The Belief…

Most of my life as an entrepreneur I have equated achieving success with busyness. To be successful (and to make large sums of money) I needed to get reaaaaaaaaally busy & work equally hard. This work ethic turned-hard-core-belief was imparted in me at a very young age and stayed with me for most of my life.

Until recently…

The Insightful Conversation

In a conversation I had with Supercoach Michael Neill I shared how busy the summer was going to be for me and how overwhelmed I felt as a result of this busyness. I told him I could feel the overwhelm in my body and that it was quite uncomfortable. I shared that my feeling of overwhelm also impacted how I worked: I was extremely unproductive, I felt “ungrounded” and dizzy most of the time.

Michael explained that I was living in the feeling of my “busyness thoughts” and if I could just become aware of that, I would create space for a new fresh thought to emerge. And that with a fresh new thought comes a fresh new feeling…

The Catch?

From a place of busyness + overwhelm new thoughts cannot emerge. (Tweetable!)

Huuuuuuuum. My head was getting it and I could feel the a-ha was near…

The Shift

As my conversation with Michael progressed the truth started to sink in… I really was living in the feeling of my thoughts and they were creating overwhelm. This simple yet powerful shift in awareness brought immediate relief and spaciousness.

The spaciousness felt so gooooooooood.

It allowed me to slow down and to realize that I don’t need to get everything done right now. I can take my time and enjoy the journey of building my business.

The Impact

The impact of this small shift in perception (which actually felt huge in my body and mind) meant I was able to look at my calendar (without any overwhelm, judgement or criticism) to re-prioritize, remove a large part of my to-dos, get clear on what I could delegate and most of all, invest my precious time in joyful activities that nourish my Soul & to spend more time in zone of genius.

This spaciousness I felt in my body & mind also allowed me to laser in on the specific action steps I needed to take to grow my business and to drop all the other small (and time consuming) actions that were not yielding the highest potential.

The Result?
My busyness was gone gone gone.

And my calendar? Partially filled with joyful work activities such as coaching my clients, writing the articles I had been invited to contribute to top women magazines & blogs, working with my own coaches to create a bigger vision for myself & my biz and writing my first book.

I now have plenty of white space space to breathe, play with my adorable Schnoodles, enjoy the glorious nature at my doorstep, book spontaneous dinners with friends & romantic dates with my fiance.

But most importantly?

I now feel grounded, relaxed, clear headed, creative and productive. I get a lot more things done in my day and I actually enjoy every minute of it.

And my biggest insight?

I realized that I don’t have to run my business from overwhelm, busyness or stress. I chose to create opportunities, clients, write my book, articles & blogs from a place of creative self expression and expansiveness.

Slowing down gets more done. (Tweetable!)

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the exact steps I took to go from busyness & overwhelm to spaciousness, creativity, productivity & feeling grounded, I think I can summarize it like this:

1.) I became aware of my busy thoughts

2.) I felt a sense of slowing down & calm take over

3.) I felt a complete relief from overwhelm

4.) My mind became clear and I could therefore make better decisions

5.) I consciously chose what I really wanted to invest my time and energy in

6.) Which considerably (and magically) freed up my schedule

Turns out that I got quite a lot done since the summer WITHOUT any busyness or overwhelm.

Ultimately, bringing myself back to presence & awareness + getting a glimpse into the nature of thought was all it took to banish busyness and make space for … spaciousness.

Easier than I thought.

Namaste + deep insights & revelations to you,


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