How about 100% confident?

It’s an important question to ask, because it points directly to your capacity to create the revenue/opportunities/clients/projects you need to have a business that pays (more than just) the bills and that doesn’t shut down a year or 2 from now.

Which leads me to another important question:

Do you believe that you have the inner resources that will lead you to your success?


Have you ever defined what success means to you?

Is it making ends meet and paying the bills?

Is it TOTAL financial freedom, as in multiple streams of income or an automate business that makes money while you sleep type of freedom?

Is it being fully booked with amazing clients 6 months ahead?

Is it making money from your book royalties as you sip a mai tai on the beach?

Making thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions a year?

Giving back to your favorite charities?

Staying at home to raise your beautiful kids?

Being the sole breadwinner in your family and giving your partner a break?

Defining what success means to you is important, because it’ll help you determine the right business model you need to create your ideal lifestyle.

Your clear vision of success, which should honour your true purpose, your creative genius and your mission – your why – will puuuuuuull you towards it like a magnet.

Think of your magnetic vision as the True North on your inner GPS; you’ll never get lost ever again.

Still, having a clear vision doesn’t guarantee you success.

You’ll also need a strategic plan, one that is flexible enough to invite your inner wisdom to guide you in your everyday decision making yet clear enough that you have a sense of direction so you can create momentum forward.

Once you have a crystal clear vision and a strategic plan that enables you to wake up in the morning knowing exactly what you should be focusing on to make leaps in your business, you still need to have the most important piece of all: a strong entrepreneurial Spirit.

Your inner CEO™ is your true key to success.

Without this deep connection to your inner wisdom, to your pure creative potential, you’ll lack the INNER resources necessary to carry you through the tumultuous current of entrepreneurship, Caroline.

Because, if you’re a coach, a healer, a designer, a writer, a consultant, a stylist, a blogger [insert your craft here], and you want to be in business for yourself?

You need to WAKE UP your entrepreneurial Spirit or else GAME OVER.

If you’ve been i business for a while and you are totally committed to your success, The Six Figure Club may be exactly what you need.


The Six Figure club is an intimate mastermind experience that includes personal attention from me through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, small group mastermind sessions, and fun monthly challenges designed to help the you make more money + create more impact this year.


The Six Figure Club is an invitation to…


  • increase your capacity to create and receive wealth on a level unlike you’ve ever done before;
  • become a sought-after leader in your industry and make a bigger impact in your community, your clients, and, ultimately, the world;
  • commit to taking the bold actions you need to really up-level your business;
  • learn the tools and strategies you need to become financially wealthy;
  • implement the systems that will support your personal, business, and financial growth;
  • become a world-class business owner who generously and courageously models what is possible for your life and business;
  • evolve as the best version of yourself and stand out as a powerful feminine leader whose voice is valued & respected and whose expertise is highly sought-after;
  • expand the vision of what you think you can create into the vision of what you’re REALLY capable of;
  • claim your spotlight on the world stage and empower others to do the same; and
  • leave the limitations behind and enter the realm of what is truly possible when you unleash your full potential and create from a place of expansion – from your inner Goddess.

The Six Figure Club will welcome 10 powerful, dedicated, ambitious, and action-oriented women who want to come together to ignite a fire under their passions and create massive momentum forward while getting the support of like-minded, brilliant Goddess-preneurs.

3 seats are already taken and I suspect that the others will fill up quickly.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with me.

Let’s make you 100% confident in your success, shall we?

Caroline, XO

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