Last week was one of those super packed weeks filled with travel, events, lunches, dinners, training, meeting lots of cool new people and being on the go, go, go…

Top that off with the hectic pace of New York City and the whole experience could have easily drained me.

But as a student of the Three Principles, I’ve come to understand that how I experience life is 100% created by my thinking. And even though it looked at times like it was the city noise/traffic/construction that was affecting me, I challenged myself to not buy into the illusion and to fully explore the inside-out Principles.

As a result, something interesting happened: I became powerfully aware of my thinking -and how it ALWAYS affects how I’m feeling- and somehow I found myself dropping into a place within me that I’m going to call “the Observer”.

I could hear my thoughts but, without any effort, I totally let them flow by and did not attach any meaning to them.

Suddenly the frantic pace of NYC didn’t “get to me” and I was free to go about my business without the excessive thinking that creates negative experience in the present moment.

This state of flow enabled me to be fully present to my surroundings and to the people around me. I felt a deep heart connection with the people I met and I was able to have a totally different experience of New York.

Now this doesn’t mean that physically I didn’t feel tired from all the events of that week.

I’d like to say that I came back from my trip to New York refreshed and ready to jump back into business as usual but frankly, that wasn’t the case. I needed a break.

But this is where awareness can be so helpful for entrepreneurs: tuning into our energy and knowing when to slow down is crucial. Failure to do so can result in burnout.

So I gave myself permission to take a few days off, to rest & rejuvenate, to integrate what I learned by indulging in white space. I went to the spa, chillaxed with the (furry) kids, took long luxurious naps… I even spent awhooooooole afternoon cooking from my new favorite cookbook Plenty More by Ottolenghi.

In hindsight, I realise that my week in NYC moved a LOT of energy and triggered many powerful insights that will impact my business, my work and my relationships.

New ideas are starting to bubble up and though they are not fully formed yet, and my new path of action is not yet clear, I know that the more I allow my thinking to settle the more effortlessly it’ll all be revealed.

Caroline, XO

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